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TV Universe 8 x 07 - Create a TV Show - Genre Change

8 x 07 - Create a TV Show - Genre Change for the tv_universe landcomm.

Our big phase 8 challenge is to use a tv show and do a genre change for it. I just finished Resurrection a week ago. A few week ago I though why not use this supernatural show and switch it to some family/small town stuff like Gilmore Girls or Hart of Dixie.


The family show Arcadia follows the live of different people of the small Missouri town. Jacob is the grandson of Lucille (Frances Fisher) and Henry Langston (Kurtwood Smith). They never met. His dad Eric left his family a long time ago and moved to China. After the tragic death of Jacob's parents the Immigration agent Martin Bellamy (Omar Epps) guided Jacob to his grandparents.

Omar Epps is J. Martin Bellamy:

Marty works for the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency in St Loius. But his weekends and free time he spends in Arcadia with his little sister Jenny. He is interested in Maggie Langston, the daughter of the Sheriff. The moment Marty brings Jacob to his grandparents he thinks it is his chance to get closer to Maggie. Maybe his little sister can help him with his desire to the physician.

Landon Gimenez is Jacob Langston:

The death of Jacob's parents changed everything for the little boy. He had to leave his known surrounding in China and to go to the US. He would live with the parents of his dad he never had met. At least there is a strong connection to Martin Bellamy. Jacob also becomes friends with Jenny.

Kurtwood Smith is Henry Langston:

Henry is the owner of Langston and Son Furniture, the most important employer of Arcadia. He wanted his son to continue the business and pushed much pressure to Eric. Henry never understood why Eric left the family and Arcadia and fled as far as he could. With Jacob Henry has the chance to be a better father figure and raise his grandson only with love. Maybe also Langston and Son Furniture would have a future.

Frances Fisher is Lucille Langston:

Lucille is the major of Arcadia. After her son Eric left the family because of the pressure Henry had put on him, she nearly had separated from her husband. But over the years they grew together again. Jacob is a new chance for the family to grow even more. With all the joy the little boy brings, it's also exhausting to have a 10 year old in the house again.

Mark Hildreth is Pastor Tom Hale:

Tom has a complicated life. For the people of Arcadia and his church he is the perfect Christian with his beautiful and devoted wife Janine and their children. But he is in love with Ishmael, the cantor of the Sinai synagogue. All the lies and secret meetings in dark corners and shabby motels will create an heart attack sooner or later.

Samaire Armstrong is Elaine Richards:

Also Elaine's life isn't sunshine and roses. Her dad Caleb is more behind barns than in freedom and when he is out of jail he his high or drunk or both. To support her brother Ray, Elaine gave up her art history studies and came back to Arcadia. After troubles at the bank she was working for she got a job in the local bar.

Devin Kelley is Maggie Langston:

Maggie came back to Arcadia after her medical study. She wanted to be close to her dad and the rest of her family. With the financial support of her uncle Henry she could buy herself into a prospering medical surgery. Maggie was the only one with connection to her cousin Eric. His death knocked down the young woman but Jacob and also the growing friendship to Marty help a lot to beat Maggie's depression and the lowering anorexia.

Matt Craven is Fred Langston:

Fred is the Sheriff of Arcadia. His team is very loyal and respects him. He lost his wife Barbara in the same year Eric left the family. But he had to raise his teenage daughter alone. The grieve guided him to alcohol. For one year now he is battling the demon. Maybe there will be new love for Fred as well.

1 x 13 Campaign:
Lucille Langston's third election period as major is nearly over. She has to start her campaign soon. For the first time she has a serious opponent, Sonja Bellamy, the mother of Marty and Jenny. The not so friendly fight of the families brings Marty and Maggie closer. Marty discovered that Maggie got even thinner since the death of her cousin Eric. He organizes delicious dates with picnics, visits of bonbon factories and cook courses.
Also Jenny and Jacob become friends. They have fun seeing Lucille and Sonja being nice and polite to each during their play dates.
Pastor Tom has a break down during a tryst with Ishmael. It's getting even more complicated at Maggie's medical practice with a worried Janine around. He really has to change something or his health is in danger.
Also Fred has compunctions. He is in love with Elaine, half as old as him and the best friend of his daughter. But the young and independent woman is good for him. He feels energized when they are together, they have fun and Fred thinks for the first time in years that there is a future for him. Now they just have to tell his family and her brother.

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