havers (havers) wrote,

Sauna - Part 13 (glass slippers)

Title: sauna part 13
Challenge: glass slippers
Characters: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren/Danny Ross
Rating: K+
Word Count: 102
That challenge was very hard to combine with my little sauna story, but I get it anyhow. It’s the last chapter.

Part 13/Danny POV

There they come, like lambs to the slaughter. Their gazes show guilt…good!

He opens the door, but let her inside first. No body contact as they slip inside…interesting.

She tries to open her mouth to say something, a kludgy excuse.

“No, please Detective…don’t! Do you think I still believe in fairytales, big bad wolfs, glass slippers and nasty stepmothers? I saw what I saw and…”

“Here you’re at work. I don’t want to catch you again. What you’ll do at home is your business…and now go.”

They turn astonished around, their fingers on the way to each other.

“No body-contact in OnePP!”

The End
Tags: drabble, fanfiction, law & order 100, sauna
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