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It takes two to Tango - Chapter 2

It takes two to tango


Chapter two: Glow sticks around wrists


Word count: 2530

Rating and warnings: T

Description: Close dancing under red bulbs, closer embracing in the cold of a November night.

“Holla Roberto! Bienvenidos, what a pleasure to see you again.”

“Good evening, Senor Ramirez,” Bobby shakes the hand of the fervid Argentine. “This is Alex.”

“Oh, you brought someone with you. The ladies will be very sad about that,” he says seriously, but turns to Alex and bends down to kiss her hand. “Pleasure meeting you,” he breathes over the back of her hand. “Realmente!” he says, and Alex thinks that his dark eyes can see her deepest secret. Her mouth gets dry and her tummy jumps up and down, but Alex feels very good in front of Senior Ramirez face. “No dress, bella dona and shoes?”

Alex shakes her head, and turns to Bobby, seeking for help, but he is only smiling wickedly.

“I know exactly what you need.” Senor Ramirez says with his rolling accent and reaches for Alex’s hand. “And Roberto,tsk tsk tsk,” Ramirez gaze roams over Bobby’s whole business outfit and begins to shake his head. “You know were you will find everything, right?”

“Yes, Senor,” Bobby says embarrassed, but nods encouragingly towards Alex.

Bobby’s warm smile lets her relax and she follows the Argentine fearlessly. Senor Ramirez guides her deeper into the dimly lit body of the ship; turning her head, Alex notes that Bobby is following them.

Alex has often been to the Chelsea Piers, but she never spotted this dance-boat before. As the two of them arrived at subway station 8th Avenue, 14th street, it was cold, but had stopped raining. They strolled though the nightly New York towards the Hudson. The ship anchored at one of the numerous quays and swung slightly. It was illuminated with many red bulbs, but no one was on deck. It was just too cold, even on a normal foggy November night.

“Only one more staircase to go.”

“Good,” Alex wheezes. The steps are very steep and incredibly narrow, Alex must hold on tightly to the handrail. Above her, she hears Bobby’s light and quick steps. He obviously is very familiar with this club.

“Wow Rita, I knew that this dress would be perfect for you,” Alex hears Ramirez. “You look unbelievable.” And then her eyes catch a tall brunette with abundant cleavage, legs up to her neck, all wrapped in a fire red coloured dress, which shows more than it hides. Alex presses against the wall to let Rita pass. Rita nods her thanks, but beneath the surface Alex can see that Rita is seizing her up.

Ramirez opens a small door and golden light flushes the narrow corridor. “You can have the dressing room all for yourself,” he says. “Come in Alexandra, I have an idea.”

As Alex ducks into the cabin, she hears Rita’s shrill voice. “Oh Bobby, you’re here tonight, wonderful.”

“Sorry Rita, I brought someone with me.”

“Oh!” comes back sharply. Alex can only imagine Rita’s disappointed face and smirks. “But there must be one dance on your card,” Rita is trying the sensual scam.

„Sorry, this night belongs to my friend, only. Maybe another time.”

Surprised, Alex bites her lips and turns on her heels. She sees Bobby standing in front of another cabin, his hand on the doorknob, but looking straight into her eyes. “I will wait here ‘till you’re ready and then we can go together.”

“Maybe I will to wait for you,” she jokes, relieved to hear that she won’t have to search the right way through the dark ship alone. “I’ll hurry.”

“You can trust Senor Ramirez...”

“Eh Roberto, every woman is save in my hands because I only want you,” Ramirez cuts in.

Bobby chuckles. “Anyway, he knows what women want,” he says and enters the men changing room.

“Do you trust me, Alexandra?”

She nods and lets her gaze wander around the cabin. There is a little table with an upholstered chair in front of it and a round mirror hanging on the wall. It is framed by a dozen light bulbs. On hat stands hangs hundred of dance dresses and in shelves stand in line shoes, shoes, shoes. All colours, all sizes, all materials, all with heels.

Alex gasps for air. She is in paradise, in a female paradise.

“What do you think about pink?” Ramirez shows a dress, which looks more like two fabric scraps and many ribbons.

“Never! Pink is fine, but I’d prefer something with a little bit more dress to it…”

“You’re right darling!” Ramirez digs through a few more dresses. “What about black?”

“I like black,” Alex replies, and wants to reach for the second dress Ramirez shows her.

“Oh no, it’s a 12 and you wear, 6?”

“Between 6 and 8,” Alex sighs.

