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TV Universe 11 x 14 - Fandom Mini-Mix

Challenge 11 x 14 - Fandom Mini-Mix for the tv_universe landcomm.

Here is Joe Cruz's Zumba Mix for you. Click on the links and get started. I danced to all of the provided songs (beside Gente de Zona and El Mario de Tu Mujer) in my endless Zumba classes. Some videos even use the same choreography. Just dance and sweat. It's so much fun.

Shut Up And Dance - Max Pizzolante feat Beto Perez
Joe Cruz uses this song during Chicago Fire.

Gente de Zona - Traidora feat Marc Anthony
What a lovely choreography.

El Mario de Tu Mujer - Don Miguelo feat Sensato
Squats, squats, squats...your bum and thighs will burn after this song.

Fireball - Pitbull feat John Ryan
This is a Zumba classic.

Boujé - Soca Kuduro
I love when the artists sing about Zumba during a Zumba workout.

El Amor, El Amor
Another Zumba classic - sorry, I couldn't find the artist.

La Gatilas
Meow, meow.

All about the bass - Meghan Trainor
Wonderful cool down song and you can be very lady like during the choreography.

Are you sweating?

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