havers (havers) wrote,

Sauna - Part 11 + 12 (trust)

Title: sauna part 11 and 12
Challenge: trust
Characters: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren/Danny Ross/Jimmy Deakins
Rating: T
Word Count: 102 and 103

Part 11/Bobby POV

I nod and gawp at Alex. She slips under one of the four showers, smirking. She sees my thrilled face from observing her body and throws her towel in my face.

Steam fumes as the cold water hit her hot skin. I nearly burst of desire.

Ross caught us. I couldn’t understand why she is so relaxed and why he came back. He wished me a nice week-end. He wanna go.

But why I think of our boss? There stands Alex – naked before me, rubbing her swelling curves.

“What should we say to him?”

“I have a plan,” Alex replies. “Trust me.”

Part 12/Danny POV

I hadn’t come back. Dear it was just a nearly empty shampoo-bottle, shit. And what now? In thirty minutes I should meet Liz.

Plan: just a few words about privacy and public...and?

I need help. Where I put his number? Oh here...


“Hey James, Danny is calling,”

“Hey Captain...”

“I trust you...”


“You told me there are no fraternisations in your unit.”

“Right, there were no...”

“But before five minutes, I napped...”


“Our best team...I can’t separate them. They are too good together.”

“And not only while work!?” Jimmy replies, and laughs. “That’s now your prob. I’m out since months.”
Tags: ci_fans_unite, drabble, fanfiction, sauna
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