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Major Case Caching - Chapter 5: Going on another treasure hunt

Chapter 5: Going on another treasure hunt
POV: Bobby
Rating: M
Word Count: 3420
A/N: The third fantasy is written after an idea of Carolyn Graham's: The Envy of the Stranger.

Back in the hut again, there was just one last candle burning. I peeked through wall unit and cupboard and saw Alex snuggling in the middle of the bed. I smirked, “You took the middle?” and got an eye-rolling as response.

As quick as possible and as unspectacular as possible I peeled out of my green shirt and the grey Cargo shorts. I could feel Alex’s gaze on me and heard her shifting. I blew out the candle and climbed in the bed. She made room for me on the left side.

“It’s so quiet,” Alex whispered in the dark, and turned around. She nestled her petite and warm body closer to mine and laid her hand onto my shoulder. Her head rested on my chest and I wrapped my right arm around her waist.

Alex was still in my button-down because her own clothes were still damp. She was so close and smelled so deliciously of the clear water of the lake, hot sun and Alex. I’d been afraid that I would react awkwardly, but I really could relax and calm down.

“I love the silence,” I murmured back. “In the city it’s so hard to calm down, but here…”

“I can’t endure total silence. The first thing I do in the morning after waking up or when I come home after work is to turn on the radio. In silence I hear my own insecurity and fear…and I realize that I’m alone…” she said with soft voice.

“Oh,” I gulped.

“I still need an audio book to go to bed,” Alex laughed, and brushed aside her moment of pain as quickly as it arose. There had been a few moments when my partner opened her shield of irony and toughness, but I never could catch such a moment and comfort her. And even now after Alex had handed it to me on a plate, I passed. I noted that she tensed and didn’t breathe. She waited anxiously for my response. She wasn’t ready to open her soul to me, so I didn’t want to pressure her.

“Audio books, really?” I asked, trying to sound surprised. “And what are you listening right now?”

“Anais…” Alex replied in a normal voice disguising her relieve. That changed to muffled embarrassment in the next second: “Nin,” in my black T-shirt. I couldn’t see her blushing, but I knew that her little nose was red.

“Delta of Venus or the not so explicit stuff?” I chuckled in the night.

“The Erotica,” Alex answered slowly. “I read the books years ago, but listening to the little episodes is also really…nice.” She cleared her throat.


“There is no aha, I’m an adult woman.”

“You are.”

“And when I want, I can listen to Anais Nin's stories every night.”

“That is right.”

“I don’t have to be ashamed!”

“So why are you red like a tomato?” I had to suppress my laughing.

“Hey, you can’t see me, Goren. You don’t know.”

“But I’m right!”

“Hmpf, for that you have to tell me a bedtime story,” she said jauntily.


“Please,” Alex whispered smoothly, and rubbed my shoulder tenderly. How could I refuse?

“Do you want to listen to something steamy” I said with a low voice, but I sounded like a smeary bon vivant. Alex chuckled and her whole body shook. How badly I wanted to wrap her tighter, pulling her up and just kissing her. But that moment passed. Instead I made it a bit more complicated.

“I like you wearing my shirt.” I caressed her whole back and also stroked her hardly covered behind, aware again of her complete nudeness under my flannel. I imagined the champagne panties and asked myself if Alex also had red designer lingerie, sexy bras, garter belts and matching stocking underneath her lingerie. “You’re looking hot, but I have to confess, I’d loved to see you in Merritt's golden Honey suit.”

Alex gasped surprised, and propped on her elbow. She blinked two times and wanted to respond, but I added: “You were the most beautiful woman in the Merritt’s casa. In each case I…I would put you on a cover before those bimbos…” I cleared my throat.

“Th…thanks,” Alex stuttered, and turned on her side, her face toward the counter away from me.

I also got on my side and snuggled behind. A barely noted jerk hit Alex’s body as I spooned her.

“Why have we had so many cases in the last months involving sex?” I slipped my arm under the blanket and draped it daringly around Alex’s hips.


I thought her sound was a protest, wanting me to remove my arm, but I sighed in relief as Alex entangled our hands and moved them to her tummy.

“Eh’hem, sex is one of the most common reasons for murder and we solve murder. Do you really think there were so many of these cases?”

