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Prompt 10. Post 'Frame': Goren tries for a fresh start in a new city...


A week passed, then a whole month went by and then a second. Alex only needed to think about it for one night: She wanted that baby. It could very well be her last chance for a child of her own, and she was happy and hopeful because of the little life inside her.

But Alex didn’t say one word to Bobby. They regularly talked on the phone in these two months. It was really nice to hear his voice and they joked and had fun, but Alex also could sense that Bobby was not really happy in DC and by the FBI. Sometimes his voice was full of pain, when they said the fifth time goodbye and not rang off. Sometimes they gave a hint to their night, but never really talked about their feelings and what they really wanted. But whenever Alex tried to tell him that he was going to be a father coming March, her head went all blank. It was like a blockade.

Thus she wrote a letter – again. It was so much easier to tell him everything in writing, to tell him that she loved his baby, that night and of course him. Whom did she want to fool? She would have that baby with or without him, yet she longed for him to join her in this adventure – their adventure.

In the envelope, Alex included the first picture of their baby. Alex couldn’t see anything on the sonogram but as her gynaecologist did the ultrasonic scan, she saw the little beating heart – saw life. At that moment Alex was ready to tell Bobby. There was no way back.

She had sent the letter yesterday.

Alex waited near the letterbox till the postman came and picked up everything. She didn’t trust herself, thought that she would change her mind at the last minute.

For three weeks now, Alex hadn’t been plagued by morning sickness anymore. She felt powerful and strong. Her body had changed a lot in these last weeks. Her breasts had become enormous and only stroking them slightly let her shiver in good and bad ways. Her belly was slightly swollen and not so firm anymore. Her favoured jeans were getting awfully tight.

Last week, she had finally told Ross about her situation. He was very understanding, though curious about the father. But only Alex’s family knew that little secret.

She would only finish the necessary field work; mainly the talk with Don Carlo next Tuesday. He said that he wanted to talk with the boss and Alex was the boss. After that job, Alex would stay at OnePP, doing office duty. She would still be the officer in charge of the operation, but had to delegate the fun stuff and take up more of the administrative chores. And once she got closer to her due date, Daniels would be taking over the operation. But Alex hoped that until that date the business would be done.


“Okay Daniels, let’s go.”

“Alright Eames. Remember, he is he big boss and you should respect him or…“

“…I know, he is god and we’re just solicitors.”

The sun has merely crawled over the horizon as Alex and Detective Daniels get out of the black SUV. They enter the dark storehouse, 42 West 11th Avenue. Alex’s eyes need a few minutes to get accustomed to the dim light. She knows Daniels is only a few inches right behind her but she can feel other men, too – she can smell them – it’s nauseating. The whole time, her hand is hovering over her gun, feeling both its cold steal and the warm leather.

A light breeze in her neck makes her hair stand on end and her skin crawl. Alex stops momentarily. Neon light flashes on and her eyes are captured by the enormous measures of Emanuel Carlo. He must have put on weight since the last picture of him was made. The Don is even a few inches taller than Bobby but his bones must carry as twice as much weight. He is in a white suit, white hat, white shoes – the whole masquerade.

Alex can see a tiny man with the face like a rat from the corner of her eyes. From him was the breath. He is close, too close and he points a gun at her.

“Daniels, where is your boss?” Alex hears a very deep voice with Italian accent. “You said you wanna talk and brought that little girl?”

“That’s my boss, Don Carlo, Detective Alexandra Eames.”

Alex opens her leather jacket – to warm for end of summer, but she likes it because it hides her small stature and enhances the ‘tough girl’ image – to flash her badge and her gun.

“Mh? Well, nice to meet you, Detective.” Carlo licks his lips. “You know the rules.”

A third man pushes Daniels against a wall and frisks him roughly.

“No bug, boss, but I think the Detective fattened up since we met last time.” All men laugh but Alex doesn’t join into it. She is too nervous. Be Cool!

“He’s not the only one,” Don Carlo replies, and there is more laugher. “You can choose, Detective Alexandra Eames, show me that you’re clean or let me feel.” The Gangster’s greedy eyes rest on Alex’s body and his slippery tongue licks his colossal lips once again.

“Show or frisk!” Alex hears a falsetto voice, and a following laugh. It must come from the tiny guy. She doesn’t see him and doesn’t like that feeling. But she would rather die first before that gangster boss would touch her. Alex steps closer and pulls off her jacket, throwing it on a chair next to him. Never breaking the eye contact with the Don, she unbuttons her blouse. Alex hears a few obscene whistles and feels the eyes of every man in that room glued to her naked flesh.

Would they notice her slightly swollen belly? No, only women would. But her breasts, she gets a lot of explicit looks. It feels as if they are undressing her with their eyes.

Only in her bra, Alex turns around. A short look to Daniels signals her that she does everything right. She freezes because she feels a finger between her shoulder blades, exactly over the little scar she has carried for the last eight years.

Bobby gave her that mark in their first year, during their first case. That was the main reason she wrote the infamous letter, requesting a new partner. Bobby wanted to catch a murderer and hurt her with his knife. It happened by accident: Granted, he aimed his knife at her – that was really his tactic – but the perp shoved her in the same moment. Alex fell onto Bobby’s blade. She was so surprised because Bobby didn’t warn her; he just took aim at her. She hated him for that, only a month, but she was done with him, wanted to split that ‘partnership’.

But the memory of that unfortunate incident eight years ago also brings back the more recent memory of the night she shared with Bobby. He kneeled behind her, over her. He loved her tenderly and kissed that mark – his mark – a thousand times and probably apologized million times. She felt so good, so in love. She didn’t want someone else but him – only him.

