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TV Universe 10 x 10 - headCANON

Challenge 10 x 10 - headCANON for the tv_universe landcomm.

Alex Eames
Criminal Intent
Carol Peletier
The Walking Dead
Abbie Mills
Sleepy Hollow
01: OTP and why? Bobby & Alex forever
They just belong together and drove together in the sunset.
Daryl & Carol
It must be love. See, their names rhyme. Daryl is the one person how can look behind Carol's mask. He is the one she can let go.
Ichabod & Abbie
It's already proclaimed in Washington's Bible. They live together. He helped her on so many levels to fight her Catacomb trauma.
02: brOTP and why? He sister, even when we never saw her in the show. But Alex carried her nephew for her. Lori Grimes
I had like to see more between these two. But I guess Lori's pregnancy put them together.
Jenny Mills
It is Abbie's real sister.
Joe Corbin
He is not her brother, but he IS her brother.
03: NOTP and why? Kevin Mulrooney
Alex needed him so much after the death of her husband and he cheated her in the worst way.
He is just too 'good' for Carol.
I like he with Calvin, Andy, Daniel but these guys are all not Ichabod.
04: First moment you knew you liked this character and why? Right at the first episode when she holds her ground against Bobby Goren. The vibrator scene at the quarry. Abbie getting Crane out of the psychiatry with the FBI acceptation letter. The whole time Abbie worked against Irving's orders to help Crane.
05: Favorite line from this character and why? Go ahead, impress me.
(I even put this line on my PhD thesis)
You fight it. You don't give up. And then one day you just...change. Don't know about you, but I'm getting up to pee every 75, 80 years.
06: Favorite scene for this character and why? Capture terminus all by herself. Always when all the layers and mask are shown. All hugs with Crane and all the domestic house scenes of S3.
07: One way in which you relate to this character and why? She is very short but wonderful witty. She is serious and knows how to ground her partner. I love the many layers of Carol and only shows her real herself very close friends. She adapted so quickly to all the supernatural stuff.
08: Something this character does/has done that embarrasses you and why? No, never. Maybe she did a lot of questionable stuff but she never embarrassed me. No, never.
09: Teddy Bear or Troublemaker and why? Both- tiny but o-ho! Both - Just look at the flowers. Both - tiny but o-ho!
10: One thing you would like to see happen to this character? Leading MCS.
Just survive somehow (BUT NOT ALONE!) Getting surprised by love to Ichabod and having a big family with him. Even when she thinks love is not included in her complicated witness live.

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