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TV Universe 11 x 13 - Remake/Reboot

Challenge 11 x 13 - Remake/Reboot for the tv_universe landcomm.

[Just enjoy. I didn't check any real science here. I don't know anything about humpback routes or oil fields in fron of South America.]

Ocean Girl 2.0 is an European Remake of the Australian family TV series airing in the 90th. The British/France/Belgium coproduction transformed the former science fiction teen show into a feature-length format.

Ocean Girl 2.0 aims for a nerd audiences and starring Nicole Beharie as the lead character. The show is set in the near future, and focuses on an unusual woman named Neri who lives alone on an island off shore French Guiana. Her only friend is Charlie a humpback whale. But everything changes for Neri as the close underwater research facility called ORCE 3 (Oceanic Research Centre of Europe III) is launched and she gets to know the various scientists. Like the original Ocean Girl 2.0 is an example of deep ecology science fiction.

Season One Overview:

Neri (Nicole Beharie) has a calm and simple life on her lonely Atlantic isle. She is a young woman with an affinity for water. Her super-human strength and extraordinary lung capacity give her the ability to swim long distances. Diving together with humpback Charlie and following playful seals are her most favorite pastime. But for the last year she observed the underwater activity close by. The Oceanic Research Centre of Europe III (ORCE 3) built a huge underwater research facility. The construction works come to an end and the new inhabitants move in.

Prof. Dr. Winnyfred Seth (Archie Panjabi) an oceanographer is the director of ORCE 3 and the leader of the many different ocean scientists. The pressure on her is high. The multi billion Euro station in front of the South-American coast has to proof its right to exists in a world of growing capitalism and resource greed. Research and development always have to recover their high costs. It gets even harder when UBRI an international oil company discovers a huge new oil field between ORCE 3 and Neri's island. How can Professor Seth convince the European Union not to open the huge oil well and destroy the unique habitat of million different sea creatures?

The ruthless UBRI president Dr. Josephine Hellegren (Veerle Baetens) tries everything to open up the new resources. She corrupts and terrorize EU politicians before breakfast. She doesn't care for nature or sea sciences. When she heard about Neri and her diving skills, she must get her. Such a person would be a huge benefit in detecting oil fields and building offshore platforms. She instructed Commander Jack Lucas (Omar Sy) to capture Neri by all means. But the one-dimensional warlord changes his view on the world over the first season. The more he gets to know the different scientists and especially Prof. Seth he questions himself and his mission. Will he help Neri in the end and put himself in jeopardy with an angry Dr. Hellegren? This woman isn't used to not getting what she wants.

The ocean has a long tradition in Brett Bates' (Pierre Niney) family. His French mother is distantly related to Jacques Cousteau. He is Prof. Seth's most promising PhD-student. The bright underwater geologist studies the change of the deep sea surface under the influence of volcanoes and other tectonic effects. He is more than happy for the opportunity at ORCE 3. The underwater research facility and the multiple submarines brings him really close to his study subject. Plus the tight cubicle are always a good place to flirt with female coworkers.

Prof. Seth hopes to recruit Brett's older brother Jason Bates (Tom Mison), a marine biologist as well. Jason travels the seven seas right now with his one man sailing ship, Pirate, following a group of humpback whales. They bring him to Neri's island to meet their family member Charlie. Because Jason is fascinated by the woman and her extraordinary skills, he agrees to the research fellowship at ORCE 3 and stay at one place for a while. This way he can be close to her. Working and living with his brother again is a big plus as well.

3 picspam poster and 1 artwork

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