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Prompt 10. Post 'Frame': Goren tries for a fresh start in a new city...

"Oh dear, B…Bo…Bobby, nowww…" Alex screams insanely and rocks her hips quicker and quicker up and down Bobby's throbbing magic wand, only supported by his angled knees. With one hand pressing against her clit, the other teasing her nipples and that gorgeous dick inside her, Bobby is stimulating all of Alex's pleasure points at once.

While Alex's screaming passes into a breathless sobbing and her head flies from right to left, Bobby heightens the pressure on her little nerve pearl even more. Around his cock her slick tightness contracts now in cycles, which spoils him in new dimensions and lets him swell even more. Bobby's eyes twist and he loses all strength in his arms. They fall down next to his body and he just enjoys Alex, riding him, breasts are swaying and moaning joyfully.

She comes in the next moment and pours her lust-juices over his dick, his balls and the rest of his abdomen. After a last deep trust, Bobby flies with her to a horizon only they both can see. He regorges stream after stream of hot fluid into her petite body and soaks both even more.

Alex sinks powerlessly on her belly, down on Bobby and nestles her face in the soft curve of his neck. There she enjoys the abating waves of her orgasm and Bobby’s strong arms around her sweaty back.

“N…not in my wildest dreams, I thought of that…that it would be like this,” Bobby murmurs out of breath.

“You…you’re really inside me, Bobby and we…we did…had.”

“Yes! Why on earth didn’t I break that rule earlier?” he laughs dryly.

“Oh dear.”

“But it was right, wasn’t it?”

“I…I regret nothing, Bobby. So good that I came over to you…a last time.”

“You’re so right. Please rest in my arms.”

“Yeah,” Alex, still exhausted, moves slightly her hips.

“No, I want to hold the contact,” Bobby whispers pruriently, and tries to hold his softened manhood inside Alex. “I want to keep in touch with you, Alex.”

“We will be, Bobby but till tomorrow you will be in DC, 230 damn miles away from New York and from Monday on you will spend most of your working day sixty feet beneath the surface. Wow, the Investing Support Unit of the FBI. They finally got you.”

“Yes, they had very good arguments and I explained to you why I can’t stay in New York. Recently, too many things have done awry.”

“I know.” Alex shifts her weight a bit, but not so much that he glides out of her and lays her ear on Bobby’s chest so she can hear his fast heart beating.

After a while only of holding each other and listen to the calming breath, Bobby asks, “You’re not angry with me because I ended our partnership?”

At these words, Alex lifts her head and looks directly into Bobby’s eyes. “No, I’m sad; we end with it nine years of success. And not seeing you every day will be a big change, but I’m not angry.”

“Thank you for understanding,” Bobby says, and rolls around with Alex in his arms. They lay on their sides, face to face on the floor of his apartment, the heads resting on his slacks and their bodies still entangled.

"Oh Bobby, don't go…I know, I'm ridiculous."

"No, I'll miss you so much, partner," he sighs, and brushes a sweaty wisp of hair behind her ear. "Come with me."

Alex laughs. "No, I can't."

"I know. When will you begin to boss the big operation?"

"Monday" She sneezes.

"Bless you. You took no spare time in between?"

"No, last week Ross pressured us into finally launching it. The two gangs killed twelve innocent people the past six months and a lot of their members died in the war between them."

"You got Daniels for your unit, right?"

"Yes, I'm very happy that he'll join. I need him I've studied the gang files over the past month, but it's still new territory for me. Daniels knows that kind of gang stuff; he's got hooks with the gangs. His advice will be priceless." She gets up a bit and rests her chin on her palm.

"So it was for both of us it was the last day on the eleventh floor?"

"Right," Alex bristles playfully. "I can't believe that I got my own little office."

"Of course, as commanding officer of the most important Major Case and Gang Investigation Unit co operation, you deserve your own room," Bobby says seriously. "But it's got a window, doesn't it?" he teases her funnily and begins to roll one of her rock hard nipples between thumb and index finger.

"Yes it has, a very small one and it shows me just the dark court of One Police Plaza, but it's a real window."

Bobby laughs whole heartedly, the sound filling his whole apartment. "Dear, today was my last day and from Monday on you will lead a big NYPD business."

"And will start to train for the Sergeant exam," she sighs, and softly kisses Bobby's lips.

"Exactly, so your career was tainted by me.”

“No,” Alex protests, and fixes Bobby’s eyes.

“But it’s not too late,” he reflects their talk from last summer, and his fingers trace the line from her round shoulders to the swell of her hips.

“I don’t repent any of our nine years. Okay I could’ve done without the days after Easter, but the most time it was a pleasure and I learned so much from you.”

