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Nothing is Real - one common night (5)

Nothing is Real

Chapter Five: One common night
Word count: 1358
Rating and warnings: T
Description: Alex must see Bobby to talk to him and then…

Alex was at home. Megan had seen her home a few minutes before midnight. She had taken a long shower, the third this day and had changed for sleeping. Alex had decided for a dark green spaghetti strap top and short wide slacks.

But she couldn’t sleep, tossed and turned. Alex was too excited, too sad, too agitated. She wanted to talk to him, now.

Therefore she wrapped into her thickest winter coat, two soft and fluffy scarves and put her bobble hat on her head, slipped barefooted into her snow boots. Alex called a cab and was on the way to see her partner.

Carefully Alex knocked at the door to Bobby's apartment. Maybe he's still in bed, you shouldn't bother him, she said to herself, but she could hear quite voices behind the door. The TV is still on.

The voices hushed and Alex heard slow scuffles coming closer to the front door.

"You?" Bobby said astonished as he noted, who stood before him. He blushed more and more.


"Hey." He looked away, felt so uncomfortable. "I…I'm so sorry."

"No, it was not your fault…we both did it…acted like."

"Do you wanna come in? The neighbours must not also be involved in this…" He made a big gesture with his arms. "…in this..."



Alex unwrapped everything she had wrapped so meticulous and then she caught that she stood in the middle of Bobby Goren's living room barefooted only in a very thin green top and very short slacks. She got beet red in her face and gasped for breath.

Bobby noticed that Alex lost layer for layer, until she was still in a tiny top and wide slacks, which only hid her phenomenal butt and a little bit of her sharp thighs. Skin, there was so much skin. He knew exactly how every single square inch tasted and remembered too well how Alex had trembled under his caresses. He got breathless too. Peeling out of his flannel shirt, he covers Alex into it and sat down on his couch.

He took a quick look at his TV, then toward Alex and noted that she fixed the television, too.

"You watched it?" she asked, seeing herself on a barrow, unconscious, her petite, naked body only covered with a sheet. She takes a place right next to him, wrapping his warm and wonderful smelling shirt even closer.

"A few times…do…do you remember anything?"

"Yes…your tongue inside me." she said, and turned her head to look into Bobby's face. Alex started to cry, "Why want somebody something so bad to us." She leaned her head on his shoulder, grabbed for his hand.

Bobby spread his fingers and entangled it with hers. "I don't know…I don't know."

"It is not fair," Alex sobbed. "It shouldn't happen this way," she said so low, Bobby had to read it from her lips. He took a handkerchief and dried her tears. "This way?" he asked.

Alex closed her eyes for a brief moment, then holding directly Bobby's gaze.

"Sharing kisses…tenderness…feelings…I want…" she cleared her throat. "…if we…you and me, Bobby…" he nods. "…if we one day will be affectionate to each other…I want to do it voluntarily…I want to be intimate because I want it, not because a drug made me do it."

"You mean only the meds let you act…act the way you acted in that hotel?"

"I don't know. I can't say what I was and what the drugs were. I would never go into a dirty doss house to fuck my partner, but…"

"But?" Bobby licked his lips and pulled her tighter.

"But I loved to be with you and what you did with me…my body…it was so wonderful…it felt so new and familiar…all in the same moment."

"I'm so sorry for taking you, without to think about it."

"No Bobby, this isn't true. We both thought a lot when we were in that bed and we had weak moments…moments where I just want you inside me…using me…but we both were so strong to save us…"

"Thanks for being here. I was so stupid not looking at you, not being certain that everything was okay with you."

"I was sad because of that."

"Excuse me." But Alex didn't answer. She had fallen asleep on Bobby's shoulder, overpowered by a very strange night.


Alex awoke, slowly. She found herself on her back, wrapped into something strong but soft. She could smell Bobby's unique odour and her lips felt the soft skin under his jaw line. Her top had slipped a bit higher during the night; she could fell Bobby's right hand on her bare belly, his thumb in her navel, the tip of his little finger under the waistband of her slacks. His shirt was off.

Breathing deep in and out, she opened her eyes and asked gently, "Where are we?"

"In my bed."

"You carried me up the ladder?" Alex was very fascinated about Bobby's bed. He was the only adult one she knew who slept into a loft bed - built by his own hands. She felt so sensual, only because of the image: she in his strong arms carried all the rungs.

"Why you letting me at the couch, it is comfortable, too?" Alex said because she knew from a few overnight stay in Bobby's apartment that the couch was very cuddly.

"Because I wanna be close to you, wanna be with you. I didn't want to be alone last night," he said, and looked deeply into her eyes.

"Oh!" Alex moaned softly because of this declaration, laid her hand over his one.

"How do you feel...now headache...sickness?" Bobby asked, and started to draw little circles around Alex's bellybutton.

"No, they are gone."


"How late?"




Alex closed her eyes again, thought about the last night...their curious trip...the gentle tenderness on Bobby's couch.

"I know it is crazy," he started.


"Last night there were drugs in our bodies."

"Many drugs."

"Yes, many drugs, but everything...you...we...it all felt so right, so good, so..."

Alex lifted her lids, looked deeply into Bobby's wonderful brown eyes and saw all the love he had inside. Why she didn't see this earlier?

She thought a last time about a sentence he had said into that dirty room, a sentence that not had left her brain since he said it and she thought about the truth serum. Swallowing hard, she asked, "Your proposal...is it still on the table?"

"Y...yes, I meant what I said," he stuttered. Could she really remember?

"Do you want an answer?" Alex licks her lips nervously.

"Please." His eyes grew bigger and bigger.

"Yes...I do..." she said, turned around and pressed her body close his. "Yes, Bobby I want to be your wife," she said directly into his face.

"And I want to be your husband. I want nothing more on earth!"

They started to kiss each other. An electrical flash entered their two bodies. Bobby rolled Alex on her back, laying himself over her. The tenderness became wilder and Bobby's fingers roamed lower, until they found the entrance to paradise.

Alex groaned in surprise, laid her palms between the heat of their two faces. She needed a little break.

"T…too...too quick?" Bobby asked worried, withdrew his fingers from her moist flesh, so Alex could see them. They glitter with her milky wetness.

"I...it is so intense...much more intense like...you know, in the hotel."

"I feel these different things, too. It's so much better. Oh Alex, you're making me so hard...like no woman before you. I need no aphrodisiac to make love with you the whole night."

"Prove it," she giggled, but now nothing felt wrong, everything was right.

Bobby pulled Alex's top over her head and stroked the slacks from her legs. His gaze wandered for long time over her body. "You're so beautiful, so perfect." He rested his frame gently on hers and started to spoil the woman he loved - the woman who had said yes to him.

For the first time he was inside her and she held him close. Nothing was ever so wonderful in their lives.

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