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The Cramp

Name of the story: The Cramp
Pairing: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren
Word count: 3254
Raiting and warnings: M
Description: Missing scene of 3 x 02 Gemini. Sequel of my story: Lassa or Dengue. Bobby POV. Alex has a cramp in the middle of the night and Bobby has to help her. The whole chapter plays in Alex’s bed. Pure smut.
Disclaimer: I earn no money from this thing, nor do I profit in any other way from it. Involved persons are only borrowed and always go back to their owner.

Inspired by my four great friends Barbi, Hannah, Suzanne and Susan: Yes I used a few of our written talks for that chapter.

Dedicated to LILKENNY of . He suggested writing a third chapter. He didn’t like the cliff-hanger of Lassa or Dengue and so that whole writing became really a project.

Dedicated to cifan of . I have to confess that I swiped a few really great lines of her The Final Showdown story.

The Cramp

“Ow...ah...uh...Booo….beee, help me!”

I was roughly awakened by Alex’s deep moaning. Jumping up from the couch, I was in her bedroom only in boxers and tee in the next second.

“Cramp in the calf…cramp in the calf,” she gasped under pain. “I…I didn’t get it away for my oooh…wn.”

I tossed off Alex’s thick comforter and stared at her shrugging legs.

“Right or left?” I asked.

“Uh…right – right,” she panted back, and clenched her fist, threw her head from left to right.

Crouching onto the end of her bed, I grabbed for Alex’s foot, stood it on my chest and pushed her toes toward her knee to relax the clenched muscles in her lower leg.


“Yes…” she sighed relieved.

“Did it work?” I rested Alex’s left foot in my lap but retained the right still against my belly.

“Yeah…the cramp has gone away…phew,” Alex’s head sank relieved back in the pillows. “The two I had yesterday night I could handle on my own, but that was too much,” she said with one back of the hand on her forehead.

“I read in my pregnancy manuaaal…uh’hm I read somewhere that cramps in the calves begin when the morning sicknesses are over.” I saw a bigger and bigger growing grin in Alex’s face and felt my cheeks blushing. Of course Alex had heard what I said. How could she miss it? To hide my embarrassment I placed also her right foot in my lap and started to massage her smooth calves to dispel the last tension.

“You are too sweet, Bobby. Did you really buy a guidebook?” Alex asked amused and ran her fingers through her honey hair.

I nodded a bit coyly. “I just want to understand what was now happen with you, Eam…A…alex,” I replied while looking at her slightly swollen belly and then in her beautiful face.

“And yes, on the point with the cramps I tend to be under a lot, but I just had morning sicknesses one or two times,” Alex said, as I reached with my kneading palms the hollows of her knees. “Oh that feels so good,” she purred with closed eyes, and relaxed even more.
First in that moment I really realized that my beautiful partner lay before me. Her flowing negligee barely covered her lap, the place I had longed in the hot tub so shamelessly. The narrow spaghetti straps had slid over her round shoulders, making the soft skin around her slender neck even more ready for a decent kiss. Alex’s whole sensual posture invited me to run my palms from her strong calves to the soft flesh of her thighs which were aflame.

She opened her eyes again and I was fixed. Alex sat up slowly, spread her toned legs a bit and placed her feet left and right to my kneeling frame. I followed every slight movement of her body with anticipation. The neckline of her nighty glided even deeper. Now her because of the pregnancy fuller breasts were only half covered but the sliding stopped exactly at the beginning of her alluring areolas. I couldn’t help but noticed that her nipples were erected and very visible through the thing fabric of her nightdress.

Alex ran both of her warm hands through my tousled hair and got even closer. I wrapped my arms around her. Her blazing thighs met with mine. I couldn’t escape, but I didn’t want that Alex ended what she’d started. Alex was so close. I saw her heavy moving chest and how she licked her lips. This was the ‘no way back moment’ I had dreamed off so many times and as I thought now – now we would finally kiss each other, there was a loud moaned ‘Emilio’ and an rhythmical creaking of bedsprings made us pause in our movements.

Before Alex nuzzled her embarrassed face in my shoulder, I could see her blushing nose in the diffuse light of the room. I closed her petite frame tighter in my arms and began to chuckle.

