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Staten Island

The 16. International Filmestival Oldenburg (16.-20. Sep.) will show Staten Island.

Just take a look at a sampling of the U.S. contingent heading to Oldenburg from Sept. 16-20: "Stay Cool," a semi-tribute to the teen films of the late John Hughes by indie directing duo Michael and Mark Polish; Noah Buschel's comedic mystery "The Missing Person," starring Michael Shannon as a P.I. hired to track down a man gone missing after Sept. 11; "Staten Island," a gangster tale from director James DeMonaco set in the New York borough and starring Ethan Hawke, Vincent D'Onofrio and Seymour Cassel; Buddy Giovinazzo's inner-city drug drama "Life is Hot in Crack Town" and Judith Krant's "Made in China" about an inventor of joke novelties who tries his luck in Shanghai.

Quelle: Artikel

The exact repertoire will be up in early September.

Berlin - Oldenburg, not that far away and Vincent is it worth. I'll see if I can do that trip.
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