havers (havers) wrote,

TV Universe 8 x 05 - Family Matters

8 x 05 - Family Matters for the tv_universe landcomm.

Way back in the day of tvrealm, we had a challenge called Love Child. The point of the challenge was to take any two TV characters and 'assign' a third TV character as their child.

In the vein of this challenge, we want you to take a single TV character and assign two others as family members. Your family may be related however you choose, from whatever shows you choose. You may not use characters who are already related to each other (ie Winchesters). Your entry will consist of either a) a minimum 300x300 picspam, of at least six (6) images or b) at least 200 words of the family members interacting.

What if Hannibal Lecter and Alice Morgan had a wild night and get a girl like Lizzie Samuels?

Tags: landcomm, luther, picspam, the walking dead
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