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Boston Legal - Good Bye


...yesterday I managed to watch the last episode of Boston Legal.

Season five of David E. Kelley's attorney show run this Spring in German TV. I loved that show from the beginning. Dear, James Spader as Alan Shore, any more questions? He is brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. William Shatner, that guy is nearly 80 and hot. But season five was really amazing. All these little gags, that this season would be the final. Yes, that were 13 great episodes which honored the whole ensemble.

I was really curious about the last episode and managed to waste the last taping. You had seen my face last Tuesday as I recognized my stupidity. My first plan was to download a Torrent...but that didn't worked out...no Seeders. So we borrowed happily a copy from a video store, yesterday.

Last Call was good, not brilliant but good and the whole loving inside melt my heart. The double wedding of Shirley + Carl and Danny + Alan...really romantic. Danny will get his Alzheimer drugs and Jerry + Katie shared a first gentle kiss.

The Chinese made their own blue hour but in the end Danny and Alan danced in the dark. What a friendship...
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