havers (havers) wrote,

CI_fans_unite Drabble #1: That tiny red top

Title: That tiny red top
Characters: Robert Goren

Rating: T
Word Count: 116

From my desk I was peeking into the small room - the room with the two cells of the Major Case. I could see her – arching her back.

Shame on me! How could I call her stimuli? But in that tiny red top – even under that black jacket – flawless.

It was the right time - she made our arranged sign. I walked over – stand in the door case and looked down on her.

“I need him in interrogation.” Turning nearly on my heels to leave.

“I’m not done booking him.” She was starring with big eyes.

“I don’t care, I need him in interrogation. Now!” I yelled.

“Hey! Lay off, Talbott said, he swallowed the lure!


Tags: ci_fans_unite, drabble, fanfiction
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