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drabble #8-11: lick, natural, relentless, attraction (keys)

Title: Keys
Prompt: #8: lick, #9: natural, #10: relentless, #11: attraction
Characters: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren
Rating: T
Word Count: 101, 105, 100
A/N: Betrayed…I did 3 x 100 and used the last four prompts.


Bobby POV


Called just because of a ‘good friend’ of the captain? It was damned late but Eames and I were still in the bullpen, doing paperwork.


I had been just a few days back at work and we hadn’t talked much during these time.


“A missing husband case? You need both of us on this?”


Her words hurt so much, but I deserved not better.


We entered Ross’s office; Kathy Jarrows was still inside – red tight dress – right, a friend.


Alex was so relentless. While the presentation I tried to catch her eyes a few times, but she was so far away.


Alex POV


I left the captain’s office, without looking back. On our desks I noted that Goren hadn’t followed. Good, he read my body language and would give me the space I need. And I still need a few days to cool down.


Feeling for my pocket, touched the cold metal. I moved from Rockaway – finally. His side of the desks affected on me. It was like an invisible attraction.


I went around, took a Post It and wrote down my new address. On it, I laid the spare keys to my new home. Bobby had had one pair since our first year together. It felt right...natural.




Alex took her jacket and wrapped inside. She walked to the elevators and wanted to leave. As the door opened, she nearly ran into Bobby.


Step left, step right, step left.


They stayed and then changed their position. Bobby licked nervous his lips.


“I was by the technicians. We will have the GPS stuff, tomorrow morning.”


Alex nodded and entered the lift. “Bye.”


“Good night,” Bobby replied to the closing door, and walked to his desk. His eyes fell on the pink sticky note. As he realized they grew bigger and Bobby flipped around. But Alex was really gone away.

Tags: ci_fans_unite, drabble, season: seven
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