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New Header for Unofficially Kathryn

I really like the wonderful Unofficially Kathryn board. At 1st May, untapdtreasure, the mod started a challenge for the new header of the board. We had one month for creating something. These were the rules:
  • you may use any image of Kathryn Erbe that you wish.
  • you may submit up to 4 headers for this competition
  • the size must be 700 px wide by 300 px tall
  • the header must read Unofficially Kathryn (no other words please)
  • you can have animation on this header if you so desire
  • your entries are due on May 31st at 8pm cst
  • all members can enter
Because I really love to play with photoshop, just started a few months ago, and Kathryn is always a wonderful motif I entered four entries. (First the instructions told us ‘three entries) but I couldn’t decide which header I shouldn’t enter, so untapd was so nice to change that.

Now the poll is over and so I can show my entries.
Click to enlarge.

unofficially 1

unofficially 2

unofficially 3

unofficially 4

Tags: artwork, header/banner, kathryn
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