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It takes two to Tango - Chapter 3

It takes two to tango

Chapter three: Glowing under blankets

Word count: 1996

Rating and warnings: M

Description: Continue of the dancing…horizontal

“And we can really keep your clothes on, Senor?”

“Yes, Alexandra it’s okay. I know you two had a long day and our changing rooms are taken right now. Just give Roberto the dress and shoes in the next couple of days. He will bring them back to us.”

“I told you, it’s no problem,” Bobby smiles with an ‘I told you so’-tone.

“All right. Thank you for a wonderful evening, Frederico. I’ll come back.”

“I can’t wait for that night, darling. Good night.”

“Good night,” Bobby and Alex reply in unison. They step on the pier into the cold, wrapped in their warm coats.

“He never offered me his first name,” Bobby leans close to her to whisper into her ear, his tone is astonished, if not a little jealous.

“We drank to close friendship as you were in the bathroom and Frederico seized the chance to dance with me.”

“Maybe I should dance with him, too.”

“I think when you do that he will allow you to do more than just call him by his first name.”

“He is happily married, Alex.” Bobby replies, his voice playfully serious. They both start to laugh and Alex links her arm under his as they follow 11th street.

“Taxi!” Bobby calls the first Yellow cab he sees. It stops with squealing tires. Bobby opens the rear door and puts the bag with Alex’s business clothes and shoes inside. “It’s yours. I will take the next.” Turning to the driver he says, “Drive the lady to Queens, Beach Crest 27.”

“Okay,” Alex answers and gets inside. As she looks up, her face is beaming with a smile. “It was a wonderful night, Bobby. I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun.”

Bobby bends down and breathes a slight peck on Alex’s cheek – feels her, smells her. His lips are very close the corner of her mouth. He can’t believe how his body reacts and barely manages to sound normal when he says. “I hope we will repeat that.” It was phenomenal to hold her close all night, but at the same time, it was an ordeal to do it and suppress all natural reactions. And now a simple kiss tips him over the edge and he is fully erect.

“Sure we will, Bobby. See you tomorrow...”

“…at work. Bye Alex and good night.” Bobby bangs the door and waves as the cap drives away. Then he turns around and is looking for a second taxi.

A honk startles Bobby out of his thoughts – of Alex and their night. He looks around and sees a Yellow cap approaching. The back seat door opens and Bobby recognizes Alex, who slides onto the other seat, making room for him.

“You forget something?” he asks nervously.

“Yes – you!” Alex replies, biting her lips in uncertainty, whereas her hands feign certainty and reach out for Bobby.

“What do you have in mind, Alex?”

“Do you really want to end the night this way?”

Bobby’s mouth runs dry. He doesn’t know what to answer, but gets inside the taxi.

“Greepoint, 210 Mather Street,” Alex says, and grasps Bobby’s hand even tighter.

Until the Williamsburg Bridge they share intense eye contact and holding hands with entangled fingers and circling thumbs on each other’s pulse point. Alex’s breathe gets shorter and Bobby can’t look somewhere else. He is mesmerized by her eyes.

Slowly their faces come closer and now no one can escape. Alex reaches for Bobby’s cheeks, covers them gently, then tenderly strokes her thumbs over his full and soft lips. Courageously she lays her lips on the other side of her thumbs.

They breathe the same air and as Alex removes her thumbs they share a first, inevitable innocent kiss, just a mere moment their lips touch, but it feels like eternity. They cock their head a bit and start to move their lips, sucking cautiously.

“Mather Street,” the cabbie says, and Alex and Bobby startle. They’ve lost the feeling of time and space.


With her lips on the brick of contact with the soft skin of Bobby’s throat, Alex feels his body heat. She doesn’t touch him. She only sniffs. Bobby leans against the door of his flat and Alex presses against him.

“I’m afraid,” he whispers, his fingers loosen her hair.

“Of what?”

“When I now start to kiss you…deeper…”

“…yes,” Alex groans

“Then I can only stop after I’ve kissed every inch of your body.”

“So, what are you afraid?” she asks with low voice.

“Then I would like you to touch my whole body with your mouth.” Behind his back Bobby fumbles with the lock.

“Oh Bobby, I will do that. I can’t think of anything else,” Alex murmurs sensually, and they fall into Bobby’s apartment.

“Dance with me again.”

“My pleasure!”

“Naked?” Bobby whispers in her ear, peels Alex out of her coat and opens the bow in the back of the dress that he’s tied only a few hours ago. He brushes his lips over her bare shoulders and nestles his face in the soft flesh of her neck. Alex shakes her feet and the red sandals fly away.

“You have to be naked, too, Bobby!” Alex replies pruriently, and while he is starting his hi-fi system, playing the record Members of Tango by Sexteto Mayor, she reaches around his chest, removing his coat and unbuttoning his purple dress shirt. The suspenders drooping at his sides and the shirt unbuttoned, Bobby turns to Alex, causing her to tremble. Bobby never looked sexier in her eyes. She dares to pull off the straps of her dress, which slowly glides down her silky skin. With only her petite panties left, she gets closer Bobby, kisses the thin skin of his throat. The view of Alex’s perfect body lets Bobby gasp for air. He surrounds her warm, naked frame with his arms and presses his nude belly against her little breasts – seeing this is incredible and feeling it is unbelievable. Slowly, he starts to dance to the music.

“My arms hurt,” Alex sighs shaking. With her body exposed, the perfect pressure of Bobby’s knee between her legs is too much for her. “Without the pumps you are even taller.”

