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Toronto - New York City (Chapter Three)

Chapter Three: in paradise

Word count: 1755

Rating: M

Description: Bobby narrates a little story and Alex finds finally release.


“What?” Bobby sits up in bed again, his eyes wide open.

Alex turns on her back, opens her eyes again and stares at the ceiling. Talking about sex with Bobby was never difficult in their one and a half year partnership, but in private, they never talked about their own sex.

She sighs and bites her lips. “The last time it was tense, difficult…not that I got if often,” she laughs sadly. “But…but it…it was never again like the lovemaking I’d with Joe, you know?”

“Yeah, I understand.”

“Sometimes I ask myself why I can’t release with these guys. Why I can’t let go and you know, fly away.”

“You and Joe, I mean you loved each other and I experienced that this is important for sex. Not that I was often in love with a woman, but then, the nearness in bed was always deeper, more intensive.” Bobby hears a deep-drawn sigh. “Alex…” he says, and notes how good it sounds. He should do it more often. “I can help you to…to relax.”

“What?” she catches wildly for air. Bobby can hear a bit panic in Alex’s voice.

“No, no, not what you think. I…just listen to my voice and relax.”

Bobby has a little plan. He hopes Alex would follow him. What he now wants to try, he did often with his last girlfriend, Irene. He searches for his softest, smoothest voice and starts.

“Are you lying down?”

“Yes, on my back.”

“Good, very good. It’s comfortable for you?”

“Very, the mattress is perfect.”

“Close your eyes, Alex and breath deep in and out. Switch off your brain.”

“I…I’m a bit afraid. What’s your plan?”

“Nothing will happen to you. Just listen to my voice.”

“Okay, Bobby, I trust you.”

“Alex, let’s start our little travel.”


“You’re in paradise on a lone, white beach. The sea is blue and green and deep. The sounds of the waves reach your ears. You lay on your belly onto soft sand warmed from the sun. Your light bronzy skin is as warm as the sand. A light breeze brushes your body; the waves tickle your soles.”

“Can you smell the salt? Are you there, Alex?”

“Yes,” she breathes.

"You're relaxed. Your legs are spread slightly. You have nothing in mind. – I’m sitting next to you and look down your flawless, naked body.”

Bobby can hear how Alex’s breath quickens a bit.

“I dribble oil between your shoulder blades and start to massage your back. My long and gentle fingers wander from your nape over your shoulders to your small of the back and back again to your shoulders. Your skin is so soft, but what I have to see? A single drop of oil runs down your spine to your wonderful rounded, quivering butt. It slips between your cheeks and trails away down into your hot, thirsty core.”

By these words Alex groans lightly. She frees from her blanket because she feels hot and hotter. Bobby's words send heat rolling up and down her body.

“I want to get it back. My left hand follows the little drop and sinks deep into you. Two of my inquiring fingers where held by your wet and burning tightness. I thrust inside out and your body shows me that I find the right spot. A deep shiver runs down your whole limb, holds my fingers even stronger. You groan lightly and open warily your thighs. You enjoy my eyes on your trembling body.”

Bobby notes a light tremble in the upper bed.

“Your nipples get erected and drill nosily into the sand. The feeling of it is new but you love it.”

Alex feels how her nipples harden. This can’t be. She thinks. It’s just a story. - Oh god, I can really feel his fingers inside me.

“I want to taste you, drink you like a tropical fruit. I pull you up on your knees. My mouth comes closer and I lick your salty shell. My fingers thrust deeper and deeper into your burning valley and my willing tongue searches for your throbbing pearl. My lips begin to suck more firmly. You smell so intoxicating and you taste incredible. Mmmh, your hot liquid moistens my face but I can’t get enough of you.”

Bobby swings his legs quietly over the edge of his bed and stands up. He can see his shaking partner. Her head is pressed in the pillow and the eyes of her pretty face are closed. In her ear he whispers,

“You trundle even deeper against the stream of lust. You catch wildly for air and turn around. Your gaze shows me that you need me deep inside you. I place between your sharp legs and dive so deep into you – dive ‘till you’re filled completely.

