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19.09.2009 or ceremonial removal from the register of students and Staten Island

Why always happens important thing at one day? My last two months were very uneventful. Okay, I finished my diploma, but I did a good time planning and had never problems and pass through nights.

Yes, the defense was exciting and since 11 days I’m a diplom engineer.

But last Saturday was again a day were everything happened.

Before a few weeks I read at a blog that Staten Island will be shown at the Oldenburger Filmfest. I was thrilled. The time was perfect (after my defense) and also my mom said yes to the movie and a little trip (although her English is not that good). She hadn’t any vacations this year.

We never were in Oldenburg, so we would couple Vincent and caching…always a good combination.

But after my defense I got the invitation to my ceremonial removal from the register of students…great, also 19.09.2009, 11:00.

Dear, how to handle that? Okay, the event would only run 90 minutes (so confirmed after asking) and Staten Island would run 22:00. Enough time to drive the over 400 km/250 miles and for a few caches on the way toward Oldenburg.

It turned different, of course.

Arriving at Zeuthen 10:40…people over people and they all were very nice dressed. Me just in pinstripe pants and my 1,0 T-shirt (other story) because of the trip we would have.

The start of the event was late…11:20 Prof. Dr. László Ungvári the president of the TH Wildau (FH) opened it.

A lot of talking, less classic music and then the ceremonial good buy. I got a rose and a little envelope and had to walk again before the audience. Made my diploma summa cum laude and got again a rose and a wonderful book about Otto Lilienthal.

The event was over just a few minutes before two. So it ran even longer than planned. I had enjoyed it even more without the knowing of the long trip.

At two we were on the highway. My mom and I decided to pass the caches on the trip to Oldenburg and just drove.

18:30 arrival at our little but nice pension. Checking in, catching the gps and starting the caching in Oldenburg. We just had these less hours, so we used them.

21:40 arrival at the CinemaxX. It was good to see that Oldenburg did a lot of billposting of its festival and not only posting for the common Bundestag election (27.09.2009…please elect, even when you void you vote).

I was so excited and then I saw him…no not HIM, but Seymour Cassel one of the three main actors and even the director James DeMonaco were there to watch with us fans the movie. Nearly all the 130 seat were occupied and that by the second showing on the Festival and being 22:00. Seymour Cassel was brilliant. He was very funny and relaxed. Asked one of the viewers for popcorn and was surprise that it was sweet. He never had eaten it with honey/sugar.

22:10 the lights turned off and the movie started.

It was great and I hope that Germany will show it in all its cinemas…and with translation. I got a lot of the dialogues but not all.

Vincent was brilliant as always. In the most scenes he didn’t look good (dear, the swimming pool scene and his glasses) but there were a few little moments were I sighed (All scenes with his mom. There he was really relaxed and his face showed it.).

My mom detected a goof ;o)

I know that just a few people had the chance to see the movie. I want to talk about it. Please contact me when you had seen it. I have so many questions.

After the movie Mr. DeMonaco and Mr. Cassel stepped again before the audience and answered questions. My question came first as I lay down in bed…now I have so many, as they asked for I had nary.

> What did Jasper with the corpse? Sausage?
> Is there no canalization in Staten Island?
> How climbed Parmie in the tree and comes down again?

I think I understand that the US will show the movie in November and in January, but I didn’t get all of it.

It was a wonderful weekend, beside the 45 minutes stop and go around Dreieck Funkturm.

Dedicated to caro5070 . You pointed me to Staten Island in Oldenburg. I’m so sad that you had that much trouble the weekend and closed your Blog because of these ‘real’ fans of Vincent D’Onofrio. These fans how just see him as sex object.

I hope you’ll have fun here at the LJ. All the people here are much more relaxed.
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