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Having a hard time getting started with your letters? Don’t know what to say? We thought we’d help you get jumpstarted with a stroll down memory lane.

Goren tossing the binder at Sonny in Gone

Dance of the Merry Widow in Unrequited

From Proud Flesh
Eames: You know what I like to do to bugs? I like to watch my partner squash them.

Goren throwing the crumpled paper at Eames' chair in FPS

Goren using the bolt cutters in But Not Forgotten

From No Exit
Eames: You can do your little dance in hell now…

Goren kicking in the door in Yesterday

Eames rolling her eyes at Goren's “sharks don’t have scales” remark in Smothered

The shoe store scene from Anti-Thesis

Goren touching Eames and asking her if she is alright in Pas de Deux

Goren licking the frosting/glue in Sound Bodies

Eames and Goren smiling together in Rocket Man

Everything is blue in Endgame

From Person of Interest
(referring to notes on Goren's desk)
Eames: Admirers?
Goren: No, reporters. They want a comment.
Eames: Can they print a hand gesture?

Do you have a favorite CI moment? A favorite scene or line?

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