Bobby can see that Alex is on the edge. She bites her lower lip and needs just a little bit more to explode. To help her, Bobby reaches for her right hand and starts to suck at the index finger. Between his teeth he murmurs,

“I thrust fiercely between your folds and my thick dick glides in and out of your petite body. We look into each other’s eyes and see the desire for one another. We both swim together toward the summit. You let go. You trust me and we are one being. I stroke along your pearl, suck your beautiful rosy tips and you get lost. I hold you tight as you start to fly away. While you’re still climaxing, I follow you and I pour deep inside you…oh Alex, please…please, cum for me.”

Alex’s orgasm hits her flatfooted. She spasms, her left hand pinches into the sheets and her feet clenched, her whole body rocks. Her head flies from the left side to the right.

She looks beautiful while climaxing and her surprised mine as she notes what happened is amazing. Bobby rests his eyes on Alex’s closed lids because he wants to see her first gaze. The space in his boxers got lesser with every new wave hitting her body. He is aroused only because seeing her, while leaving earth. He can’t believe it.

Biting her lips Alex dares to open her eyes. Bobby’s voice came closer while he told the story and she felt his hot breath against her ear. Then the sucking on her finger started and now she feels that he looks directly into her face.

Opening her lids she looks into two deep dark brown eyes clouded with desire. With trembling lips she asks, “What was this?”

“You can’t remember what this was?”

“It can’t be…it were just…just words,” she whispers.

Bobby smiles lovely.

“What do I owe you?”

“A kiss?” Bobby is brave, but there is only one chance. He comes closer, sweeps the sweaty bang out of Alex's face and cups her cheeks with his palms. Gently he lays his lips on Alex's and begins tenderly to suck on her bottom lip.

His legs tremble as her sweet little tongue licking over his upper lip sends fire directly to his cock. Their moving lips cause soft groaning from Alex's throat. As she opens her lips to allow Bobby's tongue entrance and an affectionate dance begins, both know that their relationship grows from a partnership to something more.

Bobby wraps his arms around Alex’s delicate body. He carries her together with her blanket and the pillow down and lays her carefully onto his bed, their tongues still swirling around the other one. He slips to Alex under her cover and pulls also his blanket over them.

They both want his nearness, need it so much. Bobby reaches with his hand under Alex’s top and lays it on her soft, flat belly. He doesn’t want to rush it. But Alex wants also to feel Bobby’s heat. She moves one hand to his back and feels for his strong muscles.

They need air again and so they indulge their tongues a little break. Resting her forehead on Bobby’s Alex smiles.

“Thank you.”

“No offence. Are you relaxed now?”

“Much, dear…” she sighs. “It wasn’t the first time you did something like this, was it?”

“No, not the first time but it was very nice to give you release and even nicer to watch you during it.”

“I didn’t look strange?”

“No…you looked so beautiful.”

Alex smiles and runs her thumb over Bobby’s upper lip. “Why did you correct your teeth? Don’t understand me wrong, your new smile is amazing, but with the little malposition, it was my ‘je ne sais quoi’ in your face. Now there’re only your soft lips” – she kisses them. “Your little nose” – she kisses it. “Your deep brown eyes” – she kisses his lids.

“I don’t know. Had a good bid from my dentist and I’d sometimes pains when something cold came against it.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Do you know how proud I am being your partner?” Bobby asks, and places carefully on Alex. Nibbling at her ear, he whispers, “As I sent you alone to Talbot wearing this sexy, red sleeveless top and watching him touching you. I…I thought I got insane. There I understood that I feel more for you as just for a partner. Reading the books from judge Sabatelli, in every sex scene, I saw you making love with me,” he admits his partner, and caressing her throat. “When I thought of sex in the last year, I thought of your eyes, your breasts, your tongue, your welcome.”

Alex heart melts by these words. “I have to confess that I’d problems with our partnership…in the beginning, Bobby. But I’m glad not giving up. And now I can’t think of anyone else as you by my side. I know I’m safe. You have my back…”

“And you have mine.”

“…you said the right thing about abortion and there are million other details you said or do. I enjoyed so much when you came closer me. When you touched me, my whole body trembled. And as this woman, this Martha Stewart double touched you, twiddled with your clothes last week; I wanted to scratch her eyes out. But seeing you blinking at me, I know deep down that she had no chance, never. Oh dear Bobby, what’s going on here?”

“I don’t know. Let’s look what’s coming next…” he whispers, and moves his palm a bit higher. As his hand cups the soft curves of Alex’s breasts, she arches into his touching. Pulling Bobby’s face closer, Alex shuts her lids and more wildly and fierce kissing begins.


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