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Major Case Caching - Chapter 3: Squealing like a little girl

Chapter 3: Squealing like a little girl
POV: Alex
Rating: T
Word Count: 1805
A/N: Follow the links and you can read about the single geocaches. I used only caches which where placed May 2005. I was never in Harriman State park, but I would like to cache inside. I hope the path is plausible.

“Do you want the last apple slice?” I asked Bobby, and held out the plate to my partner. There had been one apple left in my lunch box. As Bobby had been outside getting the water, I’d washed the fruit under the pump handle and dissected it in many pieces. Bobby had avoided the water question as he came back with the full pitcher and seen me at the sink.

“Thanks,” he said, and smacked his lips with relish. He got up and reached for the dishes.

“No no,” I protested. “You cooked, I’ll do the washing-up.”

“Cooking? I just warmed up a canned soup but okay you do the dishwashing.” Bobby retracted his hands from the empty bowls. “I’ll also go have a swim around the lake to freshen up.” He stepped toward the sideboard, opened the wall cupboard above and reached for another towel. “Here are a few candles. The matches are on the shelf next to the stove.” Bobby laid three thick beeswax candles on the sideboard. Then his left hand moved unconsciously to his neck and he started to massage it. I tried to catch his eye because I knew something was bothering my partner immensely. “Sorry, that it’s so rustic here,” he said behind half closed lids.

I was a bit surprised and perplexed. My eyes wandered again through the small but very clean and cozy cabin. Everything was made of wood, the walls, the floor and the roof. Within the 80 square feet was space for a table, three stools, a little but functional kitchen, much storage room and one…one bed. Okay, there was no power and no running water, but we were in a National Park and miles away from civilization.

“I…I like the country-style, Bobby. It’s warm and safe and the cabin is much better than going back all those miles to the car in wet clothes and shoes. It was the right decision to come the short way to the hut, rather than go back to the car,” I assured.

“Phew, okay,” Bobby breathed a sigh of relief. “I…I just want you to feel good about it.”

“I do…I do.” I rose and stepped to the pump. I pumped some water and started to heat it so I could do the dishwashing with warm water.

“All right, then I’m outside, in the lake.”

I nodded and smiled behind my nervous partner. I lighted two oil lamps and one candle which I placed beside the sink. One of the lamps hung over the table and the other stood on the sideboard. The rapidly gathering darkness was shut out.

Actually I wanted to stop myself from peeking over at Bobby but the sink was exactly over the window. So I found myself not only admiring the twinkling stars but also scanning the waterline and the dock for Bobby. I couldn’t spot more than his dark outline in front of the darker surroundings but his indistinct movements made me long for more.

But I lowered my gaze again to the dirty bowls. I was aware that I stood in light and was very easily visible from Bobby’s position.

I had just cleaned the pot as I heard a big splash and a loud scream from my partner. I laughed out loud. Yes, the first moment in the fresh water was very thrilling.


I had found the fitted pillows for the bench on the porch and a cuddly quilt in the sideboard. I curled up and in soft candle light I waited for Bobby.

I waited just a few minutes then I saw a dark but familiar shape approaching and heard the shuffling of Bobby’s slight limping gait.

“Refreshed?” I asked in the shadows.

“Very, but you were right. The first moment was…woah!”

“You squealed like a little girl,” I giggled, and snuggled deeper into the blanket.

“Hey, when you jumped into the lake the sun was still up.” Bobby got closer and closer so I could see the candle light in his dark and endless eyes. He rested one hand on the backrest and the other on the seat, trapping me. I was caught and my eyes glued on Bobby's open shirt. He hadn't buttoned up the green shirt and a black tee peaked through.

“As if there'd be a difference in the water temperature,” I teased him undaunted, and craned my neck towards him.

As revenge Bobby rubbed his moist and scrubby hair along my cheeks and throat. I squeaked and squirmed under him.

“Now who's squealing like a little girl, Eames?” he laughed.

“You play foul, Goren.” I pressed my palms against Bobby’s chest and fought against him. But he was stronger than me and wetted me even more with his moist hair. In addition he moved his icy palms up my warm arms. As Bobby slightly leaned away from me I used the opportunity to tug him onto the bench. As quick as possible I climbed onto his lap and straddled him. Now I wore the pants.

I tried to tickle his sides, and back but then Bobby caught me off guard.

„Mhm, you make a big impression on me. I would say you’re getting quite a ride.”

I panted for air and my eyes snapped open. Suddenly I was aware that I was sitting with my legs spread wide, and no panties, on my partner of five years.