“Then lay them around my neck. You should only moan because of lust not of pain.” Bobby whispers, and puts her arms gently over his shoulders. Himself he curls his arms around the small of Alex’s back, feeling her pulsating heart. “You’re so beautiful.” They just tiptoe to the slow music. It’s more like hugging and snuggling than dancing, but then Bobby’s favourite part of the song begins. He grins, and when the violins resound from the speakers, he turns Alex quickly around so her back is pressing against his front. Bobby does a last Tango step. He pushes one palm in the nape of Alex’s neck and bends her deep over his dining room table while his other hand surrounds her delicate body, pressing his frame even closer. With crossing arms around her breasts they both scream because of nearness and desire.

Bobby can’t hide it anymore. He is aroused and fully erect. Spinning Alex back around, he lifts her onto his hips and carries her to his armchair. While he places her carefully onto it, he removes her last garment.

Alex pulls at his dress shirt at the same time as she realizes what Bobby plans to do: He’s spreading her legs and laying them over the armrest; gliding his tongue from her lips, circling it around her sensitive breasts and moving it slowly to her belly. “Oh no Bobby, not there.” She takes his face in her palms, so he has to look in her eyes.

“Don’t be shy, Alex. You’re perfect and I must finally taste what I’ve been smelling for so long.” Bobby gets down on his knees and starts his ministrations of the woman he eagerly wants.

Bobby’s fuzzy-head lies between Alex’s legs for over thirty minutes and his big hands with his elegant and long fingers are all over her shivering body. Never before has Alex been spoilt so slowly, never before has she heard such a mix of sweet and dirty words. It is an endless licking and sucking. Alex comes quietly – as always. She can’t restrain her rocking hips. They do it by themselves. She is breathless and lies more on the chair than she sits.

“Bobby, now,” she moans calmly. There is no more reserve and Alex flies away.

“You looked so gorgeous during your climax,” Bobby murmurs in Alex’s ear and gets up off the ground. He wants to take her hand to guide her in his bedroom, but suddenly Alex’s legs reach around his hollow of the knees to hold him in that position – in front of her. Her fingers fiddle at his belt, then removes pants and boxers.

“Alex,” he gasps.

“Do you think I let you go without a response?” she says with low voice.

“You…you don’t have to…”

“I must taste what I’ve been smelling so long,” Alex says smiling, and gets closer. With her lips and her nose she runs slowly from Bobby’s chest to his bellybutton until his hardness, leaving a moist track behind. Carefully she places a soft kiss on Bobby’s quivering glans. With eyes big as eggs sunny side up Bobby watches how his sex glides slowly into Alex’s soft mouth.

“I…I’m in heaven,” he screams a little overwhelmed. Not in his wildest dream he think of his partner spoiling him that way – okay no, in his wildest dreams she did.

Alex is not greedy and monotonous like other women. She manages to surprise him every minute that he’s inside her. It’s mind-blowing. The warm and moist place with the sweet tongue turns him on as much as her deep and guttural groaning.

“Stop, Alex or I’ll explode,” Bobby babbles, and withdraws from her lips. He reaches for her hands and raises her up. “Let’s go to my bed.”

“’kay,” Alex licks her lips lasciviously, and Bobby guides her slowly through his hall to the room she never visited before. Carefully he places her in the middle of his king-size bed with the black sheets.

Bobby can’t take his eyes off of Alex. But before he will finally cross the last line, he opens the drawer of his nightstand and says, “I have condoms with strawberry and chocolate flavour.”

“Mmmh, yummy.”

“Black ones.”

“Fit perfectly to your bedcovers.”

“Extra moist.”

“Uhm…I...I think you made me wet.”

“And a few which glow in the dark,” Bobby says smirking.

“Really?” Alex laughs.

“Yeah, got them from Lewis for my 40th birthday.” Bobby shows Alex the little black box. “Which colour?”

“I…would prefer when we start with the blue one.” Alex bits her lips and reaches for it. “Please, turn off the light and show me what…what you can do with…with your phosphor stick, Bobby.” She lies down and awaits Bobby wishfully.


It dawns and Alex awakes, curled in Bobby’s lap with her head on his belly. Bobby’s neck rests against the bed-head. Smiling he looks down in Alex’s sleepy eyes. The night was phenomenal. They continued their horizontal dancing. They were as always the perfect team. Everybody paid attention to the need of the other.

“Can’t you sleep?” she asks yawing, stretching a little.

“I was afraid.”


“What when I fall asleep, wake up and everything…you and our night was just a dream, a wonderful dream?”

“It was reality, Bobby, everything,” Alex whispers, and nuzzles her face against his shoulder. “What a perfect night, Bobby, the dancing, the lovemaking. You were so gentle, all the time.” With her fingertips, Alex draws little circles on his chest.

“You deserve no less.”

“Come on, snuggle against me. I want to feel you, again. We have just two hours and then have to get up.”

“All right,” Bobby closes Alex in a tight embrace and allows his body to relax.

The end

Thanks for taking the time and reading: It takes two to tango

We'll read us again…Antje

Dedicated to Anna, she gave me the original line ‘I can't believe you touched that thing.’ and pushed me to get ready with that story.

A/N 1: In Berlin exists a lot of Tango Clubs. A few are on ships along the Spree (the biggest river in Berlin) and there you can dance all night long on deck under the stars. The thing with the clothes for rent is just my imagination. I have that fantasy a long time and here in that story I want to place it. I can’t dance Tango; therefore I describe that part in the story so minimalist.

A/N 2: I really wanted to do a friendship story but I needed a lot of time to fix everything. There passes too many nights with Alex and Bobby in my head and I couldn't resist.

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