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Lost Place

I don’t know if you know, but my hobby beside Criminal Intent is Geocaching. Yes, I have a few other interests. Today my mom and me found eight hidden treasures in the East of Berlin. We tried ten, so we found 80%...that is good.

Caching is a modern (GPS supported) form of paper chase.

Today we visited an old house, a real ruin, a so called Lost Place. We were in Villa Breest, built 1898, burned down 1999. We like these places very much. They are very rare, but for a modern city, Berlin had still a few of these interesting areas.

We were one day in an old and very long and very dark shooting bunker (okay, I was alone, my mom has fears of total darkness, so me and a little flashlight and 50 m straight ahead --> fun!), we visited two lost Soviet hospitals (the one in KW, we must search the OP, the big lights was yet there), walked a few miles over derelict tracks, were in fabric buildings and a nursery with huge boilers. And like today in dwellings. I love old buildings and seeing still wallpapers and tilting on the walls and with the knowing that there lived people once…

Yes, Geocaching is much fun but these places made that hobby really exciting. I always wanted to visit places not everybody knows they exsist, playing on a big adventure playground and that hobby made it possible. I don’t know what will happen, when one day the police or an owner will see us doing that but until now we were always alone.

The good thing in that hobby, you can, but you don’t have to when you think it’s too dangerous. You should wear always well and closes shoes. Have a mobile phone with you, to call for help, when something happened. (Okay, the explanation for the doctor would be a bit strange…please come to N52° 28.457 and E13° 15.879). Look always where you put your feet. Look at the ground for big and small holes; look at the ceiling for hanging girder.

So take a look at our hunt of today:

Welcome home…the main entrance was totally destroyed, so we had to use the basement door.

The staircase was the only intact part of the house.
Here the entry:

First floor:

Second floor.

Here must be the Cache…somewhere:

But we had a hint. Found the little box in the door:

The weather was nice, so a jump in the pool after our success? No, no more water inside. What a pitty.

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