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Nothing is Real - tomorrow in the city hall (6)

Nothing is Real

Chapter Six:
Tomorrow in the city hall
Word count: 1678
Rating and warnings: M
Description: They celebrate it right what they started wrong plus an interruption.

Alex's behind was pressed against Bobby's abdomen and her back against his chest. They both lay on their sides, spooning. He held her tight. They enjoyed the silence after their first lovemaking.

"Unbelievable," Bobby suddenly whispered into Alex's ear. His hand reached for one of her breasts, teasing the nipple, which was still hard.

"You are so right...mhm...more baby."

Bobby's second hand entered Alex from behind stroked her still soaked, hot core between her wonderful round butt cheeks. Her breath quickened and her groaning became deeper.

"Oh…dear….Bobby?" Alex panted.

"Yes, my love."

"In this...oh yeah do that again...it's phenomenal..." she said with very low voice. "...in the hotel room I said you can have my…my ass...I want that you sodo..." She came not further because Bobby laid softly his fingers over her lips.

"We only will do what we both want."

"I don't know why I said it," she said nervously, but Bobby's finger at her centre didn't stop their ministrations so there was more and more heat in her body, more and more lust for this man, her man. "I...I never did it...I don't know why I offered it."

"Don't think about it, Alex. Let me just love you," he whispered, and intensified the force on her clit even more. Alex snarled deeply and her whole body started to rock. Bobby was erected again. How could he ever be soft when he was together with that woman?

Bobby entered Alex's body with his sex. Slowly he thrust his way into her; one hand on her hips to hold her in direction, the other heightens the pressure on her clit and her folds.

Alex was so tight and wet. Bobby felt so complete inside her.

Alex turned her head, kissing Bobby deeply, sucking his tongue hard and showing him that she could also have a hand in this play.

The thrusting was slowly, the rhythm perfect. Bobby knew from their first time where Alex was most sensitive, but now he found new regions, which made her whole body shiver. She was bent like a pretzel, her head turned to the side to kiss him, her back hollowed, which he found very attractive. So her delicate breasts and the quivering tips pressed strongly into his palms. Alex's butt squeezed his balls. Her slightly spread legs and her firm butt showing his manhood exactly the direction to paradise. Her hands - everywhere and nowhere.

This time they reached their summits at the same moment. They both cried and sobbed softly while they rode through the last waves of their orgasms.

"How many condoms do you have here…at home?" Alex wanted to know, as she helped Bobby by loosening the rubber from his dick.

"Oh-ho!" Bobby laughed huskily. "I need a little break, baby, but I have a lot. There is nothing for what we have to go out, not for three days."

"This sounds wonderful."

"So…when do you wanna marry me?" Bobby asked nervously.


"Fine, then we'll do it tomorrow." Bobby said, still perplexed that Alex really wanted to be his wife.

"After this we'll throw all condoms on a big mount and don't stop making love with each other, 'till the last is used," she chuckled, and turned around, fixing her partner. "I love you Bobby. I won't never let you go anymore. Now you're mine."

"And you're mine. Oh Alex, I love you so much."


Bobby was sitting on his couch. His boxers hung around his ankles. Truly they wanted to have a late - a really late breakfast, but as he had seen Alex wearing his blue dress shirt, knowing that she wore nothing under it, he couldn't think of anything else.

He had switched on the TV; had started again the tape and pulled Alex on top of him.

Now he watched over her shoulder the porno with him as actor and his petite partner as his teammate, while the same woman, his fiancée, rode him. He tore the shirt in two pieces. Buttons popped and he stroked the material over her shoulders. He screwed her harder and harder, like she begged for it into the video. He transpired and got faster and fiercer, but Alex cheered him. She wanted more and more.

Bobby saw on the screen how his tongue tortured Alex's clit and remembered how her centre had responded to his affections. He felt exactly the same in this moment.

"I'm so deep into you, honey. You're so tight around me," he screamed, pulled his eyes from the television and sucked her nipples hard into his mouth.


On the eleventh floor Logan and Wheeler left the elevator.

"Maybe she is here, with him?" Megan suggested.

They went directly toward apartment door seven, Goren's apartment. Through the door they heard ‘I lie on the most erotic woman in the world and play with her breasts, really, with her boobs.' Mike's eyes grew wide.

"That was in the video." Megan explained.

"Congratulation, buddy." Mike said sarcastically.

