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TV Universe 9 x 08 - You Are Not the First to Pass This Way...

Challenge 9 x 08 - You Are Not the First to Pass This Way... for the tv_universe landcomm.

Creat a TV show is always a special. For this challenge we were rebooting an old show for a new audience. I really like the idea of this challenge a lot but never started it. Yesterday I finally put all my ideas together. I took All Creatures Great & Small and also made a little gender switch with James and Helen.

Title: All Creatures Great & Small

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James Herriot just finished her veterinary studies in Edinburg. She is looking for her first employment and got a position in Yorkshire. Siegfried Farnon is her new boss in Darrowby. He enjoys the gender confusion of his clients because of his new assistant a lot. James moves into the granny flat of Skeldale House and the hard work in the Dales with the stubborn farmers starts.
Within the first year James meets Hal Alderson, the eldest son of a sheep farmer. They fall in love.
There is also Tristan Farnon, Siegfried’s younger brother. He more or less studies veterinary medicine in London. To get more practical expertise he helps Siegfried and James in the vet office. But you can find him more often at the Drovers Arms dinking a pint and flirting with a girl than attending animals.

James Herriot played by Lauren Socha

James grew up in the Scottish Highlands. She studied veterinary medicine in Edinburg and focused on big farm animals for her PhD. She liked to work with cows and sheep but not so much with their owners. James is also a big help for cats and dogs in Siegfried Farnon's vet office. He will become a good but challenging mentor for her.
When James first meets Hal Alderson she is interested in the local agriculture student. It needs many tries before they finally get together.
She will also grow a close friendship to Tristan Farnon.

Siegfried Farnon played by Martin Freeman

Siegfried is always busy. Next to his job as vet surgeon he is leading many charity comities. He is a national horse expert and likes to ride early in the morning, always surrounded by Skeldale's pack of hounds. Siegfried is not married or in a relationship, but he dates a lot. The only steady female constant in his life is Mrs. Hudson, his live-in housekeeper.
Siegfried loves his brother Tristan but this relationship is always on the edge of the next outburst of the hot tempered man.

Tristan Farnon played by Sam Heughan

Long time student Tristan just can't finish his veterinary medicine studies. He failed all his examinations over the last three years. But London nightlife is more tempting than textbooks. Siegfried orders his brother back to Yorkshire. The next semester break Tristan has to work hard and not doing a backpacker tour through the Andes.
Tristan is very pissed first but he is happy that he is not alone with Siegfried. The new assistant of his brother seems like a cool girl. Maybe he even can learn something from James?

Hal Alderson played by Laurence Fox

Hal's father died early and so he had to take care over the family farm although he had a letter of acceptance of the University of Saint Andrews. He waited until his younger brother finished his own agriculture study before he finally could visit the university. Now in his mid-thirties he is close to finish his PhD thesis about the possibility of water buffalo breeding in Yorkshire.
Hal first meets James when one of his water buffalo cows has problems in labor.

Mrs. Hudson played by Sophie Okonedo

Jessica Hudson rules Skeldale House. She makes sure the three vet surgeons get enough to eat during the lambing season. She cleans the house and is also responsible for Siegfried Farnon's bookkeeping and the appointment schedule of the vet office. The single mom also rules the life of her daughter Zoe (guest star Nathalie Emmanuel).

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