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Toronto - New York City (Chapter Six)

Chapter Six: coming home

Word count: 1609

Rating: T

Description: Bobby and Alex waking up and have just a few hours until they arrive NYC.

“C’mon, Bobby, let’s also test the upper bed,” Alex giggles cheerfully, and climbs up.

“Oh Alex, you make me mad,” he protests playfully, and follows her under the ceiling of their cabin.

“Don’t say you don’t like it,” she teases him, and falls down on her back.

“You make me crazy, but I love it…love you.” Bobby crawls to his partner and hovers his limb over hers.

“Oh Bobby, everything is so new with you, but also familiar,” she says, and welcomes his tongue deep inside her mouth. “I like what you did with your fingertips while loving me on top of me.”

“Do you mean that with thrilling combination of pain and desire?” Biting very carefully one of her nipples, pinching a bit harder the other one.

“Yoahhh!” Alex gives up.

“Do you want me to repeat that?”

“Oh please…I’m wax under your palms.”

07:01 p.m.

Night Liner Toronto – New York City

Cabin Three – Four

Wednesday, April 22sd

Alex awakes with her head nestled in the curve of Bobby’s neck and her legs tangled with his. Slowly she breathes in and out looks up into Bobby’s sleeping face. He looks so innocent, young and relaxed. This is what she really missed since Joe’s death, a common waking up, nearness and two twisted bodies after a night with wonderful, liberating and dirty sex. Carefully she traces the line of his lips, which makes him purse them together.

Slowly Bobby awakes out of a very smutty dream, where Alex and he did ineffable things. It was no dream, it was reality. Flushes his mind.

“Mhm…morning Alex…” he purrs, and blinks with his eyes. “What time is it?”

Alex gets up a bit and angels for her phone to look on the display. Her breasts brush Bobby’s belly what effects an easy groaning from him. “Seven.”

“Good, so we can still snuggle a bit.”

“You did this on purpose.”

“Oh yes, I did.” Bobby wraps his arms around Alex’s body and pulled her closer. “And don’t tell me, they didn’t erect while rubbing along my tummy. I can feel them and all the rest of your bare grrrr-ness. Oh dear, I’m really next to a naked Alex Eames and also a nudibum. I’m in heaven.” he babbles, and babbles.

Alex chuckles, but confesses, “Last night was…different as every night before and Bobby, I want to do it again and again and again…”

“I’ll do my best to make you happy and satisfied,” he whispers dirtily.

“Did we really use all four?” Alex bites her lips, and runs her fingers up and down Bobby’s new erecting cock. Her hand doesn’t surround completely so enormous is his manhood.

“Yes…oh holy shit this is good, you’re phenomenal…but yes, we used them all. Please Alex, stop that,” Bobby presses between his teeth, and reaching for Alex’s wrist not to lose control. “You can’t imagine what I dreamed last night,” he tries to divert her.

Alex takes her fingers away, “We have all time in the world but you feel so good below me, very good. I can’t take my hands off of you,” she says, and kisses Bobby’s chest. “What did you dream?” she giggles.

“Oh you really wanna know?”

“Of course, when you blush so much, it was not G-rated and you know how much I go off…eh’hem love stories about sex,” Alex says, and licks her upper lip while the word love.

“Oh-ho, yes I saw how much you loved it,” Bobby says, and rolls around, buries Alex under himself. “You and I here in this little cabin.”

“Okay, I can follow you.”

“You were naked.” He begins to play with Alex's breasts – she deserves a little punishment.

“What else?” She tries to be cool, but fails by Bobby’s elegant, long fingers running along the soft curves of her breasts.

“You sit in the upper bed, your legs dangled over the edge of the bed.”


“Yes, I pulled you even a bit closer the edge, so your wonderful, sweet, little ass was only half on the bed.” Rolling her nipples between his thumb and finger.

“But this is dangerous. When the train stops abruptly I could fall dooown,” she moans helplessly.

“But I told you that I was there, too. I placed the hollows of your knees on my shoulders, held you safe and had the best view of my life. You can’t imagine how long I spoiled you. I must have everything from you. Mmmh, you were so delicious.”

“Sounds really good, your dream.”

“Oh yes and after the oral part, I had you in every imaginable position in the lower bed and here in the upper,” he says so seriously that Alex chuckles.

“So you reflected what we did last night.”


“Is there a club for having sex in a train, too?”

“I don’t know, maybe? You should google it.”

“Do you know how much I would love a shower with you, now after our first night?”

“You won’t get me into this torture chamber again.” Bobby stops caressing Alex's petite body. “Here, can you see all these marks?”

