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Toronto – New York City (Chapter One)

Thanks to Jammie for her correction…just three days and a concert between. You was such a big help my friend.

Name of the story: Toronto – New York City

Pairing: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren

Raiting and warnings: T to M/NC-17

Description: Alex and Bobby take the train from Toronto to New York after interviewing the hooker, Silvie Clark. During 1 x 19 Maledictus, Hints for a few episodes of season one, especially when sex was a part of them.

Disclaimer: I earn no money from this thing, nor do I profit in any other way from it. Involved persons are only borrowed and always go back to their owner.

Toronto – New York City

Chapter One: up or down?

Word count: 910

Description: A strike at the Toronto Pearson International Airport induces Bobby and Alex to take the train back to New York City.

08:29 p.m.

Gate 15

Union Station, Toronto

Tuesday, April 21st

„C’mon Eames, hurry up,” Bobby wheezes, and looks behind himself while running along the railroad station. Alex is just a few feet behind him, but her face is red and she has to catch her breath wildly.

“Look at your legs and then at mine, Goren,” she gasps, and flashes at his left side. “I can see our train. Only…a…few…steps…”

They both enter the last wagon as the train conductor wheezes and the ‘Night Liner Toronto – New York City’ leaves Toronto’s Union Station.

They need several minutes to breathe again regularly then they start to search for their cabin. Alex walks in front of Bobby, scans the numbers of the numerous cabins. They pass three non-subdivided passengers compartment, which are spilling over with other passengers.

As they arrive the restaurant car the train conductor crosses their way.

He looks into two red and sweaty faces and says smiling, “You’re looking for your compartment, ma’am, sir?”

“Yes, we booked cabin – eh’hem, Eames?”

“Three – Four.” Alex helps her partner.

“Only two wagons. I’ll escort you,” the young man says, and precedes them to their cabin.

On their way he asks, “Would you like dinner, later?”

Alex peers back at Bobby and he nods easily. It was not the plan to take the train back to New York, but a strike of the Toronto air traffic controller foiled their plans.

They came to Canada this forenoon and everything was okay at the Toronto Pearson International Airport. They arrived at the Canadian Feds in time and had the interview with Sylvie Clark, the hooker. As bonus Bobby found the information about Kenneth Strick’s mother and her suicide in 1974.

But on their way back to the airport, they heard of the strike and all international cancelling. At Pearson the next days only domestic flights will have a lift off. So they decided to drive to Union Station and to look for a ride by the train.

It was ten after eight as they reached the counter with the huge queue – twenty minutes before the next train toward New York City would leave the station. But they managed to snatch two tickets for the thirteen-hour ride in a double cabin. All single beds were away – the strike. Because the Major Case would buy everything Alex said yes to the expensive sleeping possibility and the seats with much legroom. With Robert Goren one and a half hour in an aircraft – Business Class is hard enough, but thirteen hours in a simple train seat must be the hell.

And now they are caged in the Night Liner with nothing besides their working equipment, no change of clothes and no food.

“A supper would be very welcome,” Alex says.

“We have a free table for two at nine thirty.” The train conductor looks on the clipboard he carries under his arm. “Should I make a reservation?”

“Please,” Bobby replies.

As they reached cabin Three – Four the man turns around and checks his two passengers one more time. “You have no baggage?”

“No we had other plans, but the strike, you know?”

“Okay, no problem then I’ll bring you a few toilet requisites,” he says, opens the door and he hands Bobby the keys. “Please settle in. I’ll be back in a few minutes,” he says, and leaves them alone.

Bobby and Alex step into the small but comfortable room. As Alex switches the light on they can see on the left side a second door – the door to the changing cubicle. On the right side are two big folding chairs. The two beds are still clicked on the wall. Behind the bathroom door is a folding table, also clipped on the wall.

“I think it’s okay for one night,” Bobby says, and hangs his long, black coat on a hook. He lays his folder on the chair beside the window and helps Alex with her coat.

“Thanks,” she says smiling, and puts her bag to Bobby’s folder. “And it should be okay; do you saw what I paid for it?”

“Yes, but the Major Case will reimburse. So what?”

They both giggle and turn around, as they hear a light knocking on the door.

“Come in,” Bobby calls, and the young train conductor stands in the door.

He passes Alex two toothbrushes, a comb and a few baby bottles with shower gel and shampoo. He opens a drawer and points at linen, blankets and pillows.

“For sleeping you just have to flap the both beds. Here, do you see the fasteners?”

“Well, I think we’ll manage it, thanks,” Alex says.

“Okay, than have a wonderful ride with Amtrak,” he says, and leaves them alone.

While Alex inspects the bathroom, Bobby swings out the table and lays their both bags on it. He lolls in the chair by the window and watches into the Canadian night.

“Each of us has two towels and there is really a shower in it,” Alex tells astonished. “But it could be a bit narrow for you.”

Bobby smiles toward her and frees from his jacket and tie.

“Do you wanna lie up or down?” she asks with pursing lips, and takes the second chair.

“I don’t know. What would you prefer?”

“Up,” she replies. It takes a few seconds ‘till she realizes how ambiguous this dialogue is and blushes.

But Bobby doesn’t get it. “Okay then you can sleep in the upper bed.”

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