The man ransacks the second clothes rack “Uhm si,” he exults. “Alexandra, now I found the perfect dress for you.” He presents Alex a knee-length satin dress with spaghetti-straps. It is dark purple, has the colour of the sky on a cloudless night.

“It’s beautiful,” Alex exhales, and comes closer, reaching for the smooth fabric. It falls like cascades. Her eyes sparkle.

“Wonderful, you like it. That’s important. That’s the only way you could live the Tango. Roberto will show you where you can leave your own clothes and you can pick the shoes you like,” he says winking, and points to the shelves. “I’ll be at my place and maybe you will reserve a dance for me.” Smiling he leaves the cabin, leaving Alex all by herself.

Alex steps closer to the mirror and holds the soft dress to her body. Dreamily she spins round once and then hangs the dress on a hook beside the table. She slips out of her comfortable low shoes and removes her black business suit. Only in her pale blue blouse, Alex looks down her body. She bends forward and moves her hands along her sharp legs.

“Phew, lucky me that I shaved them this morning,” Alex murmurs to herself in relief. Then her eyes fall on boxes, which are stored under the table. They are labelled ‘personal items’. Alex fishes for one, folds her clothes and stores them inside. Lost in thoughts she pins up her hair. The result looks presentable, not strict, but with strands falling out just in the right place to look very sexy. Then she walks over to the shoe shelves. Little silver sticker with the size numbers helps her to find the right size. Alex has to look for the seven.

First she tries black stiletto sandals with four-inch heels, but must remove them. They are too high and uncomfortable after an eight-hour working day and she would only clinch onto Bobby’s body, unable manage one single dance step.

After going through a few more pairs, Alex finds the perfect shoes. The sandals have a wide, three-inch heel and the leather is dark red. Around her toes the shoes are closed, so she has a good hold in them. The straps are crossed one time over the back of her foot and then nestle around her ankles.

Now Alex is ready for the dress. She slips out of her blouse and inside the smooth fabric. She has to stifle a chuckle because her bra peeks out at a few places. Alex peels off the top and removes her bra, laying it inside the box. Now the dress is perfect. The top fits like a second skin and the skirt enhanced the soft curve of her hip and butt. With plackets just in the right place above her thighs, the dress not only flows nicely but also looks incredibly lascivious.

Alex turns around to see the complete outfit. Her gaze falls on her bare back safe for a single silk strap that crosses it three times and is then tied into a ribbon.

“Sexy!” slips from her mouth. “But dear, what’s that?” The bow opened during the dressing and the ribbon twisted. Alex fingers for the silk, but can’t unravel it. A knock on the door lets her pause for a second.

“Alex, are you ready?”

“Almost Bobby, but please come in. I need your help.”

Bobby opens the door carefully and peeks inside. He swallows and bites his lower lip. “Oh my goddess, incredible,” – hot – He steps inside. “You look ravishingly beautiful.”

Alex lowers her gaze shyly and shows Bobby her back. “The ribbons are twisted and I can’t get them unsnarled.”

“Oh…okay,” Bobby replies and comes closer. Warily he moves his fingertips over the soft, warm skin of Alex’s athletic back and fumbles with the ribbons until they’re right. In the mirror he can see Alex closing her eyes, and suddenly her body is covered with goosebumps. “Are my hands that cold? Sorry!”

“No, they feel good,” – too good – Alex swallows, and opens her eyes again. “I like your outfit.”

Bobby wears a black suit combined with a dark violet dress shirt. A creamy-white scarf lies around his neck instead of a tie. On his head sits a wide-brimmed hat, tilted to the side just enough to make him look absolutely handsome. “Is it right this way?” Bobby asks, stroking over the smoothened ensemble of silk and skin underneath for a last time.

Alex turns around to see her back in the mirror but she loses her balance. Spontaneously, she holds onto Bobby, her nose pressed against his silk shirt. She feels his warm strong body. Bobby also reacts. Quickly he closes his arms around Alex’s feathery frame, holding her save. To hide her embarrassment, Alex frees from Bobby’s embrace and feels for the fabric of his shirt. “I would say we are in partner look, partner,” she laughs. “Let’s go. That dress and your hat scream for dancing.”

Bobby is relieved that they pass that odd moment so easily. For three seconds they were close like never before and their hearts beat in unison. “Give me your clothes. I’ll show you where we can lock it.”

Before the women changing room, Bobby bends forward and reaches for his own box. “Can you please open that door?” Bobby points on a third door.


