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From Hell

Marsha, I thank you so much for your fast and wonderful help.

This was a Livejournal law & order 100 Challenge entry from me. But the 100 words were not enough. I had so much fun with writing that I extend it.

Summary: A Jack the Ripper/CI story. Alex is the new Sergeant from Inspector Robert Goren. She has a big secret and a killer sneaks through London. B/A in later chapters.

Disclaimer: I earn no money from this thing, nor do I profit in any other way from it. Involved persons are only borrowed and always go back to their owner.

A/N1: From Hell what a movie. I hope you know the scene with Johnny Depp and the taste of grapes of the lips of one of the dead woman.

A/N2: There are a lot of true facts and real person in this story. I get my information from Wikipedia and Patricia Cornwell: Portrait of a Killer.Jack the Ripper.Case Closed, 2002

If you want more information, go in your library or use the www. This is just a little drabble from me and I take a few places and persons and put it together with Bobby and Alex. This is no scientific report.

 A/N3: Okay something history and so OOC, I know but I enjoy the time shift and my both favoured modern Detectives.

 A/N4: The first story I write from the first moment in English, only in English.


Your comments make me glad. Have fun with my story and please review...

Title: From Hell

Challenge Theme: Villain Crossover

Characters: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren

Rating: M

From Hell


1. First contact


It‘s Saturday the 8th September 1888. She should report in Whitechapel, Hanburg Street 29. She was assigned to a new Inspector, Inspector Robert Goren. He had a reputation as a loner, not a team player.


She arrived at the scene of crime at eight o’clock in the morning. A very tall man in a dark and expensive suit kneels over a dead body, which lies in a doorway. There is blood everywhere. She swallows hard and fights back the nausea. C’mon Alex, pull yourself together, this is not the first dead woman you've seen and this is your chance. Now you are finally at Scotland Yard. You are no more just a Constable. You preserved your secret for the last several years. God, five years and no one knows it.


She notes how the man bends down his nose to the mouth of the prostitute and sniffs it. How he takes his index finger, rubs it over the lips of the hooker and licks it.


“Wine and grapes?...write it down.”, he says, still examining the body.


“Sir?” Alex is a bit confused. Did he speak to her? He gives her no sign that he even notices her presence.


Robert Goren stands up and walks over to her. His trousers are bloods stained, but he seems oblivious it. He just takes his handkerchief and cleans his hands.


“You must be Alexander Eames, my new Sergeant. This is the second dead woman in one week with the same Modus Operandi and I have only these letters.”


He hands her the one he found next Annie Chapman’s dead body.


Alex reads it and her eyes rest at the signature: ~Jack the Ripper~


As his new assistant reads the few lines from this monster, Bobby checks him out. He has short blond hair, is very short and very thin, but his face is as beautiful as an angel.


He will try to work with him. He has to. This is his last chance. He drove the last six Sergeants away with his eccentric ways. With Eames he wants to do better.


“Sorry…hallo, I am Inspector Robert Goren and this is…” and he points to the dead woman “…is Annie Chapman. She was found at six a.m. On August 31st we found Mary Ann Nichols.”


Alex steps toward her new Inspector and shakes his hand. She kneels next to Annie’s body and sniffs out her mouth too. “What do you think, Sir; red wine or white wine?” She rises again, takes her notebook and a pencil to write his comments down.


Bobby likes Eames initiative. Maybe they could be a good team? “Red wine…” he says “…I think she drank red wine and don’t call me Sir, okay.”


“Well, Inspector what should we do next?”


“We drive back to the Yard and I'll show you the other letters and the photos from Mary Ann Nichols…Eames, is it Irish?”


“Yes.” She says a bit perplexed, because of the sudden shift. “But I've lived my whole life in London.”


“Good, so you know the city. This is important for me because I don't want to explain too much.”


Alex feels Goren's discerning eyes looking her over. She tries to shake the feeling that he can see right through her...Does he know it? No, why should he!


Bobby feels that something is wrong with this young man. He can't quite put his finger on it, but given time he knows he will figure it out...


They both climb into the carriage. What a luxury, Alex thinks. She doesn’t get to ride something like this very often. Her father was a police man too, just a Bobby. First in Dublin and then twenty years in London and her mother washes the clothes for other people. She raised Alex and her four brothers and sisters and did a good job of it.




After she read all the Ripper letters and Inspector Goren invited her to the conference with Assistant Commissioner Melville Leslie Macnaghten, they drove to the hospital, to see Annie Chapman’s body.


On their way Inspector Goren shows her a lot of photographs of Mary Ann.


“She was found at 31st August, 3:40 a.m. On the floor in front of a closed stable entrance in the Buck’s Row. Her throat was cut deep..." and he shows her a close-up “…and her abdomen had three small slashes in her groin area, which exposed her intestines.” 


“Yes, I see.” Alex takes the pictures and studies them.


Bobby was testing his new assistant. The last two would have thrown up, if he had shown them such pictures. He is impressed with Alexander.


“What do you think Sir, was it a knife or a scalpel?”


“What do you think? And please, don’t call me Sir.”


“So…sorry.” Alex apologizes and smiles nervously at her handsome boss. “It looks like a scalpel. The cuts are very precise.”


“Yes, I also think that it was a medical instrument.” The carriage comes to a stop. “We're here, The London Hospital. We have to go to the cellar. I hope the doctor is not drunk, like the last time.”


They both descend the stairs and the smell of decay grows stronger. As they open the door to the hall with the dead bodies, they run into a wall of indescribable stench.


Alex wants to run away to escape from this hell. But she notes that the huge Inspector takes his handkerchief and covers his nose and mouth with it. She does the same.


“Damn…what a nightmare.” he swallows hard. “Doc, where is our dead woman?”


“Here Sir.” and the little man, who looks like a gnome folds back the bleed sheet from Annie Chapman’s body.


“Oh God.” Alex gasps as flies swarm around them.


“What can you say about her, Dr. Phillips?” Bobby asks.


Alex once again takes her notebook and pencil to take more notes.


Bobby likes his new assistant more each minute. He knows what is expected of him without having to be told.


“She is 5 feet tall…” – only a few inches smaller than you Alex – “…older than 40 but no 50. She had tuberculosis. She has a deep cut in her throat.”


“Like Mary Ann.” Bobby whispers.


“Her abdomen was cut open and she was completely disembowelled.”


“Her intestines have been thrown over her right shoulder.” Alex noted. This first look at Annie she will never forget.”


“Her murderer had taken her womb and parts of her muscle around the bellybutton with him.”


“God” Alex moans. She subconsciously moves her hands over her own abdomen; she once again has to suppress the urge to flee this horrible place, this hell. Unfortunately, this time she can't do it.


“Inspector, I have to go…I can’t…sorry.” And she flees up the stairs taking them three at a time.

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