“It felt so concentrated.” I pulled Alex’s back closer my chest. “In early January, we had that sex-box and the whole vampire club with partner swapping.”


“Just a few days later we got Sally Moore's file on our desks which directed to the cook Josh Mailer and the family secret around his wife and her father.”

“And in March we learned that it could be even worse. God, what Frank McNare did over thirty years with those many young women.” I felt Alex shudder.

Then silence hit the little cabin. Alex’s belly sank and rose deep and deeper and I thought she felt asleep. But then a hopeless sigh of Alex cut my thoughts.

“Why does everyone think about sex?”

“Because it’s the best and most exciting thing you can have.” I answered as a matter of fact.

“Mh…you think so?”

I gulped unsettled and felt as if I’d said something wrong. “O…of course,” I replied carefully. “You don’t think so?”

Alex didn’t reply immediately. She freed my hand and turned back to me. We lay so close our noses nearly touched. My heart pounded a few extra beats while my stomach swirled around. I managed to smile at her.

“So sex is the thing you want most?”

I nodded and bit nervously my bottom lip. “Not you…?”

Alex sighed deeply again and shook her head. “I…it’s very difficult for me. I…I can’t have a…an orgasm.”

I gulped again. “No?”

“Okay,” she whispered, “when I masturbate, then…then after thirty minutes or an hour, or…” Alex laughed dryly, “…after a longer time I'm rewarded for one or two seconds with a very sweet feeling. But I wouldn’t call it mind-blowing or exciting. There is no contraction or shaking. Sometimes I think it’s not worth the trouble.”

“Oh,” I panted, and said the first thing that came into my head. “So you never came from…from the stimulation of a man? That is…that is…”



“It is.” Alex snuggled her face against my shoulder. She murmured into my tee, “I came twice with Joe, but we were so surprised that I couldn’t enjoy it.” I heard desperation, hopelessness and resignation. That couldn’t be. Alexandra Eames, that sensual, sexy and hot woman. What could I do to help? But to be honest my whole brain was flushed with the word masturbation...Eames masturbate.

I held my partner in my arms and rubbed gently her back. “Even with cunnilingus?” I really wanted to know. I dared to say that every woman I had stimulated that way had an orgasm. I knew a few women who didn’t cum as I’d penetrated them, but with my tongue and my lips I had given them highest ecstasies.

“No, that didn’t work either,” another deep sigh.

I stared into the dark and brooded intensely about that problem.

“Did you try to repeat what you did with Joe?”

“Often, very often but we failed.”

“But you had sex after Joe, didn’t you?”

Alex rested her chin on her palm and looked deeply into my eyes. “Yes, oh yes with a few guys,” she smiled. “Don’t make such a face!”

“What face?”

“As if…oh, forget it Bobby. It’s not that I have no fun with sex. It’s wonderful to feel the warm and strong arms of a man around my naked body. To kiss someone, to be so close, to share my body, to pleasure a man. The journey is the reward…” Alex stroked my face. “And the reward can be so wonderful, but sometimes I wish there was something more at the end.”

I pulled Alex on top of me and she straddled me naturally as if we enjoyed steamy meetings every night. Running my palms over her hot thighs I felt for the end of my flannel shirt. “I know that you aren’t wearing your panties,” I moaned, and pulled the shirt off of Alex’s rising body. I could feel her burning core against my belly and was fixed from her nude curves. I couldn't resist pressing my hips into hers and she instantly felt my desire for her.

“L…let me try to satisfy you, Alex,” I panted heavily, and tenderly moved my palms to her throat and then to her beautiful face. As my thumbs traced her soft lips and my fingertips caressed her cheekbones Alex closed her eyes. She reached for my hands and started to kiss my palms. I was in heaven.

I also sat up and pressed Alex’s petite frame against mine. Her creamy skin glowed and I felt so comfortable with Alex in my arms. Our lips smoothly found their way in the gloom and we shared a first enduring kiss. I kissed her with open eyes because I feared that this union was just a wonderful dream. But the trembling of my body and my hair standing on end showed me that I was awake, very awake.

Alex noted my slight reservation and also opened her eyes. She smiled and intensified our kiss. Alex parted her lips a little bit and her tongue invited me.

Just like on the porch an hour ago, my hands slowly ran down Alex’s back along her spine and rested on her delicate hips. I couldn’t believe how soft her skin was. But this time I didn’t break the moment with a joke.