“That is so distressing,” I heard the muffled voice of my partner but felt also her of laughing shaking body. Her arms slid around my waist.

“No, it’s just…” I wanted to say but Emilio must reach a very sensitive point of Alex’s neighbor because now she groaned very pruriently.

“This building has very thin walls.”

“Mh…” Her small and warm hands found their way down my shirt, stroking my back.

“How long will that…that action go?” I asked as Alex loosened a bit from me and looked back into my face.

“So seven to thirteen minutes,” she replied dryly, and rolled her eyes, brushing my sides.

“Seven to thirteen minutes? That is ridiculous,” I whispered. “I can do it much longer…” I arched my eye browns and bit into my lower lip, pressing my partner carefully back into the sheets and enjoying her traveling fingertips over my skin.

I got step by step closer, using the same rhythm of the squeaking bed above us. I relished that Alex got really nervous, savored her bigger and bigger growing eyes. Her flat palms on my chest made my heart beating faster, but her smooth and burning thighs on my pelvis let me nearly go insane.

As the woman started to thank her Redeemer I closed my eyes and bridged the last three inches to Alex’s mouth blindly. As carefully as possible I brushed my lips on Alex’s. Softly I held her bottom lip with my mouth.

My hands ran to Alex’s face and I caressed her, my thumbs on her cheeks.

I slowly moved my lips, nibbled at her upper and lower lip. My heart beat stopped as I felt Alex’s moist tongue for just a moment on my upper lip. She tasted me and I started to taste from her. As I dared to run my tongue over her lips I heard a sharp gasp for breath but as our tips met a relieved sigh. I was in heaven and Alex’s quiet moaning told me that she also liked what we did so superb. We both were on fire.
Alex’s finger went from my upper arms to my shoulders and then trough my hair. I opened my eyes again and sank into Alex’s warm hazel eyes. Without loosening my mouth of her, I moved my lips to her neck and her delicate shoulders. There were so many spots of creamy skin I lusted to savor.

“Oh Bobby…finally…” I heard her shivering as I kissed a special spot behind her ear with the three rings.

“Yes Alex, you feel so…”

She rolled her head to the side to offer me even more of herself. One of her hands laid in my neck the other, tore on my shirt.
I understood and was out of it in best time. Was that a greedy look she gave me?

Emilio and Alex’s neighbor reached their boiling point and I felt, that the noises turned me on more and more. Even the beautiful woman under me groaned semi insane as the orgasms rolled again and again one floor above us.

Now with bare chest I used my nose to unfold Alex’s soft breasts. I saw that her eyes rolled back but I continued the investigation of the body of my partner. Dear her hot core which pressed against my swollen loins drove me crazy, but I managed to circle my nose in lascivious and tighter spirals around her rock hard right bud. As I touched that so sensitive flesh, Alex ran her hands to the bed stead and held fast. The upper part of her body reared up and I must, yes I must take that little red swollen cherry pit in my mouth. Slowly I played on it with my wet tongue and then started to suck firmly.

My left hand slipped under Alex’s athletic back and lifted her even closer toward my hungry mouth and my free hand began to knead her voluptuous left breast. Dear, she was so delicious.

I heard even more praying but now Alex was the one. I felt one of her legs wrap around my hips and pressing my arching hardness stronger against her center. Yes, I thought and in the same moment I heard her calmly begged ‘Yes’. I loosened unwillingly of that soft mound full of
perfection and kissed my way back to Alex’s face.

I saw that she bit her lower lip and beamed over my whole face. “You don’t have to hold back, Alex. I want to hear your response to my savoring.”

She nodded and I dove down again, now tasting her other breast. As answer I got a few really deep moaning and much panting.
Alex gave me a little snicker as my stubbles rasped over her belly. Step by step I peeled her out of her negligee. The very little two months-old swelling under her belly button really turned me on. I had been never together with a pregnant woman and that it now would maybe really happen. I was out of breath. Dear, she was so soft everywhere.

