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Prompt 10. Post 'Frame': Goren tries for a fresh start in a new city...

Second Chapter: New proximity

Bobby shuffles from the bathroom into his bedroom, stripping out of his tee and the boxers. He smiles and hums, because this afternoon he managed it to unpack the last of his packing cases. Now he feels welcome in DC, 19 days after arriving, but he's not home. There is missing something…someone.

He likes his new apartment in the Washington Highlands; only a stone throw away from the Maryland border, but still in the city. It costs only the half the rent of his Brooklyn home and has an extra room, unbelievable. The apartment receives a good amount of light, and is very pale and his little study has enough room for all his books and files. When he looks out of his kitchen and living room windows, he can see the Potomac, plus he is half an hour away from Union Station. From there it's only three quarters of an hour and he is in Quantico at the Investing Support Unit and the Academy of the FBI. He splits duty between the two institutions - two days a week he teaches, three he works in the nuclear fall-out shelter, the “Low-Low” where he tries to catch serial killers by his team of profilers.

Naked he snuggles below the thin blanket and switches on the bedside lamp. The dim light illuminates the two photographs on his bedside table. The right one is held in a little, plain, black picture frame and shows the snapshot from Alex and him he made in Café Brasilia six years ago. Looking at it, Bobby smiles. He looks so much younger and Alex? She still looks amazing, even after all these years. But Bobby's gaze wanders to the other picture. It shows also Alex and him side by side, but there they aren’t at work. They are both dressed in black, their hands are entangled and they look down at Frank's grave.

Logan took the picture and gave it to him as they both enjoyed a last beer together as NYPD Detectives. He can see teardrops in Alex's eyes. Bobby knows she isn't upset about Frank's death, but he told Alex one hour before that he would leave NYPD, and would start anew in a strange city and answer the FBI's prayers.

Oh dear, how much he misses her. Bobby's glance sweeps back again to the older picture as it shows their faces so near together. He wouldn't have thought that leaving Alex behind would stress him that much. Opening the top drawer of his bedside table, he reaches inside and fingers for her dark top. The little, hidden farewell gift he found only five days ago as he unpacked the box with the kitchen items that Alex had packed.

Bobby burrows his face in it and tries to smell Alex's remaining odour. He switches off the light and sinks deeper in his comfy bed. He starts to conjure up the moment as he freed Alex from that material.

In one moment she was still Eames and in the next one, she was Alex - a naked Alex. He just had to loose the ribbon in her neck and the clip in her back and what remained was pure perfection.

After he managed to avert his gaze from her beautiful body, he looked at her face and saw that her lids were half closed and her head tossed back. But her deep dark eyes never broke the contact with his. She knew exactly what would happen next. Voluptuously licking her lips, Alex waited eagerly of the contact of his skin with hers. He kissed her fiercely again and then bends easily down to her bare breasts.

He recalls his gently circling of his nose around her right nipple, which hardened in the second he touched it. Alex's scent was stunning - Bobby could barely keep his balance. Very slowly he moved his nose to the other tip and then he licked tenderly over it.

Alex jerked a little bit and exhaled a deep moan. The whole time she has held onto Bobby's shoulders and when he opened his lips to suck her nipple inside, she's pinched him convulsively.

Bobby remembers that he spoiled Alex's naked flesh a long time and that her groaning cheered him to more and more licking, kissing and sucking. For him it was hard to break the contact from one rock hard teat and the soft flesh around it, but the other one needed his attention, too. His playful fingertips left Alex begging.

Bobby closes his eyes and one of his hands presses the fabric even stronger on his face, while the other one moves slowly down to his erecting and burning manhood. Gently he closes his fingers around his sex and moans because in front of his inner eyes he pictures Alex, down the floor in his old apartment.

They both were completely naked. Bobby can't remember how that happened. He just knows that he carefully laid Alex on the floor, because he had no mattress in his bed anymore. With one pillow under her head, she reached for two boxes and used them for supporting her knees. In that unforgettable night, a night Bobby would never forget, Alex was open for him from the first moment on.

As they went from clothed to naked all shyness was gone. Bobby kneeled between Alex's wide spread legs and his mouth enjoyed every inch of blazing skin it could reach, while his hands really discovered the last secret Alex had hidden.

Bobby was overwhelmed from the intoxicate odour Alex's body radiated and as his greedy lips welcomed her melting triangle, he plunged into it and got lost.



"Hey Alex, it's Bobby!"

Silence and then Bobby can hear a closing door.

"Hey Bobby, I just closed the door so I can hear you. The turbulences outside are vast today. Now I'm alone. The prodigal son, nice to hear you. How are you?"

"I feel fine and y…" Machinegun volleys interrupt them.

"What?" Alex yells into her phone. "Where are you, on a battlefield?" Alex asks frightened, and hears Bobby laughing.

"No, I just enjoy my lunch time on a bench under an old tree. I forgot about the Anti Terror Lesson the cadets have today. Oh dear, Alex all the people here are so young and unnervingly over-motivated."

Now it's Alex's turn for laughing. "But you feel good?" she asks again.


"The students don't annoy you?"

Bobby sighs.


"They may be highly trained, physically fit and can shoot a fly from a distance of one hundred feet but as I started to lecture about the most renowned profilers, they really didn't know James Russells."

"The father of profiling?"

"Uh…exactly," Bobby laughs, somewhat astonished because Alex remembers.

"I only look like I'm not paying attention to you, Goren," she says dryly. "That Dean Holiday case was charming."

"Oh yes!"

"You divided a virgin for me." I miss the fun we had at work.

"Do you think she was a virgin?"


He can see her rolling her eyes. "Sorry…" I miss you so much.

