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TV Universe 10 x 11 - Casting Call

Challenge 10 x 11 - Casting Call for the tv_universe landcomm.

For this challenge, we were asked  to create a character based solely on their name. We also could dress them. Loved this part.

Character Name: Isiah Aiken
TV Show: Hinterland

Casting: Darragh Mortell - I don't know this actor. But I was looking for a young black British actor to join DCI Tom Mathias at BBC's Hinterland. Darragh Mortell was born 1989. That he is Welsh is another pro. So why not giving a complete stranger a chance in this challenge?

Character Background: Detective Sergeant Isiah Aiken arrives in Aberystwyth after his police training and patrol duty at Cardiff's South Wales Police. He moved back to his native place because his granny, the woman who had raised him alone after his mother had died of cancer, needed his help after a hip replacement.
The new team is very welcoming to the young man. His knowledge of the surrounding and special quirks of the residents is helpful as well. When Isiah hiked through the Welsh loneliness he preferred to carry robust trekking clothes with heavy boots. On the job he stayed with suit, tie and a well tailored trench.

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