“But Alex, you’ve also shown me a lot over time,” he says, and comes closer to kiss Alex tenderly again. “The perfect partner, I think there will be no one at my side, who could ever be so perfect for me. Never. Even if I work another fifty years.”

“You’re so sweet.”

“I’m only telling the truth…Mhm, you look so yummy. I wish we’d tried the naked thing before.”

"Yup. Mhm, I feel that you're ready for round two," Alex giggles pruriently, because Bobby's sex grows again more and more and presses against her belly. "Mhm, how do you want it?"


"Don't say to me that you never thought of something very special, something you dreamed off again and again." Bobby hears Alex's voice very low and feels her hot breath brushing against his ear. "Name the dirtiest you think off. We have just this night, Bobby. Let your dreams come true."

Bobby bites his lips and dares to say, "I…I know it's not really comfortable here on the floor between all my packing cases."

"Why? They were very useful during foreplay," Alex moans, and blushes.

"Oh yes, they where, " Bobby repeats, and licks his lips.

"During our nooky I was up and you lay down on the floor the most of the time. For me it was very comfortable. So, what would you like? How would you prefer me?"

"C…can you lay on your b…belly?"

"Ah…on my belly or resting on all four?"

Now Bobby bites his lips and breathes between his clenched teeth, "Shit Alex, on all four!"

"Oh yes, I know you would say that, mhm!" Alex purrs, and turns around. She gets up on her knees and places her arms on the floor in a way that her elbows were on the ground. She looks hoggishly back to Bobby and swings her ass seductively. She arches her back and her head dangles just above the floor, her nose sticks into his carelessly tossed boxers - waiting for Bobby's next step.

"Oh baby, I can't believe it. You're exactly like my dreams," Bobby gasps, crawls between her lightly spread legs and runs his hands up and down the soft skin of her back. "I'll be as careful as possible."

"I know," Alex pants insanely because of desire.

Looking along her firm and slim silhouette, Bobby gently lays his palms on Alex's waist and pulls her even closer. He runs them higher and reaches around her body. While he cups her beautiful and soft breasts, squeezing her throbbing tips, he hovers over her and his tongue glides from her neck over her spine to her butt and back. Once again at her neck, Bobby sucks Alex's earlobe, while two of his fingers enter her petite body.

"Oh dear," she cries, and starts to move easily along his extra long index and middle finger.

"How can a man and a woman fit so perfectly?" he groans, and positions his glans exactly before her drippy opening. Now he knows where she loves it most to be touched and wants to find a few new spots. Carefully he glides with his full-erected cock between her sharp thighs and inside her wet core. He is in heaven again.


After a common shower and a last wild lovemaking, Alex enters the big room - a room filled with lust and desire and smelling of sex - wearing Bobby's blue dress shirt he had on while packing. She fishes for her panties and her jeans, which flew through the room three hours ago and gets dressed. Putting the bra in her purse, Alex reaches for her soft top and puts it into one of the half filled boxes.

"For memory, Bobby," she whispers, and puts a few kitchen items above.

"You don't have to do that," Bobby says, while coming naked and steamy out of his bathroom and seeing what Alex does.

"I just pack one. The whole rest is for you."

"Uhm, Alex, why are you dressed?"


"You can stay the night. I…I would love when you spend the night here…with me."

"B…Bobby, I…I can't. If I stay, I couldn't let you go. It's hard now to break, but tomorrow watching your Mustang turning off out of my horizon, I…I wouldn't survive," she sobs quietly.

Tears fill Bobby's eyes, too, and he steps closer Alex, encloses her deep into his strong arms. "I…I will miss you so much, partner."

"I'm not your partner anymore…"

"You will be always my partner. Oh Alex…don't go!"

"I…I could say the same, but we both know we won't change our plans," Alex murmurs in his moist nape and wraps even closer onto Bobby's big frame. Only when she sure that she will not tremble and can speak without to crying, Alex loosens her grip on him and walks slowly to his front door. Reaching for the doorknob, Alex turns around one last time.

"It was an honour for me to work with you, to be your friend," Bobby says composed, and salutes. It is not in one way farcical that he does it complete naked. "I'll never forget you."

Alex answers the salute and steps again closer. For a last time she lays her lips on Bobby's and they share a gentle and innocent kiss. After a minute or an hour - she couldn't tell - she parts and walks away determined. Over her shoulder she whispers, "Don't forget to keep in touch."

As the elevator closes and Bobby's tears filled face disappears from her sight, Alex slides to the floor helplessly and starts weeping uncontrollably.

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