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Toronto – New York City (Chapter Five)

Chapter Five: perfection

Word count: 1393

Rating: M

Description: They celebrate the oldest togetherness on earth but for both together is it mind blowing new.


00:32 p.m.

Night Liner Toronto – New York City

Cabin Three – Four

Wednesday, April 22sd

Bobby is back again in the cabin. He locks the door and rests then his gaze on Alex’s slim and bare silhouette.

“Oh my god, you’re a goddess,” he whispers, and frees himself from his coat. He pulls his shirt over his head and is out of his boxers in the next seconds. His erection didn’t desert him all the time, but now while watching Alex; it gets a new impulse of hardness.

With caution he steps closer and gets on his knees. Bobby reaches for Alex’s hand and kisses her palm and pulse point affectionately. He notes the heavy frequency of her blood and gets even closer. Slowly he crawls to his partner and covers both with the blankets.

“He gave me four condoms, so we could have fun ‘till we’re in New York,” Bobby murmurs in Alex’s ear, pressing his lips on the soft spot under it and wanders with his mouth to her collarbones. “Your body is so hot.” But he notes that Alex’s body becomes stiff. “Alex what’s going on with you? Why you don’t answer me? Did…did you change your mind? S…should I stand up and sleep in the other bed?” he asks anxiously, and hears Alex's heavy breathing.

"You said that your last romantic nights were not so nice. Did…did he hurt you?" Bobby hears another sharp breath as an answer to his question.

"It was not his fault," Alex sobs.

"But when he noted that it was not pleasant for you...unbelievable," he clenches his fists. "Just because we have protection, doesn’t mean that we have to have sex. We’re just primed. Alex, we’ll only do what we both want to do,” Bobby says, and gets on his side to stroke Alex’s face, whipping the hot tears away.

“With you, I…I don’t want that it to hurt.”

“I…I would never do something that would hurt you. I…I thought that your body was ready for me be…before I left you.”

“I was…shit…I am. Dear, I let you go on a mission to find protection and now I cop out.”

"Everything is okay and you should have seen the face of the train conductor as I asked for the condoms. He had a lot of fun while I stammered like a schoolgirl," Bobby jokes to relax Alex.

She sighs relieved. “It’s so comfortable here, so different, a real adventure and it would be a crazy story we could narrate our children one day."

"Our children?" Bobby asks astonished, and massages carefully Alex’s right breasts with the still hard tip. "Do you want another steamy story to feel even more comfortable?"

"No Bobby, I want you." The feeling of his warm and big hand on her bare skin and his soft voice brings back naughty thoughts and prickle in her abdomen.

"Really?" he asks, and wanders with his hand deeper toward the unexplored regions of her body. Between Alex's legs is so much readiness that Bobby is still overwhelmed.

"Oh Alex, you're so soaked. You feel so good, like velvet,” he gasps into her ears. “Your body is prepared, says your mind also yes tonight?"

"Yes, I need you Bobby. It should happen, please let it happen."

"Mmmh, oh yeah, but please let me taste you first."

"Oh..." she repeats, and feels first easy contractions. “I belong to you. Do what you want. I know it will be perfect."

"Alex, I own you and will do what you deserve and this is first my tongue against your clit," he breathes huskily, and sees Alex's twisting eyes. She is on the edge again only because of his words. "I feel so masculine, because you came during my dirty talk."

Alex bites her lips. "Bobby, you're unbelievable. Your smooth voice gets insanely."

"I love sucking your nipples. Do...do you love it, too?" Bobby gets only clenched teeth as answer.

"And now Alex, I say hello to your vagina. I think she waits for me. What do you think?" Her hips rock vehemently in response.

"Fuck me, Goren, fuck me now."

"What, first so shy and now? What a naughty girl," he blows over Alex's labia and clit, which are full of blood, the rocking of her butt and hips increase. Her opening is very wet and the milky nectar moistened the insides of her thighs. They are the first point of reference for Bobby. He presses his lips against them, his face captives in wetness, Alex's odour and shaking muscles.

Then Bobby finally meets with the most holy part of Alex’s body. She screams so freely and surprised. Bobby never heard such a response of his ministrations. His dick was hard the whole time like never before, but this begging and thanking make him nearly burst.

Alex is over the edge in the next moment; Bobby couldn't even start his full program of licking, sucking and nibbling.

He waits a few minutes to speak again with her. "How do you want me, Alex?”

"What?" she asks puzzled back on earth.

"Or first time?"

“Uhm...deep, Bobby deep inside me.” She winks toward him with a prurient smile, all reservation and shyness is evaporated. Bobby let her cum twice this night only with his mouth, first time just by his sensual voice and now with the softest lips on earth. He saw her, smelled her and tasted her while climaxing, now she wants to give this pleasure back.

“Rear entry,” she pants hornily, and turns around, gives him a last lovely smile and lays comfortable on her belly, her butt craned into the air. Carefully Bobby places a pillow under Alex’s tummy and spreads her legs. Kneeling between them, his head only a few inches under the ceiling of the second bed, Bobby can't believe his luck. He reaches for the protection and pulls it quickly over. “Dear, my wildest and wettest dreams come true,” Bobby gasps nearly going mad.

“Use me, take me, do everything you wanna do to me,” she murmurs into the second pillow, swinging her ass lustful.

“Jeez Alex, if you do that again, you’ll let me come before we really start.”

“What, this?” She rotates her pelvis again.

“Arrr, do you know how long your ass made me mad?” Bobby asks, and a deep snarl escapes his throat.

“I love how you covered it, with all those narrow Jeans you wore, but naked…oh dear…” He reaches for Alex’s hips and strokes over the soft and firm flesh. While spreading her cheeks with his hands, he rubs his cock gently along her entrance to his heaven. And then he glides carefully inside her - glides until he is complete inside her burning tightness. His palms around her waist they stay several minutes just in this position. The rhythmical swinging of the train helps them to get familiar with size and fitting.

They both groan and gasp, the pleasure is so intense and the pressure is so overbearing. They celebrate the oldest togetherness on earth but for both together is it mind blowing new.

Oh my god, I’m really in paradise. Now I can die happily. “This is the welcoming I dreamed a whole year of, Alex. Wha…what do you feel?” he asks pressed, and starts to move slightly inside out.

“Perfection! I…I’m so full of you and…and Bobby, please repeat this.”

“Alex, you’re the one…the one and only for me. For such a long time I yearn for you,” he cries, and thrust a bit fiercely. The feelings of the hot walls around his shaft overpower him.

“Gosh, this is new…better. Please press again there.”


“Ahhh Bobby, I cum again, but this should be your round.”

“Ne…never mind, let’s do it together.” He holds her even tighter and feels the beginning of the contractions of her inner muscles around his vibrating cock and lets go. All his concentrations are gone, now he just feels and enjoys the hot and soaked body of his partner, the sucking of her sex on his dick, the smacking noises and their nearness. Never again was he closer to a woman. He feels all her love while she dedicating herself completely to him.

Collapsing over her sweaty body, he murmurs new love declaration into her ear. Words he never said to a woman, words he didn’t know he had inside.


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