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TV Universe 9 x 09 - That's Right Deary, Take a Bite ...

Challenge 9 x 09 - That's Right Deary, Take a Bite ... for the tv_universe landcomm.

Halloween was around the corner and for this challenge we had to turn one of our loved characters into a supernatural creature or vise versa .

I know, I already turned Abbie Mills of Sleepy Hollow into a mermaid (see 7 x 17 - Learn Something!), but you can't do this just once.

First Abbie is more than shocked as she found out that she turned into a mermaid after the Weeping Lady almost drowned her. Damn, Ichabod Crane's ex lovers are a pain in the neck. But at least the change is not permanent. A short shower won't switch her legs into a fishtail. Abbie has to be in water for a longer time. Baths are passé. But Abbie also changed her workout. She stopped jogging and started to explore the Hudson Valley from the water side. Abbie is sure the new skill will help her with the Witness duty. She just has to store clothes all along the shore. When she gets out of the water and switched back to her legs, Abbie is nude. Maybe she should contact Henry Morgan to share a few excuses for the local cops.

[picture sources: Nicole Beharie for Allure Magazine, mermaid from pulsarmedia.eu]

Tags: artwork, landcomm, sleepy hollow
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