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Prompt 10. Post 'Frame': Goren tries for a fresh start in a new city...

A/N: That’s the last chapter of un solo bacio. I want to thank everyone who left me note or wrote a review. I know the last chapter was dark. I never wrote something like that before and hope that I could describe the mood. I never was pregnant or even lost a child. I want to apologise by every women, who undergoes that and know that my writing never could describe these feelings.

But like I promised…a Happy End for the end of my story. I would never do something else, you know me. I hope you had fun while reading. I had much fun during the writing and thanks again Hannah and Hilary. Without you two –un solo bacio- would not exist the way it does.

Epilogue: Surprise

Alex and Bobby quietly climb the creaking stairs of the old, brick building. Bobby has his hands around Alex’s waist and tries to tickle her.

“Hey Bobby, let me go. I hate when you do that.”

“You’re a liar. Last night you begged me to continue.”

Alex blushes and turns around. “Ssssh, we’re in public.” She lays her fingers over Bobby’s mouth and kisses him gently.

As Alex pulls away, he tickles her again. “I was hoping for a repeat, Sergeant.”

Alex bites her lips and giggles, “Later.”

They come onto the third floor and linger in front of a grotty glass door. Alex’s eyes wander over the black label:


Private Investigation

Mike Logan and Robert Goren

“I know that you planed a surprise party and that all our friends are behind that door.”

“Honest truth, I only forgot my binder on my desk.”

Alex chuckles. “You weren’t exactly too discreet the last couples of days.”

“Oh fine, I surrender. I see you got those extra bars for a reason, Sergeant Alexandra Eames. Have I mentioned how proud I am?” Bobby whispers into her ear, nuzzling his face in the soft flesh of Alex’s neck. “We all suffered enormous pains preparing this. Please Eames, at least pretend to be surprised.

“Well, okay Goren.” She reaches for the doorknob and opens the door to the dark office wildly. Alex blinks a few times. The loft is empty. There are no people hiding inside. She turns on her heels and notes that Bobby locks the door behind himself.

“Oh, Bobby…what are you doing?”

“Surprise, baby! Tonight is my night. Tomorrow all your friends will celebrate with you.” Bobby takes Alex’s hands and guides her to his corner of the spacious level. “But tonight I plan to seduce you on a table.”

“Do you remember Monday night and our kitchen…thing?” Alex replies cheekily, and sits on the top of the table.

“Kinda. We haven’t given my working desk a try.” Bobby licks his lips and sinks into his swivel chair. He leans back and enjoys the blinking night light of the skyline dancing on Alex’s silhouette. “Do you know how long I’ve been dreaming about that?” he says pruriently, and starts to unbutton Alex’s white blouse. The swearing-in ceremony is just one hour ago and Alex wears still the dark blue uniform complete with her new insignia.

“Umm, you naughty boy,” Alex whispers, and brushes off all the little items of the antique furniture. “I’m yours, Bobby,” she says with pursing lips, and shining eyes.

Minutes later they both are naked. Their clothes are scattered over the floor, mixed with Bobby’s many pencils and stationary. Alex lies flat on her back, breathing heavily. Bobby’s tongue can make her breathless and willing in less than ten seconds. He gently spreads her sharp legs, which dangle over the edge of the desk, then he opens the middle drawer. While one hand rummages in it, Bobby’s other hand and his lips greedily spoil Alex’s breasts and her hardening tips.

“I need both of your hands, honey,” Alex groans, and arching toward him. She sits up to draw him closer, but her eyes fall on the little wrapper in Bobby’s free hand. Shyly she takes the black item and places it on the desk, next to herself, covering it with her palm.

Under her lids she winks toward Bobby and whispers, “Maybe we could abandon the condoms for tonight?”

Bobby’s eyes fly open. “But you aren’t yet again on the pill, Alex, are you?”

“I…I know, I thought about it many hours about during the last couple of weeks and maybe…maybe we can just try to have a baby. You know, wait and see what happens.” She licks her lips nervously. “I…I think what all we have, all what we are – it could last forever…”

“It will last forever. I just want you, Alex. For the rest of my life.”

“Let just try to have a baby…I mean without any pressure. If it happens, good; if not, it’s also okay. I’m with you and that’s important. W…what do you think?”

Bobby’s eyes fill with tears and his mouth hangs open. His head nods in agreement, while his eyes show that his brain still handles Alex’s words.

“Are you sure? I mean, of course you’re sure, but are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure!”

Bobby sighs relieved and his lips soften. “Oh dear, Alex I want to try it, too and maybe it will happen.”

“I…I mean, you made me pregnant as I was on the pill. I’m curious to find out what you achieve without any protection!” Alex chuckles, and carefully reaches between Bobby’s legs.

“Uuuh,” Bobby moans, and he brushes his lips gently against Alex’s, before he starts to make love to her.

The end

Thanks for taking the time and reading: un solo bacio

We'll read us again…Antje

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