After I slurped a single drop of sweat out of her navel, I paused a moment and looked into Alex’s reddened face. I dared to ask naughtily, “Is it true that pregnant woman…eh’hem, I mean…” I cleared my throat. “…do you feel more lust since you’re…“ I kissed her belly. “I…I read that there is more blood in the labia during the pregnancy and therefore some women are turned on the whole time.”

“Do you want to take a look at my labia and see if they are filled with more blood?” Alex asked sneakily, and I blushed directly. But I reached for the smooth material of her nightgown which was only draped around her midriff. I pulled it deeper, also tugged her panties and moved it over her firm butt. I suppressed my jubilation because Alex helped me with lifting her pelvis.

After I’d unwrapped her, her eyes fell to half-mast. My lips parted slightly as I became transfixed by the outline of Alex’s naked forms. I watched, just watched over many minutes along my sensual senior partner, who lay before me, awaiting the next step. I was overwhelmed. Saw the slightly spread legs and could just foresee what would await me between them. I saw the beautiful little belly with life inside. Rested my gaze on her a bit bigger than normal breasts and the loveliest face of the whole world. She gave me such a sweet smile and reached with her hand for me that I crawled back to her.

Laying on my side our lips met again and an edacious kiss began.

After an eternity, I felt Alex’s hands on my hips and she tried to drag down my boxers. It was just fair, that I also got naked. I broke the kiss, what was even more than just lips on lips and playing tongues, to push them over my butt and threw them somewhere behind me.

As I looked back into Alex’s face I saw her big eyes and her mouth deformed to an O. Warily she reached with her petite hand for my penis and I just sank into paradise. She closed her fingers around me. Dear, she couldn’t span completely my growing shaft.

Alex moved her warm hands slowly up and down. I sank back into the sheets and just enjoyed her ministration for a while. Jeez, was that real? Did I really lay completely naked in the bed of my partner, my friend? And did that woman, that pregnant woman stroke me in that moment so phenomenally? Oh god, she felt so good. My heart was in my mouth.

“Oh…okay, Alex. Pl…please stop now, or…” I panted, and opened my eyes again. I saw that Alex sucked her lower lip. She was really concentrated but I also could spot a naughty feature around her nose.

“You’re having fun?” I pressed between clenched teeth.

“Mhm…much,” she repeated teasingly.

I smirked and rose unwillingly.

“And what is with you?” She winked at me.

“M…much more…” I pointed on my complete erected sex. Grabbing around her waist, I pulled Alex onto my frame. Oh that felt so amazing as her heated body lay onto mine. I couldn’t say where my mouth ended and Alex’s began. Our tongues were interwoven. Every further swirling created more butterflies in my stomach and let my cock throb. I felt Alex’s quickly beating heart as my surrounding arms pressed her incredible breasts on my chest. I knew she wanted me just as badly as I wanted her. I really was in heaven. Her soft belly on mine – indescribable and then I felt her hot and moist center pressing against my manhood.

“Shit…” I gasped, but started to move my pelvis up and down, caressed with my burst sensitive dick along the feathery flesh of Alex’s labia. Alex looked deep into my eyes and responded these movements. We knew exactly what we did there.

As I dove between her folds and touched with my tip the little spot with all the ending nerves, we both yelled of lust. Breathing was so difficult and to feel all of these familiar regions of the body of a woman…of a woman I lust over so long…of finally the right woman made it not easier.

I closed Alex tightly in my arms and pressed her for a few endless moments against me. Then I rolled around with her. We shared another stunning kiss and then I moved deeper, got between her spread and bend legs up on my knees.

Taking my penis in my hands I spoiled Alex’s whole abdomen with my hard tip, never breaking the eye contact. I moved my glans up and down her blazing cleft. I circled it along her throbbing clit and dipped it just a hint into her spilling core. I knew that her paradise was waiting for me.

I withdrew myself and stroked my cock again along her burning flesh, getting a rotating pelvis as response. Alex maneuvered me exactly at the places she needed.

I took my last clear thoughts as I asked: “Did you ever wonder...oh Alex.” I sighed. “D…did you ever imagine…what we would be like together…?”

