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TV Universe 10 x 02 - Sigtag20in30

Challenge 10 x 02 - Sigtag20in30 for the tv_universe landcomm.

Oh yes, we hit phase 10 at this awesome television landcomm. Unbelievable! Come and join us for four months full of much graphic and writing fun.

For this challenge we had to do our own 20 sig tags in 30 days.

10 Themes
close crop [Sleepy Hollow] - negative space [Sleepy Hollow]

profile [American Experience: Murder of a president] - object [Law&Order: Criminal Intent]

hair porn [Sleepy Hollow] - faceless [Sleepy Hollow]

landscape [The Walking Dead] - quote [Sleepy Hollow]

animated [Sleepy Hollow] - looking down [Sleepy Hollow]

5 emotions with Ripper Street
laughter - crying

anger - silly


5 Artist choice
[Sleepy Hollow]

[Chicago Fire] - [Profilage]

[Crossing Lines] - [Polizeiruf 110 vom rbb]

Tags: 20 in 20, artwork, chicago fire, criminal intent, crossing lines, landcomm, ripper street, sleepy hollow, the walking dead
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