havers (havers) wrote,


Experiment: done

Result: successful


Before I have to finish my diploma, I took a few days off and visited citjara  in Austria for six days. Yes, she really exsist and is no serial killer.

The welcome was warm and I could recover.

I think the geocaching world has a new member. We found fifteen caches…and keep silent about the ‘don’t founds’. geocaching

Beside climbing up and down on hills, we both talked about that one theme…Criminal Intent and HIM, Vincent D’Onofrio.

There were promises about accessories (bedtime sweets) in the bedroom before I traveled from Berlin but I always slept alone…what a pity. preparing for a visitor But the several CI marathons made my dreams sweet.

Thanks againcitjara  for inviting me to your family and giving me much moments of rest before the last month of my diploma wok will start now.

Tags: rest, traveling
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