An uncomfortable moment passes before Alex asks, "And how is your apartment?"

"I like it. It's really big and has much light. The neighbourhood is nice and I'm at work in less than two hours." But there I didn't make love with you the whole night. "How's the big operation going?"

"Good, really good. The team is well organized and in a few weeks I'll meet one of the big gang bosses. We managed a lot in these days." But how much more I could accomplish with you on the team!

"Wow, so fast?"


"Alex, what's with you?" Bobby hears a clank and Alex's choked moaning.

"Oh…nothing, I've just been feeling squishy the last days. There's a lot to do and I'm tiered."


"Really Bobby, I just dropped a dish and…" Bobby hears another painful sigh and shifts nervously. "…I must have eaten something foul."

"Be honest, is everything okay?" Bobby jumps up and paces up and down. I could reach the three o'clock flight to New York.

"Yes, it is and I'll be done with work in about two hours. Then I'll drive home and will hit the hay." Mhm, I can sense his solicitousness. That feels so good. "Tomorrow will start the weekend and I'll lay the whole day between my blankets. And into your shirt.

Bobby calms down and slowly walks back to the Academy. Trying to heighten the mood, he says, "You stole my shirt."

Alex's eyes fly open, it's like Bobby has read her thoughts. "Yup, but I left you something behind."

"Yeah, found it Sunday afternoon." And had three mind-blowing orgasms merely from masturbation, thinking of you and with your scent in my nose.

"Oh sorry, Bobby, I gotta go. Outside three of my officers are waiting and they wanna come in."

"Oh, what a bummer! We will talk later Alex, bye."

"Talk soon…"


Alex awakes after twenty hours of solid sleep. Blinking heavily, Alex looks at the alarm clock. 12:11 p.m. NOON? Dear! She jumps out of her bed and feels dizzy; nausea hits her at the same second. Alex lurches to her bathroom as quick as possible and pukes the measly remainder of her yesterday's lunch.

"Wonderful, stomach flu. That's the last thing I need," she groans in pain, and chokes again.

When the vomiting is over, Alex gets out of Bobby's shirt and enters her shower. Hot water bubbles around her body and soft foam kisses her skin. Alex's thoughts run back to the night in Bobby's apartment and his shower.

Oh dear, she rode his hips and he really could hold her the whole time, till she came around him in another stunning orgasm. She knew that he held back for her, only concerned about pushing her over the edge, but she wanted him to not forget her and that night. Therefore she slid off his body and sank deeper. Her tongue and lips caressed his nipples and then his tummy. Bobby was wax under her ministration and his helpless groaning became louder and louder. His throbbing dick longed for deliverance. Alex sank down her knees, slightly opening her lips; she felt that Bobby's erection grew larger as he felt her tongue on his glans, tasting herself on him.

New and uncontrolled jerks hit his body and deep moaning began. Alex’s sucking and licking and her tenderly stroking his behind and gently kneading of his balls released Bobby only after a few minutes and he exploded in her mouth. She would never forget how delicious he tasted and how powerful she felt at that moment. At the moment that they’d undressed, there was no holding back, the promise that they’d take it slowly had been completely forgotten. They were affectionate and gentle, but it was not like her first time.

While Alex starts to shiver with the thoughts of her spoiling for Bobby, she runs one hand to her lap and the other to her breasts. As her fingertips reach the soft flesh of her areola, Alex winches. Her bosoms have been so taut and sensitive for the last couple of days.

“Oh my god…no!” she shouts out loudly, and covers her mouth. “That can’t be true!” Alex starts counting the days. Once. Twice. Thrice and then she knows.


Trembling and sobbing heavily, Alex lies in Frankie’s arms.

“Come on little sister, it’s not the end of the world.” Frankie has been trying to calm Alex for an hour. She strokes her back and looks again over the nine pregnancy tests on the little coffee table; she bought in the drugstore after Alex called her hysterically around noon. They had all returned the same result – Alex was pregnant.

“But…but,” Alex snivels. “My job.”

“You managed the job while you were pregnant with my son, darling.”

“Now that I’m the head of that big business…I…I can’t.” Alex sits up and dries her teary face. Her gaze roams over the floor and she notes a lot of rumpled, used tissues. “The timing is wrong.”

“You can, and it’s never going to be the right time for a child.”

“I’m too old,” she claims, and snuggles deeper in the blue dress shirt, hitting a pillow.

“Nonsense, your body thinks otherwise. It accepted that child.” Frankie stands up and gets the hot chocolate she has made. As she comes back into the living room, she asks, “And I thought you were on the pill.”

“I am, I am…oh no…but I had that cold four weeks ago,” Alex’s memories come back. “I took drugs and then the effect of the pill was reduced…shit and I blockhead told him that I wanted it without a condom,” Alex sighs, and nestles her face in her palms.

“Who?” Francesca is really curious. She hasn’t asked Alex about the father until now.

“O – I” Alex hums.


“Bobby…” she clears her throat and gets beet red.

“Bobby? – Goren! Heavens!”

“Yes!” Alex presses her blushing face into the pillow and starts to weep anew.

“Okay, Alex but it’s good that it’s him and not just somebody.”

“Do you really believe I had unprotected sex with someone from the street I met just an hour earlier?” Alex yells annoyed.

“No, of course not, but…I thought you’re just friends.”

“Yes we are, but you know, I…I couldn’t let him go away without knowing what it would be like…to be more than just partners.”

“And how was it?” Frankie asks and crosses her legs, now the big sister like so many years ago, after Alex’s first night with a boy.

“I…it was the best sex since…” For a second Alex’s eyes get cloudy with grief. “…no, it was the best sex in my life. Oh Frankie, what do I do now?”

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