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Prompt 10. Post 'Frame': Goren tries for a fresh start in a new city...


I have to thank Hannah and Hilary for her so wonderful beta jobs. You are both so kind to me and working is really inspiring.

Name of the story: Un solo bacio - one last kiss
Author: havers
Prompt name: 10. Post 'Frame': Goren tries for a fresh start in a new city, but a crisis with Eames brings him back.
Pairing: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren
Word count: 3430
Raiting and warnings: M/NC-17
Description: Alex and Bobby enjoy a first - a last night together before he will leave New York City.

April was porn challenge on the LJ: ci_fans_united. I start with a romance night, but there will be in all later chapters hints to that night again. I hope I can write it how I planed it.

The story is still in process, but I want to publish the first chapter before the month is over. More will come soon.

Disclaimer: I earn no money from this thing, nor do I profit in any other way from it. Involved persons are only borrowed and always go back to their owner.

Un solo bacio - one last kiss



First Chapter: Last night New York City

“Hey, what are you doing here?” Bobby opens his front door and smiles down on Alex, a bit perplex. His sleepy gaze roams over her petite body - head to toe - but he suddenly isn't that sleepy. He notices that she changed her clothes after work. Now she is wearing a pair of dark blue jeans, which fits like a second skin and lets her bum seem like a firm and juicy apple ready for him to bite. The upper part of her body is wrapped in a dark but shimmering top with a plugging neckline, fore and aft. Bobby can see a green halter-neck lacy bra, which sparkles through the thin fabric.

He has to suppress a moan because the strap of Alex’s dark shoulder bag, an item she owned all the years of their partnership, parts her small and perky breasts in an unbelievingly seductive way.

Alex rests against the doorframe of her partner’s apartment – now her ex partner. She looks up, into Bobby's two dark brown and familiar eyes and winks naughtily toward him. He looks very sweet and young with his scrubby hair, barefoot, in his slacks and the dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

"Try to sneak away without saying goodbye?"

“Um…” he looks down, shoving his hands in his pockets, I...I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.”

“Do you really believe I let you go this way, after the shift with just a 'goodbye, Eames' on your lips? As if it’s a normal day?” Alex raises her eyebrows and shakes her head. She doesn't elaborate further, only shifts her weight from one leg to the other, waiting for Bobby to invite her in.

“Please come in,” he says, opens the door wider and steps aside to let her in. Alex enters his big room and stops abruptly, like running against an invisible wall, letting her bag glide to the floor.

Bobby’s whole home is a mess. She is a bit shocked. Even during his worst days, Bobby’s home was organized.

There are a lot of packing cases all over the floor. Some empty, a few half filled and a lot of them closed and sealed with brown adhesive tape. All labelled with black words like, 'kitchen, bath, clothes and books, books, books'.

From his combined kitchen and living room, Alex can peak into Bobby’s bedroom; plastic foils cover the floor and the walls shine with new white paint. She smiles and reaches for his face, wiping a creamy splatter of his right cheek.

“Much to do…till,” she sighs, “Dear, till tomorrow?”

“Just a bit more, but I'm on schedule. I'm almost done.”

“Really?” Alex's gaze roams again over the untidiness of boxes and items, which wait for the packing.


“Do you have help with the removal? Hatchoo!”

“Oh, bless you! Yup, Lewis will come tomorrow with a big truck and then we will carry out the few boxes and the furniture which belongs me, at twelve o’clock.”

“Noon, really?” she swallows hard, and tries to hide her sadness with a joke, “Do you know what Chief of D's Moran did as he heard that you will leave NYPD?”

“He built a conga line through whole OnePP?”

“Hey, right. You’re a Detective!”


“Right, was…shit, I can’t believe that you'll really leave NYC and the police,” Alex says, and first tears fill her eyes. "Please say that it's not true." She gets a step closer and presses her sobbing face spontaneously against Bobby’s chest, nuzzles into the strong and full embrace of her partner, who holds her tight – so tight.

“Why are you here?” Bobby asks after endless minutes of quiet crying and snuggling.

Alex lifts her head and searches Bobby’s eyes. Licking her lips she opens her mouth tries to speak but fails. She closes her eyes for a brief moment and arranges all her thoughts and feelings. She is nervous but she must say it, or she will always accuse herself for not opening her mouth.

