havers (havers) wrote,

Sauna - Part 5 + 6 (subtle)

Title: sauna part 5 and 6
Challenge: subtle
Characters: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren
Rating: T
Word Count: 99 and 99

Part 5/Bobby POV

The subtle perfume what effuses her delicate and naked body, the thin film of sweat over her soft skin, the over 80°C and that narrow room – everything overturn me together.

I get up, my little towel slips away – we are on a par.

I lock the door - we’re saved.

Turning around and switching off the light – only the red glowing of the hot stones illuminates us. Her silhouette melts with my process of pouring water over the rocks. I note her sensual upward glace and hold my breath. I react – grow bigger. I can’t hide it any longer.

Part 6/Alex POV

He’s big - everywhere. He comes closer and I present myself tantalizingly – forearm holds the upper part of my body, one leg bend the other stretched, throwing back my head.

Nose on nose, his eyes are so wide and wild. We breathe the same air. He gets deeper, his sweet tip of the tongue again. It glides subtle between my breasts ‘till my navel filled with sweat. Circling around he dives into the little lake.

It feels so good.

Deeper, dear he still runs deeper toward the second tarn. What will his smacking tongue taste there? Not only sweat.
Tags: ci_fans_unite, drabble, fanfiction, sauna
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