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Staten Island - Spoiler

Here the report about the movie. Attention…only spoiler. When you don’t want to know what happened in Staten Island please don’t read more.

The movie is split in three parts. We see the story of Parmie (played by Vincent D’Onofrio) a local Staten Island mobster on the one hand with his crew and on the other side with his mom, Sully (Ethan Hawke) a not so clever man, pumping down the pit drainage of the rich people of Staten Island. He is married with Maria (Julianne Nichols) and at least Jasper (Seymour Cassel) a deaf-mute deli owner.

The Intro is great. I love it. First like a discovery channel movie from the 70th: what is nice in Staten Island and then…but Staten Island is also famous for its high mobster density and corpuses everywhere in the ground. They show a really nasty body; everywhere maggots on the face…no the bloody mass which was sometimes a face. There is less violence in that movie, but when…it’s heavy.

The narrating is very nice. First we see Parmie’s part and at its end a connection of all three figures. Then the story of Sully and first here I understand that all three stories will play at the same time. We see in all three parts that meeting in Jasper’s deli.


In the beginning he and his gang batter a man. Good eyes for details. Vincent’s hand is also bloody/scraped in the next scene. We find out, that the guy on the chair did something against Parmie’s mom. Parmie wants to move for the last beat, there his cell phone rings. He stands up and leaves. His men and the victim are perplexed but Parmie has an important appointment. The guys should end it alone.

Then we see Parmie sitting in a swimming pool. He is under water and just sits and holds his breath. A filming team is outside and also his trainer. Dear, Vincent looks so unalluring in that scene. He wears a bath suit for men (Borat but not with thong) and I could see he was out of form. I think 10 to 20 kg too much. No nice upper arms (the one I fell in love in CI)…just fat.
He tried to break the apnea record from some German guy. We don’t expert Parmie’s time, but in that trying he was two minutes better than anytime. I like his coming back to the water surface and his fighting…he pedals a lot.
He tries another shot but fails after 30 seconds with even more struggling.

Next scene, the meeting in the deli. All three men are together. Parmie goes out and calls his mom. There Vincent’s face is so beautiful. He didn’t were these awful glasses and is relaxed.

Parmie comes home to his mom at night. She sings for her son and then he carried her up the steps. My heart melts by that scene. I see Kathryn in his arms…yes, I’m a helpless shipper. He lays his mom down in her bed and creams her shoulder. She has a bad wound. There was a goof, my mom detected. First Parmie opens the nightgown of his mom, he creams her. Cut on his face, cut back again to his mom…her gown is closed again.

Parmie leaves his home (Vincent walks like Edgar, very stiff, but he hides his hobble) in an old Mercedes. I think I’ll grin the next week when seeing one. Dear, that man reached it to make that car looking small. I really want to see him next my Renault Twingo. Two cars follow him. He is on a bridge, the first car drives next the Mercedes and the guy shoots. Parmie drives in the lake, his car sinks. The second follower is Jasper. He stops and looks down. Parmie doesn’t arise, so he drives away.
But Parmie is a good diver. He survives but is injured. In the forest he falls down and faints.

The next day he wakes up and in that forest starts uprooting. One tree-lover sits in a big three, but the guys with the power saw get him down. Parmie asks one of the rooter to help him, driving him home. They arrive at the deli and see members of his crew with the shooter. Parmie’s plan was to absorb the whole island, but his guys weren’t that happy. So they tried to delete him.

Next: Parmie on a platform in a tree in a beautiful but one size too small white suit, including vest and yellow socks. He wants to save the forest. There are trying to speak him down again. The police even pick up his mom. Nothing, he stays, over many days. It rains; his white suite gets more and more dirty. He has a meeting with a bird of prey and laughs so sweet (mhm). One shoe lies on the ground. He wants to be famous, know by the world. So the police officer, who is with him the whole time calls a local reporter. She takes a few pictures and his statement.

As the article is ready and the forest is saves Parmie comes down. But first he lights a cigarette. But great for me as nonsmoker, don’t show the dragging.


Sully and Marie decide to get a baby. It doesn’t happen with the first trying so they visit a specialist. Everything is okay with Marie and Sully, they should just try it again and again. ;o)

In that clinic Sully sees a video of fertilization and that they can just take your best genes to built the perfect baby. He asks if it’s Sci-Fi or real…it’s real.

Sully has a shit job…after work he smells of excrements and has to shower a lot of times. His plan, he wants to robber Parmie’s home and steal money to do that special baby. He asks his colleague and they do it with a third man...the one who was battered by Parmie at the beginning.

Everything is okay until Sully hears something strange. He goes down in the living room and sees that that third man injured Parmie’s mom (shoulder). Sully flips out. That was not the plan. He helps the old woman and presses against the wound. The other guys want to run away, they do. Sully stays and calls an ambulance. Then he jumps in the car to the others. He gets his money and tells Marie that he win in Lotto.

They ‘produce’ that baby in the clinic. Great camera angle of Julianne. The whole camera work was great. I never saw Vincent’s face that close in that short time.

Again the meeting in the deli. Sully is so happy because of his baby and proud. He tells Jasper that his son (born in two months) will be the one who kills cancer.

But Parmie even get Sully’s colleague. But he’s afraid. Tells Marie from his robbery and that he would leave her to protect her. Very emotional scene, great played from Julianne.

But at the ferry Parmie’s crew get Sully. He should pay back the money then everything is okay. Parmie is in the tree and out. Sully borrows money from Jasper.


His part was brilliant done. When he’s alone, the sound is muffled and very silent. We find out that he’s the one who divide Parmie’s victims. Very hard scene, they really show how he cuts with an old saw an arm of a body …the one who was battered.

His desire is horse bets. He never won, but one day he gets the Jackpot. He is happy to help Sully with the money and as he has Sully on his butcher table, it’s enough. He wants to kill Parmie. He drives to his home and sees in the night the sinking of the Mercedes.

Jasper buys a pistol and a rifle from Parmie’s guys. He goes in the forest to shoot Parmie from the tree, but doesn’t do it.

Last scene, Parmie walks home (unfortunately, I didn’t look at his size 13, if he just wear one). He is dirty and the suit ruined (they never show how he gets up and down the tree). At home he sees his crew with guns and fetches for his own. But before he’s outside two shoots hit him in the chest and he falls down…only one shoe is on his feet. I believe Vincent is that perfect actor…he wear only one shoe by walking, but I can’t remember if they show it. Jasper shoots him. He leaves the house, Parmie’s mom cried and outside Jasper also kills the three men of Parmie...choke one of them misses his half back of the head.

Really last scene. Marie and Sully’s son meet Jasper in a park…the Parmie Park…the forest he saved. So his plan worked. He’ll never forget. The little boy uses sign language to talk with Jasper. He is brilliant, never used it before. His mom is very perplexed.

The End

Maybe I described Vincent’s part with most of my words, but he was the reason why I watched that film. ;o) Hopefully I didn’t miss a big part, but I saw the DVD will release in just a few months and then I hope for your impressions.

I really hope they will show it again…in all German cinemas.
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