havers (havers) wrote,

TV Universe 9 x 05 - Hey There, Hi There, Ho There

Challenge 9 x 05 - Hey There, Hi There, Ho There for the tv_universe landcomm.

For this challenge we had to create a new character for a show.

Like catko said in her entry for the same challenge you can find here. Jasika Nicole needs to be in every show.

Show: Sleepy Hollow
Character: Jasika Nicole as Alamani Blum, lawyer (Jenny's new boss)
Character Description: Alamani Blum is partner at one of the main law offices in Sleepy Hollow. In her little down time she trained martial arts at the Lotus Dojo to free her mind. There she met Jenny Mills one the few black belt fighter of Westchester County. Alamani heard Jenny is looking for a job and offers a paralegal position. After a while Jenny gets promoted to the in-house investigator. In this position she has much more to offer. Alamani knows Jenny is close to Joe Corbin, the son of her fatherly friend but she also feels subliminal vibs. Can there be more between the two women? And how will the beginning second tribulation affect Alamani's view on her not supernatural world.

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