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Nothing is Real - taking a shower (1)

Danie you also checked that first chapter and even helped me with the rest of that story. I thank you so much. I can rely on you; if I send new stuff to you it’ll come back to me in a few days. I appreciate your kind words to this little story very much.

Name of the story: Nothing is Real

Pairing: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren (plus Danny Ross, Megan Wheeler and Mike Logan)

Rating and warnings: T to M

Description: First a shower for Alex, then a few thought of Bobby, one hour in a dark and dirty hotel room, a hospitalization and at least...?

A/N: 'Taking a shower' was a one shot I wrote between 2008 and 2009 and after publishing that story I had a few ideas for a sequel. I wrote it very quickly still in January but until now I needed to fix everything. So here is the end.

Disclaimer: I earn no money from this thing, nor do I profit in any other way from it. Involved persons are only borrowed and always go back to their owner.

Nothing is Real

Chapter One:
Taking a shower
Word count: 1997
Rating and warnings: Rating T, but if you think naked people are too much for underage, read it with M eyes.
Description: Title names the content. Alex POV.

„Should I scrub your back…?” I heard behind me. Bobby’s soft voice brushed my ear. Slowly I turned around and saw my partner, naked, damp and in the showers of the women’s locker room of the Major Case Squad.

It had been a long day. We’d had a lot to do, outside with temperatures under the freezing point. I had wanted only to get warm again; therefore I’d decided to take a hot shower before driving home.

I had stood not less than five minutes under the hard jet of water as I had heard the door to the locker room. Okay, another gal for the shower, I’d thought. Actually, I had wanted to be alone, but…so what…

It was dark in the shower. I had left the light off, had wanted just to relax as I had entered the little room with the four showers. I’d taken the last one on the left side, had turned on the water…hot, very hot. The only illumination came from the roof light, but I knew that he could see me…all of me…like he never had before in our partnership. Bobby’s gaze roamed over my whole body and I did the same.

Damn, I had to close my eyes, just for a brief moment or I would do or say something I could regret. He looked unbelievable hot and sexy. I knew he was tall, but, me naked, just one meter away from him…I felt so tiny. But it wasn’t a bad feeling, I felt nevertheless strong - on a par.

First I wanted to scream ‘Get Out!’ but I heard myself saying, “Yes please…” swivelling my hips I turned around, facing toward the wall with the little, yellow tiles, passing Bobby the sponge and shower gel.

He stepped closer and I could feel his gorgeous fingers, which brushing my hair over my shoulders. Felt them still on my bare skin as they were even away.

The sponge stroked my neck, ran between my shoulder blades, along my spine down to the small of my back. Bobby stopped before my behind started, just a few inches but he stopped. He came back to my nape, ran the sponge over my arms and soaped me.

I supported myself by pressing my hands against the cold wall. As he reached with his left arm under my armpit, slightly touching my breast with his forearm, on the way to the shampoo of course, I swore my heart stopped beating.

“Lean a bit back, Alex.” was what helped me to come back and not die of a heart attack. Hearing my name out of his lips turned me on the same way our skin contact effected me.

I opened my eyes again, extruded my back. I felt Bobby’s athletic chest against my shoulders, his enormous erection against my butt.

I gasped for breath, but Bobby’s low voice calmed me down. “You’re the most erotic woman in the world, Alex. You’re so beautiful. Every man would react like me, if he has this pleasure and I’m so happy to be so close to you.”

I laid my head on his shoulders and he began to massage my scalp. He carefully washed my hair and rinsed all the foam away.

“I hope everything is fine?”

“P…per…perfect,” I stuttered.

“I’ve never done it before…washing someone…a woman…a goddess.”

“You’re doing a good job,” I replied huskily, nervously and closed my eyes again. The massage was phenomenal.

Bobby didn’t forget my neck, my nape. I felt his fingertips kneading my ear lobes, driving along my jaw line. He circled lengthwise my temples, my cheeks rested in his palms as his fingers pressed my zygomatics. I lifted my lids as this thumb stroked my lips, traced my contours. I looked so deep in those dark brown eyes, trailed away into them.

“Your front is the next,” he whispered after a while, and my whole body shivered with desire. I hesitated for a moment, but turned around for the second time and looked up into his deep brown, twinkling eyes, saw his pursing lips, single water drops dripping down from his nose.

He had the sponge in his left hand, the shower gel in his right. He squeezed some drops of the blue washing gel on it and touched my throat and collarbones with it, our eyes contact never broke.

He was careful, trying not to touch my skin with his hand. I felt the rough surface of the sponge at the slope between my breasts, on the other side the leather felt like silk on my hide. Then Bobby circled with the washing object around my breasts, caressed my now completely erected tips.

The sensation was more than I could stand. I moved back a bit and pressed my back against the cold wall, broke the eye sex with this man, Robert Goren, my partner and closed my lids.

I heard myself moaning, there were millions of butterflies in my stomach and I thought, How are my legs holding me? They trembled like hell.

The sponge dove deeper, followed my curves and glided over my ribs. It stroked along my tummy and tickled my sides. I felt it for a second over my triangle, “Dear!” I panted, before Bobby crouched down before me and drove over my right leg. He set my foot on his thigh to reach really every part of the legs. He soaped my toes, my ankles, my calves, washed along the hollow of my knees, the insides of my thighs. His face pressing into my belly, Bobby caressed my bottom and my back again.