There was no hesitation in Alex’s gaze just her warm brown eyes with the golden inclusions I had been fascinated with for years.

“What should I do…?” I breathed, and carefully kissed her sweet lips again. My heart raced.

“Just be careful, Bobby.” I felt her shuddering body.

I nodded, “Of course,” and cupped Alex’s butt. My lips locked with her neck and I rolled us over. I placed her tenderly back in the sheets and got on my knees.

“I think we both should be naked. That’s just fair.” I winked at Alex and could see a twinkle in her eyes as I pulled the tee over my head. The garment flew behind me somewhere in the hut, but I didn’t care. I slipped out of my boxers and my partner's nostrils quivered. Her sweet lips modeled a delicious O and I instantly kissed her affectionately.

“Lean back, Alex. I want to go on another treasure hunt,” I bit my lips in excitement. “First I have to get a general idea of the caching area,” I whispered in Alex’s mouth, and kissed her lips again. I nibbled my way deeper over chin and throat.

“Mhm, here in the nearby neighborhood are two soft mounds with perky red tips on their tops,” I smacked. Then I took Alex’s right nipple between my lips and sucked tenderly. What a feeling as that little yummy bud hardened in my mouth. I enclosed both of her breasts with my palms and pressed my face into the soft flesh.

“The exciting hilly and soft landscape changes into a flat pale plain. Oh, what is that? A mysterious sink hole in the middle called navel.”

Alex giggled because my five o’clock shadow tickled her, but she choked back her laugh and groaned breathlessly as I dipped my tongue deep inside her bellybutton.

I took my lips off Alex’s skin. “And there is the delta of seduction with the canyon of lust and the spring of ambrosia.” I just sniffed at Alex and became dizzy from her overwhelming scent. I didn’t touch her at that special region but her whole body started to shiver.

"Oh see, two sharp peninsulas." I stroked Alex's right leg down her knee. "Interesting, knobbed on one side and like silky tulip petals on the other." I bent Alex's leg and kissed the sensitive hollow of the knee. Her blood pulsed rapidly.

"The long peninsulas end in five tiny finger-structures."


"I mean toe-structures." I kissed every single of Alex's toes. "Where will I find the cache, Alex? Here on the unique Eames-Landscape are so many good hiding-possibilities."

"Bobby, I can't stand it any longer."

"Shhh, I'm not giving up, yet. I have to check a few more places."


"I'm just finished the half of my survey." I used her other leg for the return route. I moved the tip of my tongue over Alex's flawless skin from ankle to calf. When I reached the hollow of her knee, my lips melt with her flesh and I sucked the last path higher.

As I smelled Alex's vertiginous odor again, I caught her hips and turned my trembling partner on her belly. “Oh, here are more twin hills...” I kissed Alex on her buttocks. “…with the forbidden valley between, the hollow way for the male love arm. The split pillow flattened out into another strong plain, with the slight river bed, which weaves to the slender neck.”

I noted that Alex relaxed more and more under my massaging investigation of her back. She spread her legs very slightly and rested her head on her arms. Mhm, that was exactly one of the positions I adored for making love. I would just need her stunning ass a little higher. Stop thinking like that. Tonight is Alex’s night. Scrambling over her and nibbling at her round shoulders. I reached her ear and whispered again: “Where should I look closer for the cache I seek?”

Alex turned her head and opened her dark and sexy eyes. She swept her hair from her neck and groaned deeply as I followed that offer and sucked at the soft skin.

“Do you like that?” I asked after more sensual moaning, and sank my frame down against Alex.

“Very much.”

Not to crush Alex, I rolled on my back and pulled her on top. I closed my eyes and delighted in the feeling of having her naked in my warm embrace.

“Oh dear, I've never had sex with a friend,” she breathed, and I paused nibbling at her throat. “I mean I and Joe were friends, but lovers first.”

“Don’t worry; this is new for me too, Alex. What do you like most? What should I do? Tell me your fantasies.”

“More petting,” she gasped, and kissed again my lips. My fingers went on another journey over smooth skin and strong muscles. I kneaded her butt and while my right palm rested on her cheeks, I shoved my left hand as carefully as possible between Alex’s legs. While thumb and pinky opened her easily, the other fingers ran slowly over unbelievable soaked folds and that so important swollen bundle of nerves.

