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It takes two to Tango - Chapter 1

I want to thank Hannah and Hilary my two wonderful beta of that story.


Name of the story: It takes two to tango

Author: havers 

Pairing: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren

Word count: 5789

Description: A post 2 x 11 Baggage story. Bobby and Alex celebrate a night full of dancing.

A/N: The glow stick hit me a while ago and as I was with my good friend Katja in the disco, seeing dancers with those phosphor sticks I giggled a lot and remembered that episode.



Disclaimer: I earn no money from this thing, nor do I profit in any other way from it. Involved persons are only borrowed and always go back to their owner


It takes two to tango


Chapter one: A glow stick as evidence


Word count: 1263

Rating and warnings: T

Description: Alex and Bobby close the Jenny Sullivan case and an invitation.

Returning from the evidence vault, Bobby comes from the elevators and walks to his desk, an empty, white box tucked under his arm. The case is closed and they can bundle up all of Jenny Sullivan’s items.

Alex doesn’t sit at her desk, but Bobby notes her half-full coffee mug. She can’t be far away. So he decides to begin with packing the box.

First he writes Jenny’s full name and the case number in big, black capitals on the front side of the box. He puts the case file in first. The numerous papers and reports they had to fill out, the typewritten confession plus the copy of all notes Alex and he took the last eleven days. The file also includes a copy of the autopsy report.

Over the beige binder Bobby lays Jenny’s loose-leaf writing pad, his fingertips run slowly over the paperboard. A big smile adorns his face – the missing cookies. They got Keith Ramsey because the cookies were private and Jenny didn’t write it down.

On Alex’s desk Bobby finds the white ping-pong ball in the evidence plastic bag. He didn’t tell Alex where he got the idea. A ping-pong ball in a fuel tank of a car – the car of Mr. Dixon, his biology teacher, had saved Bobby from failing in biology class in high school. He’d used the extra week very well and had managed a B+ in the postponed exam. It had been a week full of hard work. The little trick with the plastic ball had cost him just five minutes of thinking. He had been much better in physics than in biology. Bobby’s smirking gets bigger.

The yellow glow stick is the last item Bobby packs into the box. He rocks his chair backwardsand opens the top drawer. He hears Alex’s words again, I can't believe you touched that thing.’. He bites his lips to stifle a chuckle. Again, he slides the smooth plastic through his fingers; toys with it, periodically making it disappear and then re-appear as his mind slowly drifts away.

“Did you ever see what a stripper can do with a phosphor stick like that?”

Bobby jerks and almost jumps out of his skin. The stick falls into the box, clacking.

“And I thought you worked in Narcotics. I am the expert with those sticks,” Alex whispers amused in Bobby’s ear, and fishes the glowing item out of the box again.

It’s late Monday night and the most colleagues left work hours ago. Bobby slept with eyes open. He forgot that Alex is still at Major Case.

“Jeez, Eames! You scared me to death,” Bobby pants, “You just took ten years off my life.”

“Sorry, Goren,” Alex replies cheekily, and sits down her red chair, sipping her coffee. “I didn’t want to frighten you, but it was too enticing. You were so engrossed in your thoughts.”

Recovering from his shock, Bobby purrs his lips. “Yes, once I saw a stripper…”

“Please, Bobby.”

“She did a very good job,” he says grinning, and lolls back in his chair.

“I can imagine,” Alex replies, shaking her head and rolling her eyes. “We got everything?” She points with the stick in his direction.

“Yes, the file, the pad of notepaper, the ping-pong ball and the,” Bobby clears his throat. “The glow stick.” He takes it from Alex and puts it back in the box. “Can we seal the box?”

“Yes, everything is inside. Do you have my notes?

Bobby nods and reaches for the lid. In that moment Jeffries, the last working detective, strolls out of Major Case toward the staircases.

“Good night, Eames, Goren.”

“Night, Jeffries,” they say in unison.

“Don’t burn the midnight oil, okay?”

“Never! We’re almost done,” Bobby replies, and notes that Alex – completely absorbed by her thoughts - stares at the words: Jenny Sullivan. “What are you thinking about?” he asks curiously, and gets a deep-drawn sigh as reply.


She looks up and gets catches in Bobby’s soft brown eyes. He holding eye contact over a long time, Alex bites her lips and shyly lowers her gaze again.

“I…I just want to thank you, Bobby.”

Surprised, he raises his eyebrows. “What for?”

Licking her lips, Alex begins to speak, “I never have to feel uncomfortable coming to work. I have no fear. I never awaken from nightmares and tremble at my whole body because…because we get together again.”

Astonished, Bobby covers his moth with one hand. “Oh?”

“Work is fun…at least most cases. Okay, it’s a hard job, but you make it easy. I can’t imagine what Jenny went through with her colleagues the last couple of months.” Alex massages her forehead and pinches the bridge of her nose. “I’m really lucky to have you as partner, Bobby. You would never do something like that to me. You would never scare me. You respect me and you would always protect me,” she whispers with blushing cheeks.

Bobby winks bashfully and looks around the penumbral Squad room. They are alone, yet he whispers anyway.

“Alex.” and he feels the heat in his whole face. He stares at her heavily breathing chest and sees expanding red freckles at her throat and neckline, which make a nice contrast to her light blue blouse.

“T…too much information…too p…private?” Alex stutters, and wants to stand up, running away.

“No, no, no,” he tries to calm her. “Please stay, you just surprised me. I’m flattered.” He smiles because Alex sinks back onto her chair, relaxing. “And Alex, I’m the lucky one in this partnership. You are the best partner I ever had. You are the first one, who doesn’t think that I’m crazy and odd. You broke the ‘How long can I be Robert Goren’s partner’ deadline months ago. You respect my acting at the crime scene and my interrogation techniques. I think we are a wonderful team and I am very glad that you feel fine in my company. I can say I always feel good when you’re around. And yes, you said it. I wake up in the morning and am glad to meet you at work.” Bobby loosens his tie during his words, because it is choking him. It is not easy to talk about his feelings, but he wants to reply Alex’s nice words and it’s actually liberating to tell her how he really feels.

Alex rests her chin in her palm, looks smiling toward him. “We should have private moments like this more often.”


There’s an awkward moment of silence until Alex stands up and reaches for her coat. “It was a long day, Bobby. We should go home. Let’s just drop off the box.”

While Alex shuffles to get ready to leave, Bobby suddenly has an idea.

“Are you tired?”


“I mean, do you have plans for tonight?”

She turns on her heels and shakes her head. “Not really, why?”

“Maybe you like to go out?”

“A drink?”

“Yeah, and maybe…dancing?”

Alex raises her brows and steps back to their desks.

“Can you dance…Tango?”

“Yes…the basics,” she replies cautiously.

“I know a really nice and private location on the Hudson, Chelsea Piers.”

“Oh, sounds nice, why not? But Bobby I have no dress and first driving home to Queens and then coming back to Manhattan? And Tango without a dress and the right shoes…”

“That’s no problem; I have a plan, Eames, trust me.”

“’kay,” Alex answers, but she’s not sure to what she’s just agreed. Bobby’s gleaming eyes and his smirking lips alienate her just a little bit.

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