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Major Case Caching - Chapter 4: To make the bed

Chapter 4: To make the bed.
POV: Bobby
Rating: T
Word Count: 780
A/N: A short chapter before the long and steamy one will come.

After a little while on the bench, Alex lifted her feet to rest them in my lap.

“Are you freezing?”

“Just a little bit, but here with your body heat and the blanket I could stay forever,” Alex said, and yawned behind the back of her hand for the third time. Then she reclined and stared again into the stars.

Brave like never before, I slipped my hands under the cover and ran my warm palms over Alex’s bare legs. I started by the smooth skin of her thigh, moved my hands over her knee and then over her strong calf. At the end I held her little feet and played with her cold toes. I pressed my thumbs against the balls of her feet and elicited a deep moaning. That was the sexiest noise I’d ever heard of my partner.

I opened my eyes again, because during the massage I just wanted to experience the touch. I noticed Alex’s dark eyes full of desire behind half closed lids. She parted her mouth slightly and I gasped wildly for air as her sweet tongue moistened her lips.

I managed to twist Alex’s eyes as I rubbed the sole of her feet more firmly. The night temperatures fell under 60 degrees but neither one of us was freezing at that moment. But I wanted to hear that moaning escape her throat once again. So I moved my palms a short distance higher and kneaded Alex’s ankles and then her calves.

I felt how my partner tensed a bit as my fingertips reached the hollows of her knees but she relaxed as I started to massage her shin and calf.

“Mhm, that feels really good, Bobby. The world lost a great masseur in you,” Alex purred raspily, and sank even deeper, her bare butt getting closer my hips.

That was more than I could stand. I wrapped the blanket around Alex’s legs and arose. More controlled than I ever thought. I was scalding hot inside, but managed to say: “It’s late. I think I’ll build the bed.” But I wasn’t tired in any way. Alex’s bedroom eyes didn’t speak of any sleepiness, either. She just nodded in agreement and blessedly didn’t request me to continue with my massage. I knew if she had asked for more body contact, I’d touched her everywhere.

Inside the little cabin, I leaned against the counter for a short moment to breathe deeply. My heart pounded wildly and I still could feel Alex everywhere, her legs on my lap, her soft skin under my fingers.

I lit the oil lamp over the table once again so we would have more light. Alex had blown out the candles, as she settled on the porch.

I swung open the bed and reached for the blanket, two pillows, a sheet and my old Army sleeping bag. In two minutes I was finished making the bed with army precision. There were some things I could never forget.

As I fluffed the pillow again, Alex entered the hut with the cushions under one arm and the quilt under the other. She stepped to the counter where I placed my sleeping bag. She wanted to stuff the pillows where she’d found them.

“No, leave them outside, I wanted to sleep on them,” I said, and stepped closer my partner.

She pulled the pillows closer her chest and looked surprised. Then she peeked over the counter and onto the sleeping berth I’d built her.

“And where are you going to sleep, Bobby, outside on the bench?” she asked perplexed.

“No, here on the floor.” I grabbed my green bag.

Alex glanced again at me and inside the bed and then rolled her eyes. “Okay, the bed is not as wide as my queen size bed at home, but I think we would fit together and if someone sleeps on the floor it’s me.” She planted one hand on her hips and looked at me closely, eyes slightly narrowed. “You never complained, but I noted that your limping got worse on the last mile.”

“But you’re the guest, Eames and you were the one with the mud pack.” I wanted to hold her gaze but lowered my eyes on the ground.

“Bobby, either we share the bed, or I’ll sleep on the floor.”

“All right,” I capitulated to my Senior. I reached for the quilt and laid it on the bed, too.

“I'll get the mugs and the candles,” I said over my shoulder, and left the cabin once more. But before I collected the dishes, I went over to the outhouse, my eyes glued again on the point where Alex’s panties hung to dry.
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