havers (havers) wrote,

CI_fans_unite Drabble #4 (quench): caught in the subway

Title: caught in the subway

Characters: Alexandra Eames

Rating: T
Word Count: 102



What a hot day and inside the subway...horrible. I’m squeezed in the corner of the full wagon. My heavy bag constricts in my shoulder and the sweat runs down my naked back along the spine.

Next station, more people, more scramble. The guy behind me gets even closer. I can smell him...mhm, delicious, feel his body heat on my bare skin...please, cocoon me and satisfy all my needs.

Next station, right station. I can leave the underground. I turn around and look into a familiar face soaked with sweat.

“M...morning, Bobby,” I stammer surprised, and refuse to tolerate all my improper longings.


A/N: That happened to me today after work...okay not to 100% but I wore a new shirt with very deep neck line in the back. The guy behind be came closer and close and I could feel his heat. What a pity it was not Bobby.

Tags: ci_fans_unite, drabble, fanfiction
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