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Nothing is Real - in the dark hotel (3)

Nothing is Real

Chapter Three: In the dark hotel

Word count: 1800

Rating and warnings: M

Description: Steamy, hot and dirty moments.

“Oh yeah, that feels so good…umm, go on,” Alex moaned, and opened her eyes. “Mhm, you’re so good to me, Bobby.”

Alex lay in the big bed, sprawled naked under her partner, who was equally as naked. She ran her fingers through his strong, curly hair, like she had done in the dream under the shower and so many dreams before. He pressed his lips more firmly against her breasts.

“You’re good to me, baby,” he moaned, and licked her nipples ‘till they were hard, like cherry pits.

“Woooooooo!” Alex screamed as she felt Bobby’s teeth around her right tip. “Bobby…Bobby? I feel so dizzy, my tongue is so big in my mouth…mhm…umm, that’s perfect, do it again,” she giggled.

“Let me taste your tongue,” Bobby replied, and crawled up to Alex’s face.

He pressed his mouth on Alex’s and started to suck her tongue hard into his mouth. Her mouth was sweet, wet and so hot, but everything felt fine, more than fine. Bobby noted how his sex grew bigger and bigger as a result of their dancing tongues.

“Umm, you taste yummy b…but…you’re right. There is something wrong here,” he murmured, and nibbled at Alex’s ear.

She turned Bobby on his back and straddled him, rubbing her hot, soaked core along his unbelievably hard cock.

“I think…” she chuckled, “…everything is fine.”

“No…no…stop it…mhm…no please go on…”

Alex lips teased Bobby’s nipples and she started to kiss her way further down his torso towards his fully erect member.

“Arrrrr,” he panted as Alex’s firm breasts stroked along his dick. He grasped his partner under her arms and pulled her back toward his face. “This is not like you, Alex!!!”

“But it feels like me and…it’s so good…please Bobby, fuck me.”

“Okay, I…I’m your slave…I’ll do everything you ask for, give you everything you deserve…and this is so much, Alex…” Bobby babbled, and he saw stars before his eyes as he pressed Alex into the sheets again.

Her breathing became shorter and husky. Bobby’s hot, open mouth all over her skin made Alex forgot time and space.

“L…like it?”

“Yeah,” she replied, and her whole body trembles in response.

“Oh, you really like it.”

“No Bobby…something is wrong with us…this can’t be happening…I think there was something in our drinks…oh my god…your tongue is inside me…oh shit,” Alex cried driven by lust.

Alex couldn’t believe what she felt. Bobby’s hot, solid tongue licked her and smacked her clit and folds. It was phenomenal, and at the same time everything whirled around in her head. She opened her eyes again and saw the walls dancing around. She felt sick. She got up on her forearms, sat up and held Bobby’s head in her hands. She looked at his face what was moist from her juices.

“Do…do you think this is real…or just a dream?” she blinked hard to stop the rotation of the walls. Her lids were so heavy.

“I feel weird…everything feels so dizzy…but I can’t stop,” he said, and fell on Alex’s abdomen again, thrusting his tongue deeply into his partner.

“Yes, yes…this is what I really want...” Alex yowled. “…but why do I feel so sick?” she asked with a thick tongue as she tried to lick her lips and keep her eyes wide open.

Alex turned around, pressed her face into a pillow and tried to fight against her nausea. Bobby knelt between her legs, which were spread wide open; his lips slowly followed the curve of her spine, from her gorgeous, firm behind to her delicate nape. He is nibbling and kissing her soft skin and he could smell the aroma of her shower gel, which is mixed with the odour of her prurience.

Bobby kneaded her butt with his palms while his lips found Alex’s ear again. “Honey, everything is fine…I just want to make you happy…oh lord, you’re so beautiful,” he said as if drunken…and not just of Alex. “Funny, my voice sounds as if it’s like miles away…”

“It sounds like I’m hearing you through cotton batting,” Alex said, and started to laugh crazily, then turned back again to face Bobby. She tried to concentrate, “We should stop this…maybe there were some drugs in our drinks, which made us…” she giggled, “…horny…sexually potent…” Alex reached for Bobby’s completely erected sex, “…really potent.”

Bobby sighed unwillingly. He closed his eyes and started to move into Alex’s hand as never before known pleasures ran through his body.

“Mhm, such a bi(ck)g, thick dick,” she giggled, and held Bobby’s sex tighter. But then another emotion hit her, “Hey, stop this…” she said seriously. “…don’t start without me.” Alex wrapped her legs around Bobby’s butt and pressed him closer. Her concentration was gone as her body took again control. They both rolled around. Bobby rubbed hard his face, he wanted a clear mind but there was Alex, on top of him, just a few steps away from fucking him. He needed to prevent this, this was not right. Bobby reached for Alex’s cheeks and held her face in his palms.

“We…we should call someone…we need help, or…or.”


“We will do something really…” He couldn’t continue, Alex’s lips pressed hard on his, her delicious tongue danced around his own. They began one more time to canoodle each other. They forgot everything around them, only felt the heath and desire of the other one.