I never had felt so clean and dirty in the same moment. I opened my eyes again and fixed on Bobby’s head; his face still nestled into my tummy. I took my hands and ran my fingers through his strong, dark hair, whispered, “Bobby…”

He looked up and got back on his feet. “Do you feel warm again?”

“Hot…definitely hot,” I gasped.

“Will you now wash me?” he asked, and handed me the sponge.

I nodded easily and we changed the positions. Bobby placed directly under the water jet and I stepped behind his back. More and more steam filled the little room, bubbles flew through the moist air and our body contours got smoother.

Hot rills ran down his torso. I scrubbed Bobby’s back; massaged his shoulders and the muscles of his upper arms. Cowered down behind him and cleaned his long sharp legs. I heard him groaning as I stroked his firm behind.

To wash his belly, I didn’t go around him, I pressed my body against his back, tortured him with my perky nipples, which lusted after the contact with Bobby’s skin. We both cried quietly as we met.

I drove the sponge over Bobby’s chest, teased his teats and stroked his belly, while my lips nibbled at his nape. I tried to take his earlobe in my mouth, but I was too small. It didn’t help to get up on my toes. This only brought our bodies even closer, pressed my breasts, my tummy harder against his back. It wasn’t a washing act; no, I had to be honest to myself, it was a foreplay, we had sex in the Major Case, without having sex.

I thought, only one more touch and I would loose my mind totally, and start to beg.

Sighing contentedly, Bobby loosened my arms from his chest, moved me around and pressed me against the hard wall. He held my wrists over my head, fixed me just with his right hand and came closer and closer ‘till I was wrapped into him, felt his strong body and smelled his masculine scent mixed with the odour of my feminine shower gel. His left hand wrapped around my lady shaver.

“Be a good girl and keep still. I don’t wanna cut you,” I heard, and saw Bobby’s red tongue sliding over his lips. “I also never did this before in my life, but I dreamed so often about it.”

I froze a bit, but got back down from my toes to the flats of my feet. I held Bobby’s eyes, which were concentrated on my right underarm. He set me free; I let my arms where they were.

He was careful, poured a hazelnut big blot of shaving foam on his fingertips and rubbed it on my skin. He put the pink shaver on my skin and pulled it along my right armpit, removed the one day old hairs, while the tips of my breasts started to quiver. This was a pleasure I never had experienced before. Knowing there stood a 6'4", 210 pound man just one foot before me, in his hand a sharp blade. He could do everything with me, I had no chance. - I never had felt so safe.

He took the sponge and washed away all stubbles, kissing me afterwards on the smooth skin, murmured something from, “So soft…”

“Now the legs.” I saw his face just a few inches away from mine, his lids were half closed. He wanted an agreement. I bit my lips and closed my eyes for a second like I preferred to do it, as if agreeing with a tactic of him during an interrogation.

He sat down on the floor, placed my right foot on his shoulder, creamed my legs with the white lather and moved the blade warily along my leg. Inspecting every square inch of my skin with his palms, his fingertips, his lips to see if there was any more hair. He finished my right leg, taking the left and started anew.

I couldn’t believe what he did next. I was completely wet in all meanings of the word, but my mouth got dry. Bobby got up on his knees, fixing my delta.

I gasped in short breaths, closed my eyes.

“And I thought you’re a natural blonde.” The words swirled through the little room with the tropical atmosphere. My eyes flew open. It seamed as if the walls got closer and closer. Did I really felt his lips one second at the region where my tummy passed into the abdomen? My breath caught.

He spread my legs gently with his hands, knew exactly where he should move the shaver. He could see in 3-D, in HD-quality, on a cinema screen in Technicolor what I picked off and what I liked to be natural, his nose only 10 inches away from my Venus mound.

The blade scratched lightly over my sensitive skin, removing the stubbles, letting the curls. Again with the sponge, he washed away the loosened hairs. He aroused me in so many ways. I got week in the knees, slipped down along the wall, until I also sat down, with legs spread wide open, my partner kneeling between them. I couldn’t breathe anymore; I saw my reflection in his deep, mysterious eyes.

I just wanted…yes, what did I want? Bobby Goren inside me, fucking me in the female shower of our common department. Yes, exactly, this is what I wanted. I moaned, licked my lips and wanted to begin begging. That he should end this torture and started the real torment.

There the light was turned on. The harsh neon tube jittered and snapped. In front of me stood Megan, with a dark green towel around her slender long frame, which made her skin even paler. Bobby was gone. He had been never there. Water splashed around me, my toes and fingers were really shrivelled.

“Do you fall asleep, Alex?” Megan asked, and smiled kindly down to me.

“Yeah…” I answered puzzled, looked again through the little room, searching for him.

“Sweet dreams?”

“Best I ever had,” I murmured to myself, and got up on my feet.

“I’ll see us tomorrow?” she asked as I wrapped into my brown bathrobe.

“Mh…” I nodded, and left Megan alone, turning the light off, hoping she’ll have an equally good dream as me.


This hit me as I had a shower, thinking of him…standing behind me. Sorry, too much personal information. ;o) Made the frame like Milk in just one day. Added the details and revision in the days after.

In my eyes the shower room is not a room with four cubicles; it is more like a shower in a public baths or in a school locker room, with single shower heads on a wall.
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