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top 10 One True Pairings

Snagged it from untapdtreasure ,hargiteam_43 and cifan70.

1. List 10 ONE TRUE PAIRINGS that you admire
2. Put them all in order (10 through 1, 1 being your favorite)
3. Supply photos for said people
4. Post your favorite quote (I'm bad in quoting)
5. Tag 5 people to do this (Please do it. It is fun.)

[10] Mac & Stella: CSI: New York

I know they are really good friends and just to see that melt my heart. I'm not a hard core sipper of them but I would like to see a bit more...

[09] Ranma & Akane: Ranma 1/2

To honor my shippy anime youth. I always wanted that they become a couple and these two just stand for a lot of more drawn couples I'd like to see together.

[08] Alan Shore & Danny Crane: Boston Legal

Okay, I don't ship them in a romantic way, but they have these sleeping parties and this friendship can't be distroied.

[07] Prof. Karl Friedrich Börne & Alberich (Silke Haller): Tatort Münster

He makes jojes about dwarfs and she kicks his shin. They work fine together.

[06] Spencer & JJ: Criminal Minds

I know she is married and has a child but in earlier season Reid had a crush...

[05] Bosco & Faith: Third Watch

Sigh, Germany never aired the later seasons.

[04] Nick & Kat: Cold Case

There is something between them I can't describe and it's not ice like the picture.

[03] Charlotte Säner & Fritz Dellwo: Tatort Münster

She seams to be cold and he a redneck but behind their masks...and they lifed under one roof.

[02] Lynley & Havers: The Inspector Lynley Mysteries/Elizabeth George’s books

They are so different but grew together to friends.

[01] Bobby & Alex: Law & Order: Criminal Intent

What should I say. They are just my number one. But I think you all knew that.
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