The small room is filled with lockers. In a double lockbox he moves the two boxes of Alex and him. In the semidarkness Bobby fingers for Alex’s hand and guides her out of the hull to the dancehall.


The ballroom is dipped in red light and Bobby instinctively leads Alex to the middle of the dance floor, where he lifts her left and onto his shoulder, while he reaches for her right and pulls her closer. Gently he lays his right palm on her small of the back, feeling her warm skin and strong muscles. He looks down at her, encouraging her. “Why you don’t start?” he asks puzzled, because Alex doesn’t move.

“The dance floor is the only place where I let the man lead,” she replies pertly.

Bobby purrs his lips because of that answer. “All right, then I know where I’m at with you.” He gets even closer and presses his right knee between Alex’s legs, dividing her skirt and showcasing her naked thighs, not without stealing a little glance. “Let’s live the Tango.”

“Let’s live the Tango,” Alex repeats, feeling for the nape of his neck with her fingers and playing with his curls. Their gazes sink into each other. They have eyes for themselves only as they start to dance to the music of Tigre Viego by Osvaldo Fresedo.


“I like the night in the city,” Alex jitters, nipping at her hot lemon tea. Both, the hot liquid and her breath cause little clouds of fume in the cold winter air. To take some rest, Bobby and Alex left the interior of the club and stepped outside on deck. It’s the second dance floor, but only in summer, so they are alone now. “But it’s too cold.”

They stand at the railing and see the lights of Hoboken.

“Hold my tea a minute,” Bobby whispers, and passes Alex his mug. He slips out of his jacket and wraps Alex into it.

“No Bobby!”

“I’ll get us a blanket.”

“Thanks,” Alex says smiling, and snuggles deeper into the black fabric, still warm from the heat of Bobby’s body. Placing the mugs onto the railing, she rests her elbows next to them, nestles her chin in her palms.

Just a minute later, Bobby comes back outside. He grants himself the time to watch the delicate silhouette of his partner in front of the sparkling lights. With his eyes he follows her loosened hair strands waving in the wind. “What a wonderful night,” he says, and steps behind Alex. Turning her head, she faces him and gives him a stunning smile. Deliberately, he closes the red cover around Alex and himself, pressing his heated front against her lulling back.

“Thanks for showing me such an incredible place.”

“It’s my favourite Tango club. The music is always excellent and the owner, Senior Ramirez and his husband are wonderful people.”

“I like the idea of renting clothes. The idea is phenomenal. I’ve never seen that before.”

“You come aboard and can leave your problems behind for a while. I enjoy the private atmosphere.”

Alex closes her eyes and drifts away in Bobby’s strong and warm arms. Her head lies on his shoulder and she slowly covers his hands with her palms.

“You’re a wonderful partner, Alex, on the dance floor and at work…but you cheated,” he murmurs in her hair.


“You said you only knew the basics. Very funny!” he teases her.

“You’re a good teacher and you lead me quite well. I just had to follow where you pushed me.”

“Then follow me a last time. Give me one last dance, Alex.” Bobby moves her around.

“My pleasure,” Alex replies, catching Bobby’s eyes. She returns Bobby’s jacket and they stroll below deck again, holding hands.”

Arriving inside, their gazes fall upon a young couple. They dance very well, but haven’t changed into Tango clothes. Alex swallows the last of her tea and suddenly burst out laughing wildly. Matching her disco outfits, the young man and his girlfriend wear blue, red and green glowing phosphor sticks around their wrists.

To hide her amusement, Alex turns on her heels and nestles her face into Bobby’s chest, muffling a chuckle. She laughs until tears flow and her stomach hurts. Her laughing is infectious. Bobby giggles with her.

“Help me. It hurts,” Alex snorts with laughter. “I can’t stop it.”

“I can’t,” Bobby replies, and they both waver from the laughter before he manages to guide both of them in a darker corner where they fall onto a comfortable couch.

“Did you see that?” Alex snorts into the curve of Bobby’s neck. She is curled in his lap and his arms lay around her waist.

“Sure!” He starts stroking her back.

“Dear, what coincidence!” Alex giggles, and now she realizes her closeness to Bobby, their twisted bodies. Her laughing abates and she gets lost in his dark brown eyes and the soft contour of his full lips. Their two faces full of sensuality come closer, but as they share a breath, Bobby whispers shyly, “Shall we dance?”

Alex nods and breaks out of Bobby’s embrace. “Yes.”

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