Alex’s body jerked. Did I find the right spot or was it just a nervous wince because of the unexpected touch?

“You like it?” I had to know.

“Yes. It’s just a long time since a man…” Alex cleared her throat, but spread her thighs wider for better access, “…that someone touched me. I’m a bit rusty.”

“I think you're doing everything very well,” I said with great satisfaction and rubbed Alex harder. "Dear, did you know how wet you are?" middle and ring finger entered her heat. Alex gasped surprised. "That was never the problem," she rotated her hips.

"And how tight?"



"Words Bobby. I need words to get really horny."

"Oh, really?" I fingered Alex faster and my thumb rubbed her clit stronger to heighten the pressure more and more. "Dirty Talk?"

She nodded and her eyes became fiery slots. "I...I found out," she explained with husky voice, "when I read a steamy story during masturbation."


"Something really naughty, then...oh fuck, what you do feels good...then I cum quicker, not more intense, but quicker."

"Tell me how good it feels. Or should I tell you what I feel?"

"God, Bobby."

"What I feel here on my slick fingers?"


"They are so moist from your cream and your burning core holds them so tight. Do you like what my long fingers do with your pussy?"

"Yes, give me more."

"What more, more fingers, more words or my big dick?"

"Shit, Bobby." Alex eyes rolled back and I hustled a third finger inside her. A deep groaning escaped her throat.

“Is it okay or too dirty?”

“You’re great, p…perfect.”

I freed my fingers out of Alex and with pleasure licked them clean before her eyes, “Mhm, you’re so yummy baby,” and then ran my salty fingertips across her lips to taste.

Greedily Alex tasted herself. At the same time she bent one knee and chafed her mons at my pelvis. I loved how well her body fit in mine. Her curves snuggled in my valleys and backwards.

“How did you find out the thing with the words? You said masturbation is not worth the trouble.” Yes my mind pictured my naked partner with her hands in her lap.

She sighed, "Yes but sometimes...sometimes I’m horny and then I try again and hope for a little more or a little longer. I haven't given up, yet."

"Good, so should we go on?" I asked rhetorically with pursed lips.

"Oh yes, you feel so good, Bobby."

"And you even better, Alex," I whispered in her ear. "But I think I need a better access to your sweet spots," I told her, and rolled us around.


…down her cleavage ran a single drop of sweat. His eyes followed the hypnotizing movement to the rise of her cleavage. Her dark areolas shone through the creamy linen which was glued on her heated body.
Steam rose up from the enamel washbowl into the stuffy air and she turned him in the swivel chair. She bent forward and he could steal a first peek at her soft rounded breasts and her pale milky skin. But then his athletic body tensed with fear. His strong biceps trapped and his chest, only covered with a white undershirt, clung to breath.
The razor was sharp and the dim light twinkled dangerously on the blade. The strong white foam didn’t slip from his shivering cheeks and as she rested his head against her soothing breasts he closed his eyes to suppress the deep moan that threatened to escape his throat.
The knife followed the traces of his stubble: up and down, from left to right. She saved him very carefully, cleaned him, made him new and when the last lather was gone, first her curious fingers followed the path of the blade and then her quivering lips…


“…don't fight against the cuffs." CLICK CLICK "That would just provoke unneeded pain and we're not meeting for pain, just for lust."
"I'll help you get down your knees. Do you know how hot you are covered with only this cold metal? Mhm, how often I dreamed about this: you crouching naked and vulnerable in front of me. Being totally committed my wishes and longings."
"Oh fuck, not so greedy my tiny voracious partner. Give me time for that pleasure and start with the tip."
"Oh baby, you're the best. You're feeling so good. You should see what I see. Dear, I want to film your ministrations and show you, when I eat you later."
"Shit, when you repeat that stroke with your tongue I'll cum…please repeat…go on…"


…her left heel got stuck in a tattered floor mat and she lost her balance. As she stumbled forward, he picked her up in his arms. In the same moment the light over the staircase burned out. He still enclosed her and a long moan escaped his throat. "Finally," he whispered, and pinned her between the wall of graffiti and his towering frame. Their lips found each other in the dark and their hands roamed under thick winter coats and soft sweater...
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