Alex dispels her dreamily smile before she looks again in Carlo’s eyes. She hasn’t said a word until now. She is though, a cop, not a little girl. She knows how to play that game.

“Really nice, Detective Alexandra Eames, really nice.” He takes Alex’s white blouse and helps her to slip inside – posing as a true Italian gentleman. “I trust you that you have no bugs in your underwear. But if you feel like showing…?” He whispers, trying to close the buttons of Alex’s blouse.

“I can do that myself, but thanks,” Alex replies very temptingly, and buttons up. “Okay, let’s talk.” She knows how to handle a Latin Macho. Then she hears a loud bang at the metal roller shutter. All eyes fly to it and realize the silhouette of a small but fat African American.

“Ted Washington,” Carlo fizzles into Alex’s ear, and brutally grabs her arm. “The right-hand man of my biggest rival and I trusted you Alexandra Eames. You brought him with you, you bitch.”

“No…I…I didn’t…” Alex tries to calm the tall man, trying to break free from his hand, which feels more and more like a bench vice.

“You showed him to our hide-out!”

“No, never! That’s a big coincidence, believe me.” Alex stares at him wide-eyed. She hears a cosh, then a following grunt from Daniels falling on the ground. Shit, shit, shit, at least they didn’t shoot him…

“And it could have been sucha nice party with the two of us.” Carols grabs Alex’s throat and lifts her off the ground. Her hands fly to his enormous one, but his fingers press more and more tightly, squeezing all the air out of Alex’s body.

“I have to go, darling. Pleasure meeting you.” Carlo kisses Alex’s blue lips, clenches his fist and punches Alex with all his power in her belly. Her hands try to protect her abdomen, but she fails.

Alex collapses and the world around her turns black. She doesn’t even notice hitting the ground; much less the gangster's pure white shoes kicking her soft tummy, full of life.


Bobby steps outside his apartment building and fingering for his mail-box keys. He opens it and grasps for his New York Times. But under it lays a blue envelope. He turns it and sees Alex’s private mailing address written in her clear block capital handwriting. He remembers that he gives her blue note paper and fitting envelops to her last birthday.

Tucking the newspaper under his arm, putting his thermos mug on the letterbox, Bobby opens the envelope without hesitation. In it are the lighter blue paper and a black-and-white Polaroid – a sonogram.

Bobby feels how his heart stops for one beat and then continues beating twice as fast.


Alexandra Eames

Beach Crest 27, Rockaway



Dear Bobby,


I miss you so much. I’ve been putting this of for months, but I finally have to share the good news.


Do you remember our night? I think about it every day.


Today I know, I was silly not to stay the night and came to Washington with you.


Oh dear, it’s so difficult. I’ve tried to say it numerous times before.


I am pregnant, Bobby. I’m carrying your child. We are expecting a baby. We will be parents in March.


I know you’ve started a new life in a new city. I don’t expect anything from you. I would love you to join into that adventure with me, but I will accept a “no”.

I will have that child and love it, because it’s yours.


I know it must be a big shock for you. You have all time of the world to think about it. When I was certain that I was pregnant, I was in another universe for over twelve hours. I cried, got angry, denied…but after that night, I was someone new – a mother-to-be. I will have your baby, our baby. I’m so happy!


Bobby, please call me…anytime.

Love, Alex


Bobby reads Alex’s letter for the umpteenth time. He dials her landline and mobile number again and again. Shit, only her message-box. Where are you?

“Sir, you have to turn off you cell phone now, we’re about to take off,” the stewardess says with her hands resting on her hips, which are packed in the midnight blue uniform. She waits impatiently until Bobby pushes the Motorola into his inside pocket. He is nervous, so nervous but also excited. He will be a daddy and Alex…she carries his baby – their baby.

Dear, he is so happy. Alex, a baby, love. Yes, he loves her, loved her all those years. During their night he was the luckiest man on earth. The butterflies in his tummy are real. It’s not the starting plane. He missed her so much the last months.

But how will they handle everything? The baby will come in March. He wants to be with her, the whole time. He’s already missed three months of the pregnancy, the morning sickness and the hormones changing. He’s so on board for the rest of this! Yes, starting a new adventure. Alex was so right.

But how will they manage it? He can take off a few days, but will Alex follow with to DC? She has that big operation and she’s a modern woman with her own head, the Sergeant rank. Coming back to New York – YES, why not? The job is not that fulfilling like he thought it would be and he feels lonely in DC. Being together with Alex and their baby – YES, YES!

Bobby clenches to Alex’s letter and the first picture of his baby for the whole one-hour flight. He feels the precious paper and smells the light jasmine perfume Alex must wear the day she wrote it. He can’t wait for the minute of the touch down.




“This is Frankie…Francesca, Alex’s sister.”

“Oh, hey, I’ve tried to get hold of her for over two hours. W…where is she?” Bobby whispers full of panic in his cell.

“She…” Frankie sobs, and stammers. “…she‘s in the Bellevue Hospital Center. T…there…Alex…an attack.”

“What? An attack, what happened to her? I…I’m…coming…I’m at JFK.” Bobby screams in his mobile, and runs to the taxi standof the airport. It would be much pricey as to use the AirTrain and the subway, but he would stint 25 minutes. And that is his only motivation, Alex. Only one hour and he would be together with her.

A/N: With thanks to lilliprices26 for her information about the way from JFK to Bellevue Hospital Center.


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