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CI_fans_unite Drabble #5 (250-word character sketch): Touch

Title: Touch
Prompt: 250-word character sketch
Characters: Robert Goren
Rating: T
Word Count: 250 (exactly, I can’t believe it)
A/N: Why doesn’t Bobby touch Alex? In eight years ten times? I heard of a theory: when they would, they couldn’t stop.

Touch: arms, shoulders, hands and back.

Why it’s so easy to be close to Bishop, Lynn?

Because I don’t feel anything when we are together? That sounds rude, but she is just my...my partner.

And what is Alex for me? In my head: Alex not Eames...always Alex...but when I open my mouth: Eames slips out before I can swap it with...mmmh...Alex, a dream of sweet and creamy.

She is my partner! But I touched Lynn the last month equally often like Alex the whole last year. And when I do it...thunderbolt. It started at my fingers, prickled over the palms, along my arms, to my heart and belly...and groin.

The last time was different. Alex stopped the SUV at the gutter, so hard I flew in the seatbelt. She jumped out of the car, supported at the gravity smeared wall and regorged her sparse breakfast.

I followed her worried, held her hair, stroked her belly...with life inside. With reddened eyes she admitted her pregnancy.

Yesterday, she lulled in her chair, bare feet hands on her swollen tummy. Her eyes excited. ‘Dou you wanna feel him, Bobby? He kicked me,’ she laughed.

When I would give in, touch her...finally. My hands would move self-determined: over her body, under her clothes. I would stroke her, everywhere. I would make love with her, instantly. On our desks: gently, passionate, liberating...under the eyes of everybody: captain, colleagues, clerk.

It’s so hard not to touch her, but even harder to do it and keep quiet.
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