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Toronto – New York City (Chapter Four)

Chapter Four: looking for protection

Word count: 954

Rating: T

Description: Before they really starting, Alex and Bobby need something.


As Bobby’s tongue plays carefully with Alex’s swollen nipples and his hands wander determinedly toward her hip, Alex believes that she is ready for more – for the last step.

She spreads her thighs easily and purrs, “B…Bobby, not so fast. Do…do you have…have something for…for pro…protection?”

“Eh?” he smacks between his lips, what provokes goose bumps all over Alex’s skin because the vibration is a new, welcoming feeling.

“I…I trust you, b…but Bobby I’m not on the pill and my diaphragm is at home,” she pants. “We…we need protection.”

“Oh…okay.” He frees from her diamond hard tips and looks deeply into her eyes.

“Do you have something with you?”

Bobby bites his lips and tries to concentrate. The last minutes guided him into a paradise with sweet swirling tongues, creamy skin, soft mounds and hard peaks. With his hands he was on his way to a sultry delta that’s why he needed a few seconds to start his brain again.

“No, shit no. I’ve nothing with me. Not in my wildest dreams, did I think that you would say yes to me, join the Mile High Club or something equally smutty, and that we’ll spend a night together, never…sorry.”

“Not in your wallet…not one for just in case the chance…eh’hem…arose?”

He shakes his head and presses his face in the pillow. “Damn!” Bobby rolls on his side and pulls Alex’s shirt carefully over the swell of her breasts. If he sees them longer, he could not guarantee anything.

“Maybe we should ask the young couple two cabins away. They are on their honeymoon.”

“But if they have condoms with them? I don’t think so,” Bobby argues. “Okay I’ll get up and ask the train conductor.”


“Yes,” he murmurs in Alex’s ear and squeezes her right breasts gently. He climbs carefully over his partner and doesn’t forget to kiss her fiercer again. He pulls his coat over his tall body and slips into his shoes.

“With your naked legs you seem like an exhibitionist,” Alex chuckles.

“I’ll only get naked for you,” Bobby replies, and opens his coat again, under it only his tee and the boxers. “Don’t start without me,” he whispers, and blows Alex a kiss. He can’t take his eyes off of her. Her perfect tiny body wrapped into the fluffy, white covers let him get insane. “Although? Start alone and reserve me a seat in the front row. I’ll be back in a few minutes,” he says, and licks his lips. In the next moment he is out of the room.

Alex blinks a few times with her eyes and rubs her palms hardly over her face. What are we doing? Alex trembles because of desire and passion. It’s so wonderful with him. I never had thought that he could be so tenderly, so gently. He is so wonderful, he knows exactly what I really need and love.

Alex pulls her top over her head and throws it on the table. Slowly she removes from her soaked panties and places herself sensual onto the covers. She sits up a bit, waits impatiently for Bobby and gets more nervous with every passing minute. She looks down at her body and frowns her brow. She sees all her problem areas – the little difference between her breasts, the old scar on her knee, one day not shaved legs and armpits, but she thinks also of Bobby’s reactions as he saw and felt her. She blushes by the thoughts of Bobby’s greedy smacking as he sucked her tips and gently stroking of her skin. But her heart flutters more and more. Alex can’t cool down, her thoughts bring her back to her last night with a man and she starts to tremble.

00:21 p.m.

Night Liner Toronto – New York City

Wagon three

Wednesday, April 22sd

Bobby closes the door quietly behind him and then he is on his way to the restaurant card. After the dinner with Alex he saw still in this wagon a cabin door with the label STAFF on it.

As he passes the door with the newlyweds they met – they had the table next to Alex and him while diner – he can hear soft giggling and deep moaning. With a smile on his face he continues his walk.

Bobby is in luck, because the young man, who escorted them to their cabin, meets halfway.

“Hello, I…I have a problem.”

“How can I help you, sir?”

“My…my wife and I…we…are in one of your double cabins of the third wagon.”

“Yes sir, I remember you.”

“We had not planed a train ride home and so…so we thought that we would be at home tonight.”


“Now after testing your very comfortable beds…we…we decided to…to spend the night together in one bed, but…but we forgot something for…for, you know…for our safety,” Bobby stammers with beet red face.

“Oh…oooh, no problem sir,” the man understands, and tries everything to be professional. But the tall passenger with the black coat and the naked calves makes it very difficult for him. “Come with me and I can give you something.”

They both go back toward wagon three. Between the fourth and third wagon the train conductor opens a door with the label SUPPLY ROOM. Between toothbrushes and towels lay small white boxes. He takes two and hands them Bobby.

"Thank you. What do I owe you?"

"Nothing, it belongs to our service to make our passengers as happy as possible. I wish you and your…your wife a wonderful night," he says, and locks the door again.

"Good night," Bobby replies, and escapes with big steps.

"Of course his wife, he called her Eames," the young man murmurs smirking to himself, and goes back to work.


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