Alex giggles but kisses all the blue and black regions of Bobby’s skin. “Better?”

“Much…Oh Alex, I want to play hooky from work today. Let us just drive home and test if our own beds are as comfortable as the train beds.”

“But what is with the case?”

“Well,…” he says moony. All his thoughts are by his big king size bed and his naked senior partner in the middle of it.

“What if everyone drives home – alone to his own home?” Bobby snarls disappointed, but Alex continues. “Changes his clothes and we’ll meet for lunch in the city and then visit the evidence vault. After this we can check shortly the office. Do a bit paperwork for good will and the captain and then we called it a night, because the train ride was such an impertinence. ~I got so less sleep, Captain. You can’t imagine how loud Goren snarls.~” Alex pipes what turns in a scream because Bobby starts to tickle her.

“I don’t snarl, Eames,” he laughs, and straddles her, doesn’t let her escape, his fingers on a mission of Alex’s most sensitive parts of her body. Her ribs are his favourite place followed by her sides and her throat.

“You were the one, who didn’t let me sleep. You wanted it again and again. Dear Alex, I’m desiccated totally,” he teases her further.

“But…you…could…do…it…again…and…again. You…should…be…thankful,” she pants, what provokes even more tickling attacks.

She wants to scream for help, but Bobby’s lips press on hers muffles everything.

Before he chokes Alex, Bobby gets up and heads into the bathroom. After getting fresh, he places in the middle of the room and gets dressed; watch very close by Alex, who is still lolling between the blankets.

“Mmmh, I hope you’ll repeat this later in cross direction,” she says sensual.

“You can count on me.”

“Wonderful,” Alex says, and sits up, her legs dangling over the edge.

“Help me,” she pleads carnally, and splays her arms and also a bit her legs. Bobby comes closer and presses his body between hers. He takes her in his arms and holds her firmly before he sets her on the floor.

“You don’t make it easy for me, not to be all over you,” he says, as Alex rubs her perky areolas up and down his shirt. “I weaken, honey.”

“Oh no, you’re a liar, Bobby. I can feel no weakness here; only a hard, giant and thick di…” But she can’t end her sentence, because Bobby’s sweet tongue slips again between her soft lips.

After more deep and mind-blowing kisses Alex parts from Bobby and steps into the bathroom. She washes the last sleep out of her eyes. As she is back in the cabin, Bobby is dressed completely, but not really cooled down.

“I know it’s unusual, but Alex would you allow me to dress you? Yesterday I saw your bra and I just want to feel the combination of the soft material and your delicate skin.”

“With pleasure.” Alex places in the middle of the room and lifts her feet so Bobby can pull her panties from her feet over her behind. It needs several minutes because with every further inch along her legs, she gets a kiss somewhere on her smooth skin. After closing the bra, Bobby strokes and touches several further minutes Alex’s breasts, shoulders and back.

“Oh, better as I thought, but not as good as pure skin,” he groans, and opens the bra again to suck her breasts firmly.

He needs over forty-five minutes to dress Alex completely. Bobby dresses and undresses her numerous times. His fingertips and lips running along every inch of skin and fabric to become really acquainted with every detail.


“Bobby, the Hudson, shit, we’re in New York. Just two minutes to Penn Station. Where are my shoes?”

09:49 p.m.

Coffee Shop

Penn Station, New York City

Wednesday, April 22sd

We see Alex and Bobby sitting at a secluded table and enjoy muffins and hot chocolate for breakfast. They both looked like two newlyweds, holing hands, feeding and looking each other deeply into the eyes. There are little kisses every half minute and long kisses every five.

Bobby stands up and helps Alex in her coat. They amble out of the coffee shop, arm in arm, into the big entrance hall, they embrace firmly the other one a last time, shares a long and intense French kiss and hasten in different directions away, but not sad because they know that they’ll meet again in a few moments.

The End

Thanks for taking the time and reading: Toronto – New York City

We'll read us again…Antje


While writing it, I thought a lot of my night train ride in a sleeping cabin from Berlin to Praha/Prague, as I was a little girl. My family had a lot of fun, during our travel. I checked a lot of pictures of sleeper cabins, but always found the bunk bed variation.

A train rides every day from Toronto to New York City. I just changed the time at twelve hours, exactly. I don’t know if you can book a sleeping possibility. (Toronto, ON, 8:30 am; New York, NY-Penn Station 9:35 pm)

Silvie Clark and her friend never took a DVD of her S and M session with Kenneth Strick, this was my writer’s adding.

The part as Bobby let Alex relax the first time (the story about the oil drop) is adapted from Just4Women, Frauenabend, Die Erotische Hörspiel-Serie, 2005.


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