“A million times…oh Bobby, please enter me…” Alex answered insanely. “It so true that I’m much hornier since the pregnancy but I only lust on you…”

Pleased because of that statement, I pulled Alex closer and heightened the pressure on her clit even more. “Oh Alex…but n…not yet,” I stuttered. “First you! W…when I n…now penetrate you, everything is over. I would explode. Th…there…” I rubbed again my quivering tip over her throbbing nub and her soft and saturated folds. “…there you’re much more sensitive.”

A long and deep sigh escaped Alex’s throat. She pressed her head into the pillow, her hips began to rock franticly and her legs shake. The flavor of her ecstasy saturated the room. Carefully I moved two of my fingers inside her wetness and waited.

I could feel everything. The slowly building up of contraction, the more flowing of Alex’s nectar. My fingers were caught by Alex’s muscles and I stroked my bursting rod left and right along her clit – up and down. She was nearly on coming and I didn’t refuse my perfect partner that liberating orgasm.

As Alex’s explosion was over, I snuggled beside her, my frame half onto her delicate one. I wanted our bodies close like that. I wiped a single sweaty strand out of her eyes and kissed her featherlike on her red swollen lips. Just watching her orgasm almost pushed me over the edge and as Alex opened her eyes again time stood still.

Like in strobe light, I noticed that Alex rolled me on my back. One arm caressed my chest, played with my hard nipples the other moved to the wooden nightstand and she rummaged into the drawer. As her hand came back out of it, there was a black condom. Alex opened the package with her teeth and again her warm and gentle fingers touched me. But what me drove really crazy was that before Alex rolled the rubber over me, she sank her head to my crouch and let me glide inside her mouth. Her hair closed that intimate and for me very special ministration like a curtain for my gaze but the feeling was indescribable.

“Oh my God…fuck,” I moaned. She sucked and licked me with pleasure just a short moment but I wasn’t able to control my body any longer.
Alex released me smacking and straddled me. She swung one of her legs over me and sat down my thighs. She glided a bit closer and massaged my belly. Then she lifted her pelvis and grabbed for my upright standing, glowing lance, moving it to her dripping opening.
Our eyes locked as she sat consumingly slowly down on me. All went black, as Alex slipped over me and I entered her moist and burning tightness. I lay my hands on Alex’s bended thighs and moved my thumbs to her clit. I provoked a deep moaning and got lost in our lust. I reached finally the goal I dreamed so long. I was together with Alex – was inside my partner and we shared our bodies. She started to ride me deliberately, got up and I thrust carefully from below. Every new meeting let Alex winch and me shiver.

“Ohhhh…” I heard a very long sigh from Alex and took my gaze off of her slightly swinging breasts which attracted me magically and searched for her eyes. There were tears inside and I froze.

I sat up and closed Alex in my arms. “D…did I hurt you?” I asked alarmed, and wanted to withdraw myself, but Alex wrapped her legs closer.

“No, don’t go…” she whispered in my ear and nuzzled her face in my neck. “I…I thought they were dead...” she sobbed.

“Who?” I stroked the soft skin of her back in lazy circles.

“I nearly forgot their existence.”

I still looked puzzled at her.

“The…the points, the pleasure points deep inside me,” she breathes. “Bobby, you awaken them again.”
I took Alex’s chin in my palm and kissed gently her slightly parted lips.

“Do you know how happy you made me? You’re the one, Alex the one and only.” I closed her tighter in my arms and laid my dream girl on her back. We entangled our fingers and I began to thrust deep and deeper inside her, heightening the tempo and changing the angle with every new movement. This way I maneuvered Alex to a second summit. As I felt first contractions of her inner muscles I also allowed myself to relax and gave up the control to my body and needs.

I exploded deep inside her. I couldn’t remember how long it goes, couldn’t remember what I moaned or how loud I was. I just could conjure that Alex’s and my eyes were linked the whole time and that I felt endless happiness mixed with pure perfection.

As I was able to speak again I didn’t know what to say. There were to much new information and feelings. I rolled off of Alex and pulled her close. With her head on my chest we felt asleep happily and relaxed. Tomorrow we have to talk about the next steps but now we just wanted to enjoy this new stadium in our partnership.

The end

Thanks for taking the time and reading: The Cramp

We will read us again, Antje
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