As Alex opened her eyes again she found herself under Bobby’s hot frame for a third time that night. “I want you inside me…screw me.” Alex pleaded.

“But we need a condom,” Bobby said.

“You don’t have one?” she asked disappointed.



“We can’t without?” he asked naively, not knowing how absurd it sounded in a time with raising HIV infections.

“Hmmm? Alex repeated. It was so hard to concentrate. There a thought came to her. “I’m on the pill.”

“So, we could go without!” Bobby giggled like a little boy and Alex jointed in his laughing.

“Yes,” she said breathlessly.

“I want you here.” Alex took Bobby’s index finger and drove it between her lips. She shoved it into her mouth and sucked it hard. “You know, I want you to cum in my mouth…deep in my throat,” she whispered, like she was telling a secret.

“I must feel you between my legs…I want you so deep like no man before you…hard, deep, lewd.” She crossed her legs around Bobby’s waist and produced a deep snarl from his throat.

“And I want that you fuck me into my ass,” Alex said defiantly and flagged. She closed her eyes.

”I…I can’t fuck you there!”

“Why? You don’t want it?” she asked tearfully.

“Of course…I want it…Every man wants to…to so-sodomize the woman he loves, but…but…” Bobby swallowed, “…let us wait with your ass ‘till we…we’re married. Then I’ll make you cum so hard…you…you…” he chuckled as he searched for the right words and looked into Alex’s eyes wide open, “…you’ll be in paradise…I promise.”


“You’re pupils are so little,” Bobby noted, “This isn’t real, isn’t it?”

“We...we should call someone…the police.”

“But…we are the police!” They both tittered.

“You’re so right, Bobby…oh…my brain is so plashy.” Alex reached for the receiver of the ugly, big, pink phone on the nightstand and managed it to press 9-1-1.

“Here is 9-1-1, the emergency call. How can I help you?”

“Hey…hey…this is Detective…First Grade…Detective, Alex…andra Eames, badge number…I don’t know…something with a seven…we need help,” she babbled. Alex tried to concentrate, but Bobby’s licking and nibbling mouth made it very difficult.

“I am laying under my partner…the best partner I ever had. He is so sexy, you know?”

“Okay ma’am, how can I help you?”

“I…I think there was something in our drinks…we...we are doing things…we’ve never done before…oooh….” Alex panted heavily, “…his…his playful tongue is again at my…my, you know my clit…and it feels so good…please go on Bobby…” she said in the direction of Bobby, “…someone must stop this…us, or…” she spoke into the receiver again, “…or…something is wrong with us…it feels so good, but it is not right…” She started to sob, but continued to comb through Bobby’s hair.

“Where are you ma’am?”

“I…I don’t know.” Alex looked around the little, dark room. “Into a dirty hotel. I feel so different. Please help us, or we’ll make love with each other…this must not be…we are partners…but it feels so gooood,” she sighed, and groaned at the same time.

“Okay ma’am, we have you, Lefferts Avenue, Brooklyn. The colleagues are there in a few minutes.”

“Please, stay with me, or I will give into Bobby’s tenderness.”

“Give me your partner, Detective.”

“Bobby, the nice lady…sorry officer wants to talk with you.”

“All right…mhm, but what about your delicious, wet, throbbing core…it needs attention, too!!” But he allowed his tongue a little break, kissed Alex a last time on her clit before he licked his way up to her breasts.

“Hi…this is Detective…ehm…ehm.”

“Bobby…” Alex prompted quietly, and started to giggle again.

“Robert Goren.”

“Hello Detective.”

“I want you inside me, Bobby…take me hard…now.”

“Do you hear what’s going on with us, Officer?” Bobby sighed into the receiver, and squeezed Alex’s nipples again.

“Yes Sir!”

“I lie on the most erotic woman in the world and play with her breasts, really, with her boobs. They are so deli…delicious.” Bobby licks over Alex’s tips again. “And hard…hard like my…” he chuckles, “…it can’t be true.”

“I think it is real, Sir.”

“Do you know how yummy she is? Her juice ran down my throat like twenty year old Single Malt…”

“Just hold a few minutes, Detective. The patrol will arrive any moment.”

“We need blood test…they should check GHB, ketamine, rohypnol, liquid ex…” the words rolled over Bobby’s heavy tongue. “I’ve never been so hard in my life…never so horny…god, how much I love this woman.”

He tossed the telephone receiver away and rolled around with Alex one more time. “Suck me…I want to spray in your face…”

“Mhm…oh yeah…I can take all in…I promise…” Alex whispered, “…I love you too, Bobby!” looking deep into his eyes, she straddled him. First pressing her lips on Bobby’s and then moving lower. Before she could lick her lips and close her mouth around his enormous manhood, she collapsed and lost the contact to reality. Slowly she sank on Bobby’s belly and felt asleep, overpowered by the drugs and the different feeling of the last hour.

In the same moment two police officers entered the little hotel room, with them came two paramedics.

Bobby looked perplex toward them, “…sorry guys, this is my woman. You can’t have her…” he said, shaking his head. He took Alex in his arms and pulled a sheet over her to cover her naked body.

“Okay Sir, no problem, everything is fine…”

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