”But for me you don’t need any tricks to get things started. I think you know all my sweet spots,” Bobby whispered in my ear, and his inquiring fingers ran slowly over my back toward my butt.

Bobby took me by surprise I didn’t know what to response. I just felt my shocked white face switch to a blush.

“C’mon Alex, you’re not gonna be a prude about it.” He cupped my backside and rose with me in his arms as if I weight nothing. I yelped, frightened, and in more of a reflex, wrapped my hot thighs around his waist. “Do you want more tea?” Bobby asked, completely serious again, and set me carefully back on the bench.

I could only shake my head and point on the floor where I had placed two mugs and the teapot. “N...no, I made a new pot.” I reached clumsily for Bobby’s mug and passed it to him, deliberately not touching him.

“Thanks,” he said, and sat down next to me. “I loved how you played Joanna Manotti in the interrogation room.”

I couldn’t believe that Bobby remembered the naughty words I’d spoken at his request to the second Mrs. John Manotti over a half year ago and that he would repeat them now in such a shameless way. Still insecure I arranged the quilt anew and allowed Bobby to join me underneath.

He slipped closer and we both gazed into the stars. As my heart beat normally again and my core stopped burning, I rested my head against Bobby’s shoulder and allowed myself to relax. I told myself that he was just bantering with me and hadn’t noticed my exposed center at his belly.

I cleared my throat and then began to speak again. “Tonight is like that starlit night in late November when you were…you were,” I stalled. “T…trapped in Brooklyn federal prison. I…I was so afraid that you wouldn’t get out safely, Bobby. I felt so helpless. I couldn’t do anything. You were inside, I outside.” I fingered under the blanket for Bobby’s hand and held it tight. "They didn't want to open the door."

He squeezed my hand in response and then laid his arm around my shoulder. With the new moon crescent above us, Bobby leaned over and brushed his soft lips gently against my temple. I jerked and groaned because he accidentally rubbed the bruise on my left upper arm.

“Oh I’m so sorry, Alex,” he said appalled, circling his elegant fingertips into the shirt and around the bruise. He pulled the flannel a little lower to kiss the blue mark. “Let me kiss away your pains.”

I sighed again this time not because of pain.

“We were just a heartbeat away from being hurt.” I heard Bobby taking a deep breath and talking as if he hadn’t just kissed my bare shoulder. “There was that closed gate in front of us and the four wardens with their clubs behind.”

“But your words saved you, Gina and Logan from danger.” Like always, I added in my mind and sighed.

“Yes, luckily! Baum, Clay and De La Cruz saw my point and when Plumm was alone…he lost his power,” Bobby shrugged his shoulders wearily. “But let’s think about something nicer.”

I nodded and nuzzled my cheek into Bobby’s chest.

“How many caches did we find today?”

“Eh’hem?” I frowned, and started to count. “We started with Dater’s Mine and were lucky finding it.”

“It’s always a good sign, finding the first cache.”

I snorted. We’d had more Founds than Not Founds but I hadn’t felt good after the last cache.

“Then we were at the Music cache.”

“Right, that was a nice box.” I remembered the big metallic first aid kit. “We took a little break on the bank of Lake Sebago before crossing the 7 Lake Road.”

“Mhm, I loved your home-made chocolate muffins.” I could imagine how Bobby licked his lips. “You don’t have two left for breakfast tomorrow?” He played with my hair.

“Nope, you ate them all,” I giggled, and snuggled closer my warm partner.

“We had made this trip one month later. We could have enjoyed the blueberries. There were a million bushes on the way to Iko – Iko.” Bobby curiously traced my auricle and set me aflame.

“I love blueberries,” I replied lamely. “But picking them is so hard on the back.”

“I’m really curious about that Mystery Cache.”

“What happened there…1974?”

“December 1st. Damn, we didn’t find the box and figured it out.”

“Maybe we’ll find something on the web, when we’re at home,” I suggested.

“It should be a Regular box. How could we miss a one quart box?” Bobby was still grumpy about not finding the cache. “Don’t get stumped,” he murmured the Hint to himself under his not existing bread.

I stroked his thigh to calm him. “The Pole Cat Farm and Barnes Mines were easy.”

“So was the Rockhouse Mountain Cache.”

“And we also found the other three mine caches.” I showed Bobby nine fingers.

Bobby reached for my right thumb to stretch it like the rest. “We found the Green Wood Mine Cache, too.”

“Right…but I paid a high price for that one.”

Bobby burst out laughing. “You should have seen your face.”

“That’s not funny, Goren.”

“No, it’s not…just a little bit,” he screamed, and wriggled because I jabbed his side. “Get off.”

“You got what you deserved,” I clarified.
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