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10 Word Ficlets; Bobby Goren/Alex Eames

I saw that challenge on copperized  LJ and loved the idea so much I did my own 10 with not more than 10 words.

Write 10 different categories of fic, each in 10 words or less.

[01] Angst
[02] AU
[03] Crack!fic
[04] Crossover
[05] First Time
[06] Fluff
[07] Humour
[08] Hurt/Comfort
[09] Smut
[10] UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension)

[01: Angst]
Everything was blue as I stepped into his mother empty room.

[02: AU]
“Captain Eames, Special-Agent Goren is now expecting you.”

[03: Crack!fic]
Briefs or Boxers, Bobby?

[04: Crossover]
“Hey Alex, Prof. Eppes will help us with our case.”

[05: First Time]
“Close, good Bobby. You’re a natural at the diaper-front.”

[06: Fluff]
His strong arms lifted her and she snuggled even closer.

[07: Humor]
“Somebody performed brain surgery on him with a .357 Magnum.”

[08: Hurt/Comfort]
He massaged her swollen pregnant feet extensively.

[09: Smut]
His frozen ears melt between her blazing thighs. (dedicated to sipman  and one of her 100 Winter Sports/ Olympics Challenge)

[10: UST]
Raising hackles every time when he whispered in her ear.
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