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TV Universe 8 x 18 - A Very Special Episode

8 x 18 - A Very Special Episode for the tv_universe landcomm.

For this challenge, we were allow to create an episode for our favorite show, as funny or serious as we wanted as long as we didn't go AU.

I saw this great gif set at tumblr made by marthajefferson.

And knew what to do for this challenge.

Happy Halloween at Sleepy Hollow

Half a year passed by since Ichabod Crane held the knife and his wife Katrina disappeared into light. She was gone. His partner Abbie Mills, Miss Jenny and also Captain Irving supported him, but life went on.

Frank took his family and left to Washington State. Jenny was in town and wasn't, always on the hunt for the next mysterious item Team Witness maybe could use for the battle against the apocalypse.

But evil didn't show up since Henry Crane - WAR, the Second of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse was gone.

Abbie used this calm (before the storm?) and headed to Quantico. Ichabod understood, he even encouraged his Lieutenant to finish her career dream, she had set to stand-by as he had woken up in this cage two years ago. But only a few more weeks and the FBI training would come to an end.

Even Ichabod's life went on. He was teaching history at the Nyack College.


It was October 31st and Crane was forced to attend an Halloween party at his faculty. At least Miss Jenny was in Sleepy Hollow and would come with him.

Even at college Ichabod didn't change his dress style but his students liked it because it made history easier to grasp. So Ichabod was looking for the clothes Abbie once got for him. He squeezed into the questionable skinny jeans, picked up a plaid shirt, a pink tie, suspenders and horn-rimmed glasses. Only a fedora was missing to complete the Hipster ensemble.

Jenny laughed for five minutes as she picked him up with a fitting hat. Now she understood. She was dressed as Dee from Rat Queens.

As Ichabod tried to teach Jenny a quadrille his eyes fell on a familiar silhouette. The petite woman wore a powder blue dress of the revolution area. As she turned around and the face was showing under corkscrew curls and a feather hat Ichabod gasped for air.

"Surprise," Jenny whispered in his ear. She had told Abbie from the party and was glad her sister made it.

Crane and Abbie hug in the middle of the dance floor and everything started to swirl. First they laugh because they think it is their bond and their feelings but then everything turned black and Abbie awoke in the mysterious cave. She is confused, dirty and the light costume changed to a real heavy dress with several fabric layers.

Grace Abigail Mills is the time traveler and Ichabod Crane the Lieutenant of the Westchester County Police Department. He lost his mentor Sheriff Corbin through the burning double ax of the Headless Horseman. His wife is cheating on him with his friend Abraham van Brunt. Miss Jenny and her witch coven had sent Abbie to the future to unite with the second witness to stop the apocalypse. The episode highlighted the main events of season one just with switched positions. Ichabod showing Abbie the present and Abbie helping to fight evil with her knowledge of the past. But one monster is new. As they fought the facade crumbled. Both witnesses have flashbacks of the real reality.

The moment Abbie and Ichabod beat the Halloween Switchover Monster the surrounding started to swirl again. They switch back to the dance floor. The new monster lurked in the background. With the help of the suspenders and a hatpin Crane and Abbie won again.

Abbie need to hurry in Quantico. Evil is back in Sleepy Hollow.

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