"I'm so deep into you, honey. You're so tight around me," they heard next. There was rhythmical breathing and squeaky coil springs. "That was not on the tape." Megan whispered, and blushed.

"She is here...they are doing it...having sex...!" Mike laughed.

"No, I don't believe it." Megan replied.

"Hey you two, open the door. Bobby I know that you're inside!" Mike said off-colour and knocked on the frame.

"Fuck...go away," they heard from Bobby.

"No, we have news."

It followed a deep grunting from Bobby's throat. After a little while he opened perspiring his front door, his boxers are good filled with his enormous erection. Alex stood behind the couch, held the tattered blue shirt tight around her body. There were no more buttons, which could do it for her. The smell of sex hung in the air.

"Do you believe it now, Wheeler?" Mike turned to his partner and looked into her beet red face.

"It is not what it looks like," Bobby said, pissed off.

Mike laughed dryly. "No Bobby, don't play with me this game. There he pointed at Bobby's boxers, you're erected and you sweat, buddy. A box with condoms on your coffee table, a tore package. Good, very good, you both celebrated safe sex and look at your partner." Mike pointed with his finger toward Alex.

"Her nipples are hard and..." his gaze wander to her moist thighs. "...and don't lie to me when you say you don't know how this tastes? The whole floor could hear you."

"Okay Mike, you win. What do you wanna do with this information? Telling it Ross?"

"No, of course not. Who do you think I am? We are here, because we closed the case, we got him, Justin Meyer," Mike said to both, but then his eyes rested by the freeze image of the TV, where Bobby's mouth played carefully with Alex's nipples.

"We didn't know that we were going to burst in a…sex orgy. Oh dear, your tongue Bobby and Alex your tips...they match perfectly."

Alex and Megan blushed both simultaneous. Megan stepped toward Alex and rolled her eyes, which said sorry.

"Mike please," Alex said.

"Okay, sorry Eames, I just wanna say, you both look good together and sound even better," he chuckled, insinuating what Megan and he had heard on the floor.

"You grabbed Meyers? He was the one, who gave us the drugs?" Alex asked.

"Yes." Mike wanted to take a seat on the couch, but hesitated. There he could see the TV perfectly; this would be the place he would use for doing such extracurricular activities. He stood still. "We found out that he paid the bartender from O'Malley's 500 buck for not looking at your drinks for five seconds."

Megan added, "We showed the photo of Meyers, you gave us Bobby, the guy at the reception of the hotel. He confirmed that this was the man, who brought you there, paid for the whole night and left the hotel after ten minutes."

"So he is the guilty in our open case?" Bobby asked.

"Yes, we think so," Mike said. "He's in the cell. We wanted to interrogate him, now. But first we wanted to serve the good news. And because Alex was not home and didn't answer her cell phone, we thought we should try it by you...Bobby," Mike smirked.

"Don't make me angry, Logan," Bobby said.

"Okay, never mind Goren. Your secret is safe by us, right Wheeler?"

"Very safe. Let's go, Logan."

"Do you made plans, tomorrow, two p.m.?" Alex asked as Mike and Megan made their way out of the apartment.

"No - why?"

Alex blinked toward Bobby. "Maybe you'll have a half hour and can meet us at the city hall? We need witnesses to our marriage."

"You need what?" Mike asked with hanging jaw. "No, this is not true."

"Sure!" Bobby answered and pulling Alex in a deep hug. "I found her, the woman of my life, Logan. Now I am going marry her."

"Yes, we will be there, congratulation," Megan said and closed the door. "Come let them be alone. I...I think they have to plan a lot."

"Of course, planning." Mike pursed his lips.

"What do you think they will do next?"

"If I were one of them?"


"I would stroke the shirt over the shoulders of my partner. Fix her wrists gently with it. Lay her carefully with her belly over the backrest of my big armchair. Would push her a bit higher, because she is not as tall as me. My legs are a bit longer, so our hips have the same height."

"He has to hold her, if he wants it this way." Megan said softly and pressed the button of the elevator.

"Tight...she must trust him."

"She can. " They both enter the elevator.

"Oh yeah, she can to one hundred per cent."

"Good that we don't have these problems...with the height." Megan groaned and pressed the stop button. Letting Mike undress her, loving her while standing behind her - with hips exactly at the same level.The end

Thanks for taking the time and reading: Nothing is Real
We'll read us again…Antje
The end is dedicated to B R Cary. Sorry for not doing a sequel with Megan dreaming under the shower of Mike. I hope you like the alternative. ;o)
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