With blushing cheeks she says, “One night, one last…night together, only you and me, Bobby. Give us this night. Now we can do what we want, the fraternisation regs don't apply anymore. I can't let you go, without knowing what it would be like,” she says with low sexy voice and pursing lips, without hesitation.

"I...I...I mean..." she stutters again nervously, and lowers her gaze, fixing his paint dappled feet.

"I know what you mean Eam...Alex and I would love to spend my last night in New York with you," he says affectionately, and lays his fingers under her chin, so she has to look into his eyes, "...inside you."

Bobby reaches for Alex's waist and pulls her closer. His palms roam over the firm material of her jeans, feeling for her crisp butt. Holding Alex on her belt, he shoves her to his kitchen counter and presses her against it.

Alex fixes Bobby with her sensuous eyes, even on her toes her lips don't reach his.

"Gee, I knew it could be difficult between us! You know in the standing position," she quips, shaking her head slightly, but a second later finds herself pushed onto the counter. Bobby lifts her as if she weights nothing. Now they are on the same height, nose to nose.

"Voila, problem solved," he whispers.

Alex spreads her legs, letting Bobby even closer. She can feel his heat against her groin and a pleasant prickle enters her whole body. She sneezes again.

"You're not sick, aren’t you?"

"No, I feel fine."

With his lips one inch away from her ear, Bobby asks, "Give me one last time order, senior. How do you want us? I'll do everything, really everything."

Moaning Alex answers, "C...can we do it carefully, tenderly, as if it's the first time?"

"Alex, it is our first time and I know what you need. Oh dear, in my thoughts I made love to you numerous times," Bobby says, and strokes over Alex's naked arms. They feel so strong and soft at the same moment. He has to suppress a loud groan, because her well trained upper arms, the thin spaghetti straps tops and her bra overpowers him.

"Really?" she doesn't break the eye contact while feeling for his neck and pulling his lips even closer.

"Oh yeah, I knew from our first day as partners that it would happen one day, but that I would have to wait so long, till this partnership is over...oh Alex, finally. You will make me a very lucky man," he says, and lays his lips as gently as possible over hers.

As Alex feels the softest lips, which ever brushed against her - the lips of Robert Goren, she closes her eyes and sinks into a roller coaster ride of heart attack, ague and sunstroke.

Bobby careens as his lips meets Alex's. He is even closer because he lurches against her and this new pressure deepens their kissing. They both sigh deeply because of that. But a grin enters Bobby's mouth. He can taste sugar crumbs from Alex's last Skittles attack.

"You skittles junkie," he laughs.

"Guilty!" She chuckles with him but only for a few seconds, then their lips meets again.

Greedily, Bobby opens his lips a bit, sucks Alex's lower lip between them. He can't believe what they are doing. While deepening the kiss - following the track his lips ran with his tongue - Bobby feels more and more heat building in his groin and as Alex finally opens her mouth for him. He thinks that he might explode in the next moment.

Alex is overwhelmed as the tip of her tongue touches Bobby's. She moves easily back and her head hits against the wall unit. But there is no pain; there is just more and more wetness between her legs and desire of that man in front of her - around her - Bobby. She wraps her sharp legs around his waist and enters his mouth.

Through the fabric of Alex's jeans, Bobby can feel the heat of her centre and he knows that she can feel his erecting manhood. While getting more and more uncomfortable in his pants, he feels more and more familiar in Alex's mouth. Now he pushes his tongue as deep as possible inside the sweetest cavity he ever entered.

"Mhm, even sweeter than your candies," he murmurs against her mouth and drowns nearly at his desire. "It was a torture for me over all the years only to smell you. Now I can taste you." and more wildly dances of their tongues start.

While Alex reaches with both of her hands around Bobby's cheeks and caresses them, Bobby slips on hand - the left one under her wide top to her perfect skin and the other reaches around her butt.

"Oh Alex, that is so new. I must have you now," he moans in her mouth, and frees her from her top. "W…what is w…whit protection?" he asks, starring at her breasts and the thin green material - the last border.

"I…I'm on the pill," Alex sighs and unbuttons Bobby's shirt.

"You want a condom?" He takes her hands and fixes her eyes. "I know exactly that I have one or two in that box."

"If it's okay with you I'd prefer you without," Alex whispers lewdly and nuzzles her face on Bobby's bare chest and starts to draw little, wet circles on his skin, provoking moans full of desire.

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